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CSGOSpeed.com Review – One Stop Shop CS:GO Gambling Site

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cs go skins betsCSGOSpeed’s design follows the most common layout for multi-betting platforms. It is simple yet efficient. If you frequent other gambling sites, you would not get lost in navigating here. You can choose what game you intend to play by looking at the left panel of the screen. On the right panel, you can see the community chat box. The useful links are conveniently located on the left side along with the game modes.

is csgospeed com legit?The community is quite small but they are very reputable. I researched on Google and I could not find anything bad about the service. The people in the chat offer help to everyone new. Since I did not find anything on Google, I asked the players here if there are any problems in regards to the site. Almost all of them say that the platform is reliable and only a few errors or bugs come out, and if it happens, it gets resolved as soon as possible.

cs go betting skinsCSGOSpeed offers variety in the games you are able to play. It is a one stop shop for all your CS:GO betting. The first on the list is Jackpot. The next one offered is Russian Roulette. Then there are the common staple modes such as Coin Flip and the standard Roulette. They even have case openings feature which almost always acts like the only one option for the most other CS:GO gambling services.

If you, however, want to play against the house, CSGOSpeed also got you covered. They have BlackJack, Slots and Scratchers on offer. Basically, they can provide almost every game you can think of.

csgospeed com odds skins betsThe house takes 2.5% cut from the Russian Roulette, Jackpot and Coin Flip bets. CSGOSpeed displays the drop list if you are unboxing items, so you can actually see the chances to get one or another skin from the case. Roulette odds are the same as on all these betting sites that offer this mode.

Their house games have the odds listed. In case of the slot machines, you win your bets if you hit a certain number of combinations. For scratchers, if you hit a number of gold stickers, you win the multiplier for that said prize.

csgospeed com bonuses promocode free moneyTheir Trivia Giveaway happens every 15 minutes. You need to put CSGOSpeed.com on your Steam profile to enter. When the trivia starts, you just have to guess the answer and you get awarded from 1 to 3 credits.

They offer skin giveaways weekly. It is easy to enter. Just head over to their social accounts and follow instructions to get entries for a chance to win some cool items.

The Recruit program is very unique. You get to earn weapon skins. If your recruit deposits, you earn a percentage and also they count towards your recruit count. The more players you have, the better weapon you can redeem. Get 0.5 credit when using our CSGOSpeed code F45F0300B8 .

csgospeed com bonus promo code free coins

csgospeed com depositsSkin deposit feature is very unique here. You get to set your own price for the item you have to be sold on their marketplace. When someone buys your stuff, your account is automatically credited with on-site money. I think this is the fairest way to organize deposit and withdrawal system as you basically exchange items with other users.

You can also deposit credits on your account using the real money by way of G2A. However, that option is currently down and they are still fixing that issue.

cs go skins betting gamesThe users who play here applaud the support representatives. There is always a moderator online who answers questions along with the community.

The ticket system is reserved for harder to answer questions or for bugs and big issues. The support link is conveniently located in the bottom part of the page. Once you send in a ticket, their support representatives will look into it and contact you shortly for resolution.

cs go skins bets siteI used 4 handheld devices to check if the design is mobile friendly. Playing on the tablet using landscape mode reverts it to a web version. On mobile phones or a tablet with a smaller screen, however, their mobile design is perfect. It works properly even when switching from one game mode to another.

csgo speed com pros consI definitely recommend you to try out this platform. They have a lot of quality skins on the marketplace, so you will never have any withdrawal problems.  Aside from that, there is always a mode for gamblers who seek out variety. The community is friendly and nice as well. And they have awesome giveaways, which you can win for real. I actually already took out a StatTrak skin without depositing a single cent.

As I said before usually people set their own price for the skin on their marketplace. That’s why the prices there are pretty expensive. So if you are feeling adventurous and you want to search for a bargain, you would need to work for it.


  • Simple and comfortable interface
  • One stop shop gambling site
  • A lot of giveaways and raffles in the chat
  • Provably fair
  • Handheld device compatible
  • Friendly community


  • Skins in market is expensive
  • Few gamblers online
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