is opencsgo com legit?
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OpenCSGO Review – Rigged Unboxing Service?

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cs go skins cases unboxingOpencsgo would probably have one of the best designs I have ever seen for a case opening platform. I really like the navigation bar located on the top of the page with the little buttons that link you to other forms of social media and giveaways. The background for it is a bluish black that is plain and helps make the cases stand out. The images for the boxes are also well done and the animation for when you are about to click on them or hovering over is also nice.

The little icons for support and bell logo are also not squashed together, but instead spaced apart and also animated when clicked. The other pages and one for your profile are also made well, loaded with animations. The online drop on the left side is a good idea and seems to flow well, with not glitched for the hour I was inspecting the site for. The online drop seems to be a little fishy and I will talk about it later on.

is opencsgo com legit?At a first glance, Opencsgo may seem to be an ordinary website that looks similar to other platforms and also seems to be well designed. On checking the service on scam prevention, it rose a red flag. It only received a rating of 50 out of 100, which compared to the regular 80 that CSGO gambling sites usually receive, is very suspicious. This platform also has very few visitors which was shown to me and it located in Russia.

One big issue that I found out, was that the domain only had a value of 100 USD, which compared to other ones, have a value of over 1000 USD. So after reading this, I started to dig further into Opencsgo, and I found out that the online drop on the platform was very fishy. As stated before, the website would receive very few visitors to it, but according to the online drop, there seemed to be a constant flow of people opening cases and getting amazing skins.

More than 80 percent of crates unboxed would inherit a profit, but after using some referral codes and depositing a bit of money, all of my 10 cases earned me less that I spent, but at least I was able to withdraw the winnings. I don’t think Opencsgo is a scam, it just seems very suspicious, and it also has very weird features, including not being provably fair.

csgo betting gamesSo for the betting options that are available to you here, it only seems to case opening. There are a wide variety of boxes to choose from though and even 50/50 ones, but they seem to be rigged, and I will explain later. Other than CS:GO unboxing, the site provides nothing else, which seems to be a bit bland to me.

opencsgo com oddsAt first glance, Opencsgo may seem to be free profit due to the cheap cases and how many people are playing and making the profit on the drop, but after digging through the site, this is not true. For example, let’s take a look at one of the cases, the 50/50 karambit slaughter one. This box is only priced at 10 dollars while the 2 skins you can get are valued at 200 and 1. This seems to be too good to be true and it definitely is. The site wouldn’t exist if that was not rigged to make you lose every time. Do not trust their 50/50 chance crates.

opencsgo com bonuses promocode free moneyWell for a fishy platform, it sure has good promotions. When you enter it with a new steam account, you can go to your profile and use up to 3 promotion codes that will give you 1 dollar each. One of the codes that you can use is @Mr.Blacky. This is probably the best bonus program for a case opening service I have seen, too bad that you will have a low chance of turning a profit since this is a very fishy platform.

opencsgo com bonus promo code free coins

cs go skins betting siteAfter playing on the service for a while, I managed to contact support for a live chat fairly easily, all I had to do was click the little bell on the right corner of the page and then I would have to enter my email.I was able to talk to support after only a wait of around 2-3 minutes. Opencsgo has probably one the fastest response teams and they were also happy to answer some questions regarding their platform. The support that I received was actually useful and it wasn’t an automated service, so I was able to resolve my issues fairly quickly. There is also an F.A.Q which is located on your profile when you scroll to the bottom of the page, which can help to answer some questions but is not as useful as I would have expected. If they could improve the F.A.Q section of the customer service, it would be an amazing addition to their good support. Also, the grammar on the F.A.Q was a bit hard to read.

cs go skins dropIt is hard to describe the mobile version of the website, any more than mediocre. You are still able to open cases, but the live drop and live chat have been removed. I would much like to see them fix this and add those features again since the customer service was very useful. They haven’t seemed to put much effort into the mobile version, and instead of there being 4 cases per row, they have just extended the length of the site, and also made there to be 2 icons per row.

opencsgo com pros consOpencsgo has the traits of a big case opening service, with good customer support and great design of the platform, everything else seemed to be lacking. The website may be rigged and the live drop is definitely. The boxes are weirdly priced also. I would love to use it if they will just fix the odds and live drop since I love the design and the support team actually responds.

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