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SkinJoker Review – Unique Binary Game on Offer!

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SkinJoker’s design is what you would want to look for on a betting site. It’s so simple that it looks like a stripped down version of other services, but the caveat is, it works properly without hang-ups. The moment you enter the platform, all the links are visible right away and are written in big fonts, so you will NEVER get lost in navigating here. They got rid of the high resolution graphics that weighs the page down and replaced it with small PNG files that make the pages load faster.

is skinjoker com legit?SkinJoker has had a bad reputation in the past with the trades being delayed for days or the bots sometimes do not send trades up until you contact customer service. That was the main concern of people in the Steam Community thread that I saw in Google.

I still tried playing here to see if the rumors are true. I haven’t experienced what other people are complaining about, but then again I have been playing here for 2 days only. I won a few cheap skins and it was traded to me right away.

One thing I might add though is that they are a Kinguin Partner, and this leads to some credibility on their part.

ScamAdviser rated them a surprisingly high 73% which might be because of how old the site has been running.

cs go skins betting gamesFirst game you have at SkinJoker is the Jackpot, which is a mainstay fun on most of the multi gambling CS:GO sites. The only difference is you use stickers, items or cases to bet instead of coins.

The second one is Coin Flip, which is also common in most CS:GO betting services. Their Coin Flip is kind of unique though since you have two options to bet. You either use the coins you get from a promo code, or you use skins.

The last game is Binary, which is kind of an uncommon feature. It works like a stock exchange graph where you place a bet and trying to guess if the graph goes high or low after a round. One round consists of 30 seconds, so if you want to win big here, you need to know how to predict graphs. Like Coin Flip, you either use coins or items to play this game.

skinjoker com oddsThey take somewhere around 5-10% commission in Jackpot, depending on how big the pot is or how valuable the skins are.

The odds for Coin Flip usually is 50-50, but on some occasion, you will find someone who creates a coin flip game with a user set odds. It is up to you if you want to flip the person with those odds or not.

The Binary game hurts. They take a whopping 35% commission every round when you bet. You only play this game if you have deep pockets and you know how to really predict the movement of the graph.

skinjoker com bonuses promocode free moneyThe first thing you need to do – is to try the service with no deposit bonus. That’s when our special code NUDZVAMG will help you!

skinjoker com promo code free coins

Like any other gambling site, they also offer a weekly Skins Giveaway. They usually either do it through Gleam or Twitter. The prize they gave out last week is an exotic knife which was valued at about $400.00 which is not bad if you get lucky.

Aside from the giveaway, they also offer a staggered referral program. There are five levels in their referral program and you start out with a 0.1% commission on all bets from the people you referred.

skinjoker com deposits skinsTheir deposit method works like any other gambling platform where your inventory is force refreshed on their site then a Trade Bot will send you a request once you confirm the skins you want to use for betting. Your items get directly stored in the bet lobby of the game you are playing. If you win your bets, your original wager plus your winnings will be sent back to you using a trade request.

cs go skins bets siteThey have two methods of contacting them on the Support page. The first one is a Live Chat where you get to chat with a representative real time. Their Live Chat is not a 24-hour service though.

If you miss the live chat, your second option for contacting them is through email. This one is a longer option since the turn around time for their email support is 24-48 hours.

As with other gambling sites, they have social media accounts which they are active in. If options 1 and 2 fail, you can always try contacting them on their Twitter account since they actually do daily posts on their Twitter. There is a bigger chance of getting help right away on their social media platform.

skinjoker com betting siteThis is the section where they are somewhat lacking. I have checked and played through their service on 4 different handheld devices. Due to the way they designed their site without too much graphics, the mobile-based pages look somewhat unappealing to the eye when playing. It is a preference thing but it does not really affect the playability.

Their pages work properly but looking at a somewhat stripped down page seems uninviting and makes you want to stop playing on mobile.

skinjoker com pros consYou can gamble at SkinJoker if you have spare stuff to play with since their deposit and withdrawal is quick and easy. But if you are planning to bet huge amounts on jackpot or whatnot, I would suggest you look for a different site since the users here usually peak at around 110, which is pretty low for a legit betting service. A reason for the low number might be the issues in the past that have been resolved already but some people might be still skeptical because of it.


  • Fast, simple, site works properly
  • Very nice Giveaway prizes
  • Kinguin Partner
  • Unique feature Binary game


  • Unappealing mobile design
  • High commission on Jackpot
  • Very high commission on Binary
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