is csgodep com legit?
CS:GO Betting Review – Three CS:GO Games on One Platform

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counter strike skins betting siteThe design is very dull and bland. The color motif of this site is depressing to look at. The only other shades of color you can see aside from green, gray and orange are from the profile pictures of the users and their logo. Navigation here is very easy as games are labeled properly.

is csgodep com legit?I did a little research on Google and was very startled at what I have found out. There are many reports from the Steam community that CSGODep is a scam. There are also videos that prove that this service is shady. Then, there is another Steam community thread that has different users and they are on the other side of the coin saying that they are happy with the platform and have been making withdrawals.

I dug deeper and came to a conclusion. The user count alone on the site tells the story that not a lot of people bet here. CSGODep web design also tells another story. It is so dull and so unappealing, most people would not want to gamble here. Another thing is some of the users have fake inventories when I checked their Steam Profiles.

cs go betting games skinsThey have three games that you can play in here. The first one is your standard Jackpot which they call the Classic. Like with other sites, it works by you depositing skins and entering the pot. The one who wins gets everything.

The second one is the Battle 1 vs. 1. This is basically a coin flip game. They just got creative a little bit and renamed the coinflip to make it sound original.

The third one is another renamed game. The Double is just a standard roulette on the other CSGO gambling platforms. It works the same way as well, so if you are a regular player, you should feel at home.

csgodep com oddsCSGODep takes commissions on the every bet made here. That’s how they make most of their money. For the Classic and the Battle game, they will take out 15% commission on all bets. For the Double game, they take 10% commission from your winnings. Their commission rates are pretty high compared to other casinos, which take between 5-10%.

The odds for Classic depend on how much coins you wager in the pot. The more coins you bet with, the higher your chances of winning are. Battle has a 50-50 chance to win or lose, and Double follows the standard odds placement for Roulette.

csgodep com bonuses promocode free skinsThe only bonus they offer is the Referral program which works on levels. The more referrals you can get, the more coins you can earn every time the player wagers. For the first level, you earn 0.10% which in my opinion is pretty low. 3 referrals will get you to the second level, and the max level is 4, which can be achieved when you have 8 referrals.

csgodep com deposit skins moneyThere is only one method of depositing. They accept skins and the way you deposit them is thru a Steak trading bot. The item has a corresponding monetary value and then transferred to your CSGOdep inventory. From the inventory, you can then use those as entries for the games you want to bet on.

cs go skins games freeThe only way to contact their support service is through a ticket system. It can be found on the left panel of the site. From there just fill out the necessary information you need help on. They actually have a button for you to be able to upload screenshots which is nice.

The community is kinda divided on the level of customer service since some state that their tickets are ignored and some say that the support is helpful. I tried contacting them and I still have not heard anything back from the customer team. CSGODep does state on FAQ’s page that there is a turnaround time of 24 hours so it might take a while for them to reply.

csgo skins bets gamesSeeing as the web design is simple, the mobile version is simple as well. It carries over the platform over to mobile but on a smaller scale. It is actually perfect for browsing though as there are only a few pictures that need to be loaded. The only drawback appears when you play the Double game on a smartphone. The wheel sometimes lags or stops then it hops to a different number or color. If they could fix that, everything will be smooth sailing.

csgodep com pros consI suggest you look for other places to gamble at aside from CSGODep. If you are looking for a profit, you will have a hard time getting it from here because of high commission rates and a low number of users playing.

If you are looking for just a standard gambling site for fun and which does not involve using real money to start with, this one is perfect for you as they only take skins as a deposit. One word of advice though, just deposit the skins you do not really care about. Do not deposit your expensive items here as you might have trouble withdrawing them back to your account.


  • Simple web design
  • Mobile platform is excellent
  • Very fair odds offered on games


  • Only one method of depositing
  • No original games offered
  • Commission rates they take are very high
  • Buggy Double game on smartphones
  • Only one method of contacting support
  • No Social media accounts
  • No Giveaways or bonuses
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