is cases4real com legit?
CS:GO Betting Review – Fake Players and Bad Support

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cs go unboxing cases skinsThis is one unique case opening platform where they feature mythological monsters on the box design rather than your standard CS:GO images. That is the only thing that separates this one from all the other sites though as they all tend to use dark backgrounds and bright colors to make the cases pop out.

is cases4real com legit?Like with most unboxing businesses, they seem shady. There are only a few reputable sites, and Cases4Real is not one of them. There are a lot of very bad accusations in regards to them when I did my research on Google.

Most of the video content in YouTube regarding Cases4Real is sponsored one. It means that these reviewers were paid by the company to say positive opinions only. That is not the way to go to build a good fanbase and to get honest feedback regarding the service.

They also pay people to rank them at TrustPilot. You can tell that these are paid reviews since the guys put a high star mark without any detailed explanation. This method is as bad as sponsored videos since you are not going to be able to get honest feedback from this review.

Now let’s head over to the site itself. They have their own review board where people get to leave comments about Cases4Real. Most of the users who reviewed saying that they received their items are fake ones. You know how I knew it? I checked their steam inventory and most of these players are newly created, yet the feedbacks they left on the site date back to a couple of months ago. Most of them do not even own CS:GO game.

cs go skins cases unboxingThe only good feature they have is their buyback option. Most sites offer this feature as well but what sets them apart is the price they buy back the items. They actually pay 10-15% more when you sell the items that you do not like received from cases. This way, you will be able to recuperate some of the money lost if you did not get what you wanted.

cases4real com oddsThe odds are about even compared to opening cases directly in CS:GO. There are some items which you cannot get inside the game anymore that you still would be able to get in their collections case. They also do display the drop list of the boxes but it would be better if they also displayed the odds for the players.

cases4real com bonus promo code free coinsThey do not really have promotions in here. What they consider as bonuses are just boxes that you get to open when you have reached a milestone deposit. These crates are not even free as you have to pay for them to open. In my opinion, this method shows how greedy the owner of the business is in running this kind of promotion.

cases4real com deposit skinsAs with other services, they have multiple methods of depositing cash. The first method is by way of skins using the Steam API and this is the most common way to replenish balance on all of the CS:GO gambling sites.

The second method is the widely accepted cash deposit using G2A. This is somewhat the easier method as G2A most likely does all the work and this is also the safer method since you can ask help from G2A to retract the transaction if ever Cases4Real do not add the balance on your account.

cs go skins dropThey are advertising a chat support here but that is somewhat misleading. I did not see their chat support ever come online even once. What’s worse is that they will usually not reply to your question by email if it pertains that they will be losing money.

I also tried contacting them through Facebook and they just looked at my messages and just ignored it. It has the seen status on the messages but not once did they even reply. This shows how unprofessional the customer service is.

csgo cases boxesThis is perhaps one of the redeeming factors that you can get on Cases4Real. The mobile design is immaculate. It seems that they have spent a lot of money to get the mobile versions of their service properly running. Even the live drop they have on the mobile site is properly working. Compared to other platforms, this is one of the best mobile designs that I have ever browsed in using my devices.

cases4real com pros consI urge you to not try gambling here as you will absolutely waste your money. With the high deposit threshold of $5.00 to the leveling system, they have just to get bonuses, it is not worth your time, effort and skins to be playing here.

If ever you do gamble here, just deposit low amounts and immediately withdraw all winnings. And one more thing, always quit when you are ahead.


  • Unique web design and use of cases
  • Mobile optimization is excellent
  • Multiple methods of deposit


  • Unprofessional customer service
  • Boxes have to be unlocked by depositing a set amount of money
  • High deposit threshold of $5.00
  • Bonuses are level and deposit based
  • No giveaways or daily rewards
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