is csgokingdom com legit?
CS:GO Betting Review – Top CSGO Unboxing Service?

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counter strike skins bets siteCSGOKingdom is one of the most user-friendly sites that I have been into. The images are nicely set in a dark background and it has a decent size that you would be able to distinguish each case from another right away. Even the side scrolling live drop counter has crisp outlines of the rewards and legible words. If I have to give a rating out of 10 for the web design, I would give it a 9.5.

is csgokingdom com legit?
The launch of CS:GO Kingdom is somewhat controversial as the owner of it is also a famous YouTuber. McSkillet, the service owner has been creating a lot of CS:GO content prior to launching his own site. That alone does not add to the controversy. At the time of its launch, McSkillet released a video where he was blasting other case opening businesses while self-promoting his own. Not only that, he was seen playing on his own platform and winning some nice skins, which leads viewers to speculate if his unboxing videos have been rigged by him since he is a co-owner of the said domain. This led to a split between the community with one side believing in McSkillet and another side considering this as a scam and as a money grab.

Furthermore, I did a little digging about this and found a couple of honest Youtube reviews where the people who created those videos are not sponsored by them. Judging from those honest video reviews, I could safely say that the service is not rigged as there are a lot more people who lost or broke even than people who won on those videos.

With all that said though, CSGOKingdom turned out well and still has a lot of users playing there. It has one of the easiest and fastest withdrawal functions to be seen on unboxing sites and one of the most reliable too. Not only that, they seem to have the skins in stock for withdrawal and that explains why a lot of people are happy playing here.

cs go gambling games skinsCSGO Kingdom only has one thing to offer and it is cases, cases galore! It has one of the best features that I am always looking for on unboxing site. They display the drop percentage of all the items that you are going to be getting in those boxes automatically so there is no need for you to be looking for a toggle switch just to see that information.

But that is not all. What really impressed me is how they incorporated a very nice feature in their system, and this feature is only exclusive to them as I have not seen this on any other case opening services that I have visited. On the drop list that they display for each box, if you hover your mouse pointer over a particular item, it will display how much the item is actually worth. Before you even open the case, they give you the tools to calculate if that particular box would be profitable for you or not.

csgokingdom com oddsIn places like these, the odds always favor the house. The house edge is around 10%. This type of house edge is the most common thing that is shared between these unboxing platforms.

csgokingdom com bonuses promo code free coinsThey do have a bonus code offered for people to give out to invite their friends. Use CSGOKingdom code csgoninja to get a free $0.50 to start you up. They also offer skin giveaways every now and then on their main social media platform which is Twitter.

They also offer a Daily Free case which is given out to people who have deposited more than $2.00. The rewards of the free daily box are either $0.01 or $0.05 or it could be one of the more expensive items that values in between of $5.00 to $20.00.

csgo deposit skinsThe deposit method is similar to any other unboxing services. They accept skin deposits and also cash deposits through G2A Pay. The nice thing about their deposit service is if you deposit using items, then your account instantly gets credited with the amount you deposited, which is pretty good compared to other sites which make you wait for a minute or two. The minimum deposit that you can do is $2.00 which is a fair price. You can actually use a couple of cheap skins to be able to hit that $2.00 deposit minimum.

They also have a close to flawless withdrawal system. The reason that they have quick withdrawals is because if they do not have the item in stock, their system will automatically buy the said skin on OPSkins. In cases that there are no items to be found or if it is priced higher than regular, you have the option to swap out the skin to several ones of a lesser value and withdraw those instead. Their withdrawal threshold is $2.00, which is pretty fair and low if you ask me.

csgo skins betting siteTheir customer service uses the email system and has a threshold of 24-48 hours. That is not your only option though as they are pretty active on Twitter and Facebook. They also have a Discord channel and they are pretty helpful in there.

Support team answers the general questions quickly on the main channel. If you have a question regarding account issues, their support staff will send you a direct message on Discord and assist you in resolving the problem right away.

cs go skins site bettingIt is one of the most mobile friendly sites that I have visited. The mobile interface is as flawless as the web counterpart. I was very happy with it and I did not experience any type of delay or issues with it.

csgokingdom com pros consCSGO Kingdom is a must go if you are a fan of CS:GO unboxing services. They have one of the best, if not the best withdrawal services. Their customer service is also top notch as they have a live Discord channel which is an established platform that a lot of gamers use. The unique feature of displaying the skin price before even opening a case is also a very nice feature, which a lot of people who do case openings want. Do not let the controversies regarding on how CSGO Kingdom started to keep you from trying it out. Although some boxes may be on the expensive side, their cheaper boxes are also very nice since you can win very good drops from them.


  • Price display on drops when you hover mouse pointer over it
  • Drop percentage always displayed on all items
  • One of the best, if not the best withdrawal services in an unboxing platform
  • Very low deposit and withdrawal threshold of $2.00
  • Excellent customer service with the use of Discord
  • Swap function if items you won are not available
  • Instant reflection of deposit on account when using skins


  • Controversial launch because of McSkillet video
  • Lacking rewards for referring people
  • Few boxes on the cheaper side, catering heavily on expensive side
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