is dealskins com legit?
CS:GO Betting Review – Stay Away from This Scam Website!

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counter stike case opening siteIt looks clean and crisp. You will not get lost in navigating through this site. It was designed to be efficient and less time consuming to go through the items they are selling.

is dealskins com legit?DealSkins is a through and through scam platform. A lot of people won on this service but when it is time to withdraw their items, it never gets traded to them. There are multitudes of YouTube videos exposing this site. All of those videos resonate one thing: their items never get sent to the players even if they deposit.

I took some of the users that are getting rare drops and checked their inventory. Most of these users are fake ones without any inventory when I looked over their Steam ID. They are probably created by the site admin to lure in people to deposit their hard earned skins and scam them from under their noses.

They have another issue with one of the cases. When you open the knife box, it deactivates the box, then refreshes and raises the price for the next one. The balance will not be returned to you and it will show that you actually purchased a knife crate and opened it when you check your history.

ScamAnalyze rated them as a high risk site. ScamAdviser gave them a 48% which is surprisingly high.

cs go unboxing site offers only one thing here, and that is case openings. They have a pricey inventory with the minimum starting out at $1.99. The most expensive I saw here was priced at $99.99.

They do have a unique feature they offer. You can open drop cases without a key. These are items like the Gamma or the Chroma Case are being offered for the price of a key. The only thing missing from the selection is the Spectrum since that one has a higher percentage of getting nicer items. They do not want that competing with their custom inventory.

dealskins com oddsThe drop list for all the cases are posted right before opening one. The more expensive skin it is, the lower the drop rate. The percentages they offer do not seem fair and only benefits the house.

dealskins com bonuses promocode free moneyInstead of depositing money, you can use our Dealskins code CSNINJA to try the service for free. Their Affiliate program is very bad. Whenever users join using your code, you only get $0.01 from it. You need 1000 people to register before your affiliate rank goes up, and getting even a hundred is very hard to do unless you are a big streamer or YouTuber.

The hourly giveaway of theirs does not work either for free users. You would need to deposit every 24 hours just for a chance to win $1.00 on their free balance. Most likely you will get the $0.01 reward anyway when you open this “free” giveaway.

dealskins com promo code free coins

dealskins com skins depositThe first method for depositing money into your account here is through G2A. It is pretty self explanatory on what to do when you choose the G2A option.

The second method is by way of adding skins through your Steam account. If you are familiar with other betting sites, then this will be a walk in the park for you since they work the same way with other platforms.

The third way is using It works like a payment merchant with multiple modes of depositing like major credit cards, Qiwi, Yandex, Bitcoin and WebMoney.

Their minimum is set to $5.00 which is pretty high for the unboxing services. With a rate like that, only one thing comes to mind. This site is out to get your money. Nothing more.

csgo drop skins siteThe customer support is non-existent. They have an “Online Support” link in their FAQ’s page which is an email address. According to some of the users in the Steam Community pages, I looked up, they never got an answer in regards to the issues that they are experiencing.

The other users only got replies on the email if you are asking questions about how to deposit. Other than that, they never reply.

I did a little test and emailed them asking for assistance in adding funds. After 5 minutes, I got a response on my email and they were giving me step by step instructions on how to add money using bitcoins on their oplata platform. After an hour, I sent them another email but this time I said I’m having problems withdrawing skins. It has been 20 hours and I have not received a single reply from Dealskins since my last email.

csgo skins boxes siteThis site is not designed to be mobile friendly at all. I used my smartphones to access it and I was disgusted at the bad layout. Everything is out of place and most of the cases overlap each other.

The tablet version is just as hideous. In here, the cases do not overlap, but you are not able to click on the images to open them. On some cases that do, it opens a wrong one. The developers did not think through with this when they designed the service at all.

dealskins com pros consMy stance on this is, STAY AWAY from this scam platform. There is only one winner at Dealskins, and it is the owner. This site will scam all the skins and money you have deposited and if ever you “win” something, it will not get sent to you.

The prices of the cases alone scream money hungry, with all the high-priced crates. Couple that with their “free giveaway” where you need to spend money every 24 hours just to claim it. And let’s not forget the minimum deposit rate of $5.00.

They also do not offer skin giveaways or any other promotion like other betting services do. And to top it off, they have no social media accounts. The FAQ’s link is also very small and if you do not search the site thoroughly, you would notice that their design is just to get your money and run.


  • Option of opening drop cases for the price of a Key


  • Fake inventory on some of the users
  • Bad reputation in the Steam Community
  • No social media accounts
  • Very expensive case prices
  • Very high deposit rate set at $5.00
  • Non existent customer support
  • Horrible affiliate program
  • Horrible mobile design
  • Cannot withdraw items
  • Free giveaway requires deposit every 24 hours to claim
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5 years ago

That’s right. Once this site was a real one , and im not lying and im not afflilated with dealskins. 1 year ago I remember I was entering every hour to just open the free hourly case , and getting 0.01 cents . Then when I was reaching 0.69 cents I was opening a Mil spec case . And got a skin , lower than I payed but I could withdraw , I know I have no proof but you got to trust me . Now this site is a scam and its a dangerous one . I just tried… Read more »