is holyboost com legit?
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HolyBoost Review – Perfect CS:GO Skin Unboxing Service!

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csgo skins drop siteThe moment the page loads up and you hear the engine revving is a sweet sound. Out of all the CS:GO case opening sites I have visited and reviewed, this is the most unique one. They are using cars as the crates you are opening. Visual wise it is appealing with the cars. Design wise it is very simple yet very efficient. You can never go wrong with that.

is holyboost com legit?HolyBoost has been one of the most trusted case opening sites along with HellCase. There are a lot of people having fun here. You can tell by a number of users that is online 24/7. I have never seen the user count drop below 1000 ever.

Aside from that, there are big personalities here like streamers and YouTubers who actually open cases live on their streams. One of them is Moe, a YouTuber who opens multiple boxes at a time, spending up to $3,000 at one sitting.

There are multiple accusations that are in Google when I searched there. Most of those accusations are then retracted by the people who created the thread. The most common complaint is that they are not allowed to withdraw their items, but after they read the FAQ’s or deposit some money or skins, they were able to withdraw and thus retracting their statements.

I also have a personal experience with HolyBoost. I have been opening cases here for almost 3 months now. I have no complaints and I am very happy with this site.

cs go skins cases siteTheir cases are on the more expensive side, but they do compensate that with the quality of items they are offering. They have specific boxes that only offer one particular item, like the USP-S Boost or the AWP Boost.

The best feature that they have, and probably the most unique is that you are actually allowed to hold the items in your inventory for days. Most of the case opening services auto sell the items you get from crates after an hour. Over here it is different. Those skins stay in your inventory up until the time you withdraw them or sell them back. That is the feature that makes me keep coming back to this platform.

holyboost com oddsThe odds for dropped skins are pretty fair here. It is a mixture of gambling and skin hunting. The items they offer on the Eco Boost car could actually make you profit if you get lucky. The best thing is that they actually display all the drops in the list. Including the quality of the said skin. The toggle button for showing the percentages of the drops in the list is the cherry on top of this cake.

holyboost com bonuses promocode free skinsYou can get a free case every 24 hours where you get a chance to win very expensive items as well as credits for your account. Mind you, these are free cases and you do not need to deposit anything to claim them.

They are going to be giving out a whopping $3000 in prizes this week. It features a Gamma Doppler Emerald Bayonet that is valued at $1,500 to a lucky winner. They are also giving out 10 Bat Boost cases worth $150 each. Joining it is easy. You do not even have to follow their social media accounts. You just have to view the website and you gain entries.

Their affiliate program is awesome too. You start out at 5% profit. The highest rank you can get is Level 15 which gives you a whopping 19% profit. Come join me here and use the HolyBoost code CSNINJA to get a free $0.60 to help you get started.

The last method you can do to earn money here is to create your own cars. A lot of users create cases here and you get 1% percentage off of every sale. That is a pretty sweet deal.

holyboost com promo code bonus free coins

holyboost com depositThere are two ways to deposit at HolyBoost, which is common in most sites. The first option is using real money. They accept major credit cards, G2A, and other pay merchants like Paypal.

The second option is depositing skins through Steam. If you frequent sites like these, you already know how these work.

csgo unboxing skins siteThey can be contacted mainly using a ticket system. They do reply within 24 hours if ever you sent a ticket to them. The support link can be found on the upper right corner of the page. It is labeled as a box with a cross on it.

They can be contacted on their other social media accounts too like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram since they are active on those platforms. I never had the need to contact support through those options since their ticket system works well.

counter strike skins case opening siteI do my Free Daily openings using my mobile. It’s just wonderful. They have found the perfect balance of running scripts on their site. The live drop script does not slow down your phone since it only shows the top drops of the users who are doing openings.

holyboost com pros consBased on my personal experience of gambling on HolyBoost, I would highly recommend opening boxes here. When you do that on other sites, you are just merely cracking open boxes. Over here, it’s different. You get a full experience. I mean, who wouldn’t want to open a Batman car or the DeLorean from Back to the Future.


  • Very innovative design
  • You can retain items in inventory, system does not auto sell
  • Graphics are iconic cars like KITT, the Batmobile, the DeLorean, Bonnie and Clyde car, MadMax car
  • Drop percentages and drop quality are displayed
  • User count does not go lower than 1000
  • Popular among pros, streamers, and YouTubers


  • $2.00 threshold for withdrawing items
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