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CS:GO Gambling – What options there are?

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Before Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released, no other previous CS game had gun and knife skins. That is why people were shocked to see them after the new version was launched. However, along with different skins, also came the greed and want for them. Players started to buy steam gift cards and deposit money into their accounts just to get the new items.

This is why CS:GO gambling really took off. It fed off the greed of users who wanted to get skins and didn’t want to pay that much money or people who wanted to get new stuff to sell it and make a profit. There was even a lawsuit filed against Valve for knowingly allowing, supporting and/or sponsoring illegal gambling websites.

Since then, everything has changed a bit and now you have to do things a little bit differently. When it comes to CS:GO gambling, you have a few options. They are: match betting, roulette, jackpot games, crash and coinflip.

cs go match betting roulette jackpot games crash coinflip

Counter-Strike Match Betting

By far the hardest form of earning in this list today. This is because a lot of research needs to be done if you want to make any profit here. CS:GO match betting is where you place a bet on a certain team and hope that they win. If they do, you get some of the money from the people who wager on the losing team. Although it is not as straight forward as it seems because there is some factor of luck involved.

Most of the times a stronger team will beat the underdog team, but in some cases, they might lose. That is why it is very hard to judge the matches and therefore pretty hard to make a profit. But if you do follow a pro scene and know how to analyze the stats of the previous matches – then this form of moneymaking can bring you a lot of cash.

There are two types of match betting. You can either place bets with skins or with real money through Bitcoin, Paypal or other online currencies. Most sportsbooks allow you to watch the games straight of the site, so you have a good idea if your team is going to win or lose.

CS:GO Roulette

It is very different from real life roulette because you can only bet on colors instead of certain numbers. There are many different websites that have a lot of different approaches to Counter-Strike roulette. But the most common type of the game is where you can bet on 3 colors, red, black and green. Each has a different multiplier associated with them.

You can also bet on multiple colors so that you have a higher chance of winning. Instead of a huge spinning wheel, most services just use a big rectangle at the top of the site which has different colors and numbers on it. The colors move across and a winning color is chosen by the pointer. Whoever wager on that color will get their bet multiplied. Roulette is definitely the most popular form of CS:GO gambling.

CS:GO Jackpots

These are also very popular with Counter-Strike players. This is because you can win a lot of skins that are worth a huge amount of money. A jackpot game is where you deposit some items into the website then add it to a pot along with other people. Once the time runs out, a winner is chosen through the use a spinner.

The higher the value of the skins you deposit, the more chance you have of winning the whole pot. Some of the popular websites get pots that go up to $5000 and the highest pot was $100000. Even though jackpot games are quite popular in the community, a lot of players dislike them because the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. There are also people who “snipe”, which means that they put in a ton of skins right at the last second and then they win the pot.

cs go skins betting

CS:GO Crash

Probably the least popular form of betting because not many websites offer it and it isn’t very enjoyable to play. All you have to do is bet a certain amount and when the time starts, there will be a multiplier that slowly rises, it can go for an extremely long time, but most of the time it stops at around 3 or 4. The goal is to withdraw your money before the crash. If you manage to do that, whatever multiplier you stopped on, will be multiplied with your bet amount.

CS:GO Coinflip

It was the most popular form of gambling before Valve banned it. There used to be a lot of sites that had coinflip, but now there are only a couple, hence, the popularity has gone down by a large amount. Just like match betting, in coinflip, you can either bet with Counter-Strike skins or with real money methods.

In coinflip you deposit items or cash and bet on a certain side, either terrorist or counter-terrorist. Although, you can’t just go with any amount so that you have a higher chance of winning. You have to place items that are worth within 10 dollars of the other person. I.e. if they deposit $90, you need to oppose with $80-100. This way the flip is more or less 50/50. The coin is then flipped and the winner takes all.

I hope this article helped you guys, see you next time and good luck!

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