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cs go skins sell buyIts design is reminiscent of dota2lounge.com, which is very easy to understand and navigate. The recent trades are featured on the left hand side of the page while the current matches that you can wager on are being displayed on the right hand side of the page. There is a small spot on the upper right corner that features their social media, the FAQs section and some ads.

is csgolounge com legit?CSGOLounge has a long storied reputation for competitive matches betting. There are at least a thousand users hourly who bet on this site because their system is clear and it works properly.

After Steam banned skin gambling, this website was one of those who stopped offering any wagering options. Nowadays, they are just an item trading service where you can offer your skins and wait for other people to offer something instead. Then you have the option of choosing which deal you want to accept for your particular set of items.

counter strike betting games skinsBack then, you directly bet with your skins against other users. The games you bet on are the competitive matches they feature on the site. They used to have CS:GO competitions all the way from the amateurs to the highest level of CS:GO gaming. They still have betting now but you have to use their coin credits. Right now, there is no way to withdraw those credits though so you just keep them on your account.

csgolounge com oddsThe odds depend on the performance of the teams or how famous the squads are. CS:GO crews like Liquid and Astralis will always have lower odds when they are playing against non-established guys. Comparing with other sportsbooks the odds are pretty much on the average level.

csgolounge com bonuses promocode free moneyCSGOLounge.com currently is not running any bonuses or promotions on the website since this is strictly a trading platform. If you are a streamer, however, you can go ahead and email them at to receive freebies or get sponsored.

csgolounge com depositTo deposit your skins for trading, all you need to do is click on Add A Trade. It will show you the available items that you have on your Steam account and you can choose them to exchange. Once you have set up a trade, just wait for offers from other users and then choose the best offer that you want for your stuff.

You can also offer your skins to people who have set up their deals. If you see something that you really want, just click on that particular item then deposit the skin you want to trade in. If a user likes your offer, then the deal happens. If not, the deal gets canceled and your stuff returns to your inventory.

cs go skins tradingThey answer questions directly on their social media accounts and Reddit. Their support email is only reserved for organizations, companies, and streamers since they do not run a betting platform with any sort of real money right now. Back in the day, they had a ticket system but they removed that when they removed their skins betting platform.

cs go skins betting siteOne thing that has been constant in regards to this website is how they designed their pages to be mobile friendly. If you are fond of using handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, then you would not have any problems logging on to this platform since it is mobile supported.

csgolounge com pros consGone were the days where competitive bets were the star on the CSGOLounge. If they were still there, I would highly recommend using this service since the bets were paid off in the real time. This was one of the websites where they had fast payouts and were highly reputable. Nowadays, you only have credits to wager with but you cannot withdraw anything using those credits, so there is no point playing here.

If you are a skin trader though, then probably you will find their service comfortable to make exchange deals. A lot of people actually trade here, even big youtubers and pros. Because of that community, the marketplace here is somewhat safer than on other platforms aside from Steam.


  • Classic design
  • Highly reputable website for item exchange
  • Realtime eSports schedules posted on the site


  • Credits used for betting have no real value
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