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Esports Betting Odds Explained: How to Choose the Best?

Howdy y’all gambling aficionados! Today, I will be tackling yet another very important topic for you. That is eSports betting odds. Now, why is it that important of a topic you say? Betting odds are what separates between you making money, or risking too much of your bet that it’s not worth it. This is indeed a fine line to walk on between making loads of cash or making a percentage of your own bet.

This is one of the most important facets when gambling online, and eSports is no stranger to that. A lot of people have already made it big just by placing eSports bets. Heck, a buddy of mine has like 137 pieces of Dragon Claw Hooks. He got them wagering in good odds way back when item or skin gambling in Dota 2 was a thing years ago.

You can make a really huge payday when you place your bets right between matches if you choose the right teams to wager on. If you want to make it big like my friend above, stick around and continue reading below as I will discuss the finer details in eSports betting. By the end of the day, you will have a better understanding of eSports odds and you will be able to make better bets.

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Disclaimer! Gamble responsibly!

First things first, a disclaimer. Always gamble responsibly! This is very important. This is the first rule in any kind of betting or gambling of any sort. Bet only money that you can afford to lose. Even with this in mind, however, you should not go in a scenario expecting to lose outright. It’s just that in the event of you losing, you will not have a need to recover the money lost because you need it to pay the mortgage or pay your bills.

What usually happens is that you will dig a deeper hole where it is very hard for you to recover your losses if you keep chasing the lost money this way, especially if you hit a very bad streak. This is the most important thing that you have to avoid. Even if your bankroll is big or you have deep pockets, you still need to play it smart if you want to be successful.

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Don’t forget to make a research!

The second thing that you need to keep in mind as well – is research. This is especially true in eSports gambling, particularly in team games such as Dota 2, Counter Strike, Overwatch and League of Legends. Always look for the recent form of the team you are planning to wager on. If the team has a very bad form recently, or if they shuffled players not too long ago, this might affect their performance on the big stage, thus lessening the chance for you to win.

Although out of form squads usually get good odds, this can work against you as well if they were a well-known team or a championship caliber squad as they will most likely not get a good odd advantage due to their history or quality. This can work the other way too. Betting on an underdog is usually a good way of winning good bets with odds such as 2:1 or 3:1 in their favor.

Let’s take Old Guys Club, or OGC for short in Counter Strike. They are a new team and people will usually go against them. However, if you do your research on them, the squad is comprised of former pro players from big squads. Fifflaren played for Ninjas in Pyjamas before, Lurppis is the current General Manager for Immortals and he did play for Evil Geniuses back in the day. The remaining three players are standouts from Cloud 9 in the past. These are Shroud, Nothing, and Sean Gares. With the power of research, I actually won a 2:1 on their first and second match in the ESEA NA CS:GO Open.

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How do odds are being created?

Okay let’s move on to the next. The odds themselves. Now, how do eSports bookies set these odds? What do these numbers signify? These are the odds themselves. The odds are set by bookmakers usually based on the popularity and the form of the said squad. When you enter a gambling site, the usual thing you will see is a bunch of random numbers next to the team or the squad’s name.

If the two teams playing each other are both championship quality teams, then you would see that the odds for this particular match are somewhat close to even. The only time you see a 2:1 or 3:1 odds on a match are when the match is so stacked up on one side that they would encourage the gamblers to take a chance to bet on the other side by offering a huge multiplier on winnings.

The odds basically are multipliers for the current bet that you have. Say, for example, you bet on a squad that has a 1.69x on it. This means that if you bet $100, the return for you when you win would be $169. Basically, you double your money plus $69 on top of that. This can also be the reverse.

If you see an odd like 0.89x or something similar to it, if you bet $100 and you win, you will not be doubling your money but instead, you only win $89. If you lose this bet, however, you need to pay the whole $100. By looking at the risk to reward, this is not a bet you would want to take all of the time.

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How to beat eSports bookmakers?

With the basics and the explanations on how these things work out of the way, I will be talking about strategy next. From here on out, this will be about picking the best way to make the most of our money by betting. The strategy involves 2 main things from above, research and looking at the odds themselves.

