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A Review of the Fortnite World Cup

Provided you haven’t been hibernating or been on a tech de-tox lately, it is highly likely that you have come across at least one variation of the “16 year old wins $3M playing video games” click-bait news title somewhere on the world wide web.

People have certainly not shied away from mockingly tweeting about the phenomenon either. But if you actually think about it – it is a highly competitive event and the winner is the best amongst millions across the world – so, why should he not be rewarded for his achievements?

Connor McGregor makes at least $30 million despite losing to Floyd Mayweather in one of the biggest fights of the year and no one bats an eyelid. So, how is the winner of the Fortnite World Cup (one of the biggest eSports events which garners hundreds of millions in eSports Betting) making $3 million ludicrous by any stretch of the imagination? eSporting events are on the rise, the FiFA eWorld Cup just wrapped up, and here is BBC’s review of how things went down.

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With that, let us take a look at how the Fortnite World Cup unraveled.


Bugha the Destroyer

Bugha is the name on everyone’s lips! This 16 year old from the United States may be young, but the pool of the 100 solos were all predominantly teenagers. In fact, with a great deal of kills, the fifth place was secured by a 13 – year old who goes by the screen name King. Bugha, however, really stepped it up when it mattered to emerge victorious and was crowned Champion. In fact, when the dust settled, his points total was more than double of Psalm who came in second.

To be able to win with such a huge margin in such an intensely competitive rat race goes to show just how clinical Bugha was throughout the