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Skinhub Review: The Cheapest Skin Opening Website?

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive it’s one of the most popular games played on Steam. Not only because it’s easy to play or its high skill level on competitive gameplay. CS:GO is also popular for its weapons and their resemblance to their life counterpart. In Counter Strike you can customize your arsenal of guns with skins that can turn a classic rifle like the AK-47 into a sharp-looking, futuristic or even a paint-ball like rifle which will make the guy you just killed jealous of your gun.

Today we will be reviewing, a CS:GO skin opening website released in 2016.

csgo skins items gambling

The Skinhub homepage looks simple but it works nicely with the page theme. The dark backdrop makes the flashy color chests stand out. Features a colorful live drop banner at the top and a drop counter with the amount of items unlocked through the day on the sides. The site is easy to explore and it’s comfy to open skin cases, just click on the box and you can see the items inside of it. And if you have money on your account you can unlock it. I love the design of this platform, the dark color scheme works well altogether with the simplistic theme and the glowing chests. It can hook you up to open more boxes that you would expect.

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Every site I want to spend money on, I need to make sure that the service is trustworthy, because I do not want to get scammed and lose my money, but this is not something that can happen here. Skinhub is widely known through the Steam community. Famous Youtuber’s like Black, elRubius and McSkillet endorse them and do opening videos using this website. It is also pretty hard to find any scam reviews or comments about Skinhub. It all leaves me with a good mouth taste and gives the look of being a legit service and good place to gamble.

counter strike skins open

Skinhub offers a wide choice of cases, from official ones to community created boxes. You get the chance to unlock exceedingly rare rifles like the Contraband quality M4 Howl or the A.W.P Dragon Lore, Covert knives like the Falchion Crimsom web and the recently added Glove skins. They also offer trade up contracts which allow you to trade up to 10 normal or StatTrak items of the same weapon from any collection for 1 new weapon of the next grade tier. They also feature a CS:GO case creator where you can make your own box and share it with your friends. For the each chest sold you will earn 1% of the price, which is a nice additional profit for the active community members.

cheap csgo boxes cases

They offer one of the cheapest CS:GO cases on the market. With the most budgetary box starting at 0.20 USD. This makes them one of the cheapest skin sites around the web compared to their heavy competition like Hellcase (Mil-spec kit starting at 0.30 USD), and Drakemoon (the cheapest box starting at 0.40 USD). Opening Skinhub chests is a gambling and if you have to be very lucky to make a profit in the long-term. It all depends on the amount of money you want to spend on their valuable chests like the Covert (9.00 USD) and in their high-end boxes (up to 55 USD). It feels bad when you have to buy keys for 2.45 USD to unlock in-game boxes, that’s why Skinhub is a good and cheap alternative to get the fun of opening CS:GO cases.

skinhub bonus

If you use our referral code esportsninja on registration you will receive 0.50 USD for free to use on their service. Also, you can earn 0.25 USD just by joining their Steam group and sharing their website through the Twitter. They are always offering tons of giveaways on their Steam group and their social media so be sure to check them out. Also, you can earn money with their referral system and for every click on your referral code, you will earn from 0.50% to 2.00% on every purchase that your referrals will make here.

csgo skins betting free money

cs go skin deposits

You can deposit through the G2A Pay platform, used by a wide amount of platforms because of their safety and security. It can take up to 15 minutes and you can get a 5% bonus for your deposit. Also, you can add funds using your CS:GO skins. If you have your Steam preferences set to public you can choose the items available to deposit. This way you can convert your inventory stuff into money and use it to buy Skinhub’s wonderful and cheap cases.

open csgo cases boxes

skinhub contactsTheir customer service is available only through a ticket system, and it should not take longer than 6 hours to receive an answer (which is rather standard for these kinds of services.) Another drawback is that platform does not have on-site Live chat to solve minor issues. However, they have a Steam group and sub-reddit which is highly active through the day. It’s monitored by moderators regularly so there’s more than one way to get in touch with them.

esports skins counter strike

Unfortunately, Skinhub doesn’t have a smartphone application. It can be a hassle to open this service on your mobile device if you have a slow internet connection. I wasn’t able to unlock anything on my smartphone and it is disappointing that the website is not mobile friendly. I highly suggest you to use this platform on a desktop to have a control over the all features offered here.

csgo skins betting

Let’s do a quick review of the website. The page looks nice, it features a good amount of skins. Fairly low prices, trade up contracts and a kit creator tool are fantastic. You can make a deposit with CS:GO skins and it is wide known in the Steam community. In their cons we include the lack of chat live support and it’s poor mobile options. The websites can be improved but overall it is a nice and cheap case opening platform. With their low prices and a good amount of items on offer, this website will become a nice alternative to different famous competitors such as Hellcase and official Valve boxes for sure.

Thanks for reading this review, see you next time! Good luck!

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6 years ago

Skinhub is actually a scam. I unboxed a Dragon Lore and few days later they just removed it.