We need to look for an established pattern on how a team performs based on our research. Nowadays, it is not so hard to do research regarding the squads we want to bet on since we can find just about anything on the internet. All we need to do is find that specific pattern such as win records, head to head comparisons and also roster changes recently to safely deduce a potential bet.

Another key factor in making these wagers is looking at outside factors such as RNG and Lady Luck as well. RNG is usually true in games such as Hearthstone or Magic The Gathering where a lot of things in the match are RNG based. I will be dedicating a whole chapter in regards to card games such as Magic The Gathering and also Hearthstone.

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Real-life examples

Now, for starters, I will be using Counter Strike matches as a reference point. First, it will be CS:GO on ESL Cologne as a point of reference. Basing on the second rule I stated earlier, which is research, I will be betting on all Astralis and FaZe Clan matches. Why? It’s because these two teams have come out on top in all of the majors for the past 6 months.

FaZe had 2 first place finishes and 2 second place finishes within 6 months. In the same time period, Astralis had 3 first place finishes and one second place finish. The only second-place finish they had was when FaZe won IEM Sydney. With that track record that they have, they are the two squads that will head on to the finals in my opinion. With them in separate groups, I can safely make a lot of money by picking their matches and betting on these squads.

The second part of this strategy will coincide with the first one above. I will still use FaZe and Astralis. For the Group A matches, these are the bets that I recently won. Astralis vs ENCE was on 1.14 : 5.69. Astralis was a heavy favorite on this one and ENCE was a heavy underdog. I still bet on Astralis to win this match even though I will only be making $1.40 more on top of my bet.

This was a safe bet since ENCE does not have a winning pedigree yet and I was sure to win this match. Astralis vs Cloud 9 was a different story. The odds on it were 2.21 : 1.68 which was in favor of C9. I easily doubled my money on this match as I still bet on Astralis. My wager was based on the research that I did.

The last win C9 had was on the majors in Boston, and that was way back in January. They have been pretty disappointing lately and they will not win against the current Astralis. The last Group A match that I just bet on is Astralis vs G2 Esports on a 1.16 : 5.00 odds. Again, research comes into play as G2 just had a roster change and have been disappointing lately as well. I am pretty sure I will win this Group A wager too.

Now for Group B, using the same parameters above, I chose FaZe Clan. This was a severe gimp on my side as I wagered on FaZe Clan on a 1.08 : 9.39 on the first match against Boot Dream Scape. I barely just doubled my money with only $0.80 on top of my win. The second match was a little bit better with 1.50 : 2.52 odds against MIBR. Their upcoming match against Fnatic will be at 1.46 : 2.61. I will still be taking Faze’s side on this one due to my diligent research, and also their Head 2 Head record as the basis of my bets.

This is a basic template on how I choose the best wagers on the matches that I always play. Be it Dota 2 or Counter Strike, this simple formula of mine always works for me. All I need to do is proper research for it, and cash rolls in for me. However, as I mentioned earlier, this type of strategy will not work on turn-based and RNG based games such as Hearthstone or Magic The Gathering. Those games have a different parameter on placing bets. This is due to the luck of the draw. These things are out of the players’ hands and are solely dependent on RNG.

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Random Number Generator based games

Let me expound on this topic further more. On games such as Hearthstone, the main basis for me making my wagers on matches depends on the current meta decks. Sure, the recent or history of the player also matters, but the main thing you need to remember in these types of games are the newcomers who have meta decks as well as the old ones.

These kinds of tournaments usually publish the decklists of each player before the tournament starts. Often times, it comes down to the tech cards that the players specifically brings to the table since most of the decks that the majority of the players play are somewhat similar to each other.

Other things to look for are specific types of decks that tend to counter a specific deck archetype. With that said, I tend to bet on the player that has deck techs that usually counter the majority of the players. These are also the same set of parameters whenever I pick favorites who will win on the next Grand Prix that is held by Magic the Gathering.



With all these things covered, I can safely say that you will become more efficient when placing bets on the teams or matches in the near future. Just remember the golden rule, however, that you need to gamble responsibly.

Put that together with efficient research, and also understanding how the game itself works, you will be successful in the long run with a good or better percentage of wins against losses. Who knows, maybe in the future, you can become something similar to a buddy of mine with 137 Dragon Claw Hooks, and be swimming in cold hard cash! I bid you all good luck in all your matches and happy hunting!

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