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GreenHunt.gg Review – Perfect CS:GO Skins Roulette?

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cs go skins bets siteThe moment you enter GreenHunt.gg, all I can say is it’s simple and elegant. The interface is sleek and smooth. It is very easy to navigate in here, with the chatbox on the left, important links up top. The pages transition very well when clicking the links. No bugs, no hangups. All in all, it is very easy to use.

legit skins betting siteWhen I first got on GreenHunt.gg, there are a lot of big names I saw typing in the chatbox. FNX and MoE to start with. If you have high quality Youtubers and pros gambling on the site, that only means one thing. It is legit. Even then, I still did a little research in Google. And I was very glad I did that.

Across the board, all I see is positive reviews. There may be hang-ups when you withdraw sometimes and it gets bugged out but their customer support team handles the issues right away. They always have a mod in the chatbox answering questions.

cs go skins games betsThey have one game on this site, Roulette. Its interface is beautifully designed. The numbers are clear, there is a fast refresh rate after bets conclude. If you win, the winnings are instantly added to your balance without needing to hit the refresh button.

greenhunt gg oddsThey follow the standard Roulette odds that can be seen everywhere else. From online casinos to skins CS:GO gambling sites. Wagering on Red and Black doubles your bet. Betting on the Green tile multiplies your bet by 14x.

greenhunt gg bonuses promocode free moneyThey have a Daily Bonus roll to be able to earn credits for free. The Daily Bonus roll also works like roulette, but instead of the numbers from 0-14, there are various currencies which if you are lucky you might be able to get. It ranges from 10 credits to 50,000 so make sure to not miss your dailies since if you get lucky, you can trade it to a very nice skin.

They also have an Affiliate program where you earn 1-3% everytime your referral bets. You start out on Level 1 where you earn 1% every time they wager. Once you reach to Level 11, you are gonna be earning 3% from each referral. You can also use the code CSNINJA to get started with 1000 credits on this site to gamble with for free!

greenhunt gg bonus promo code free coins

cs go skins depositsThe deposit method works like any other skins gambling platform. You sync your Steam account to their service, input your Trade URL, then it will automatically populate your Steam inventory. From there, each item you have has a corresponding credit amount when you deposit. Once you choose the skin you want to deposit, a bot will send you a request and deal the item you want to trade in. Your account will be automatically credited with the credits your stuff amounted to.

Withdrawing is easy as well. All you need to do is have enough money on your account, then just enter the market and look for the skin you want to cash out. There is a catch though, you need to initially deposit at least $2.00 worth of items, or 2000 credits before you can cash out. I suggest you earn some money first from gambling with the free credits they give out, and when you are ready to cash out your skins, deposit an item that amounts to $2.00 which will be added to your balance anyway and then withdraw everything.

csgo skins betting Their customer service is excellent from what I have researched and what I actually saw when was gambling here. They have a mainstay mod in the chatbox that is helpful and answers questions that the people ask.

They also have a Help page that fully explains some issues that may be encountered when playing. If all else fails, they have a handy Ticket box at the bottom right of the screen. All you need to do is click it, enter the issue you are having, and a live chat representative will be attending you shortly.

You can also contact them in their social media accounts according to other users. They have a Twitter and a Facebook account in which they are pretty active in helping out the gamblers too.

counter strike best skins gambling siteI accessed the website using my smartphones and it did not disappoint me. The interface scales well when using iPhone or Samsung Note. I tried switching pages by clicking links, and also played a game of roulette on my devices. They all have a smooth transition between pages and the Roulette game works properly on my handheld gadgets.

I then tried using my tablet devices to see if it was optimized for tablets. Once again, the website displays properly even when switching between landscape mode and the regular mode. The interface is not cluttered, and like with the smartphones, it has smooth page transitions and the scripts work properly.

greenhunt gg pros consI would definitely recommend betting on GreenHunt.gg. They have very nice skins in their marketplace including AWPs, knives, and pistols. The website is professionally run, and I do feel complacent wagering here if pros like FNX also play this CS:GO roulette.

The only drawback though is the high price of the skins on their marketplace. The lowest I saw was priced at around 11,150 credits so that roughly translates to $11.00. But, if you hit a hot streak, you would be able to trade a cheap $2.00 item to a very nice knife like what one user did earlier.


  • Simple and beautiful website
  • Lots of big names playing here, like pros and youtubers
  • Daily Credits giveaways
  • Fair Roulette odds
  • Provability Fair system
  • Customer support is visible in the chat box
  • Professionally made service
  • Web design optimized for both smartphones and tablets


  • High price for skins on the marketplace
  • $2.00 deposit before making first withdrawal
  • $100.00 bet threshold before being able to chat
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