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CSGOCasino.net Review – You Need to Be Careful Here!

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cs go legit skins gambling siteThe design of the CSGOCasino looks straightforward. Once you enter the website, it automatically directs you to the Roulette page where people bet with their tokens. There are no ads that pop up on the sides, nor ad pop up pages. It is easy to navigate with the sections labeled properly and in big lettering. The interface works perfectly, the color scheme chosen does not hurt the eyes at all.

csgocasino net legit betting siteI did a little digging about csgocasino.net. In the past, there are numerous scam issues regarding this site. The owner apparently ran away with $17,000 worth of skins. Numerous reports as well from people having difficulty with the bot when trading their winnings. There are numerous Steam Community topics about this and Reddit threads were created as scam accusations for this platform.

There are other accusations as well with the customer support not answering on the tickets submitted. Some say that the ticket would be marked as resolved without a single customer service representative contacting them regarding the issue.

Another problem is that they do not regulate people who gamble on the site. There are reports that a lot of minors play here, which is actually unlawful in many states in the US and other countries as well.

cs go skins betting options roulette dice jackpotThe betting options on CSGOcasino.net are simple. Most played game here is the Roulette. People usually bet on the colors, depending on what the system rolls. They have three options for betting on the colors: Green, Red and Black. All in all this is typically an online Roulette game with the only difference of you gambling with CS:GO skins.

csgocasino net oddsThe odds are surprisingly good in the Roulette game. Betting on Red and black doubles your bet with a 2x odds on it. Wagering on the green tile multiplies your bet by 14x. These betting odds are comparable to real and online casinos that use the same paytable for Roulette.

csgocasino net bonuses promocodes free coinsThere is an option to try csgocasino for free using our code csgolegit. This will allow you to receive a small nodeposit balance to check how the website works. They do not offer bonuses when you deposit but they do skin giveaways through raffle entries. This promotion is actually good since you do not need to necessarily gamble to be able to win with their giveaways. All you have to do is just follow them in their social media to be able to gain raffle entries for the raffle.

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csgocasino net depositsTheir deposit method is through Steam. You will need to trade your items to their trading bot. Once you log in your Steam account, it will automatically show your inventory and would have corresponding token value for the items that you have.

cs go skins betting legitCSGOcasino.net has a chat box on the website itself where admins and mods sometimes reply. The users are friendly in the chatbox as well. Another way of contacting them is their Support Center where you have to open a ticket if you experience issues. Based on my research, they are not usually quick to reply. It usually takes a couple of days minimum before they answer your tickets. There are also other cases where tickets are automatically closed and resolved without the user being contacted by the support team.

cs go legit gambling skinsI have tried logging in on the site with various mobile devices and see if it is mobile friendly. If you are using a smartphone, I have to tell you that it is not optimized for mobile viewing. I used my Samsung Note 4 and my iPhone 6 when I browsed the website on my mobile phone. The chatbox overlaps the main portion of the page even if you are in the landscape mode.

If you are using a tablet, however, the pages display properly. I have tried it with both an Android tablet and an iPad and they work great. The chatbox displays perfectly, all buttons and links are clickable.

csgocasino net pros cons All in all, I would not recommend you to bet here. With all the previous scams that are tied with the CSGOcasino.net I would be wary of putting in my hard earned skins to gamble.

They do have a Provably Fair system where they display the algorithm as well but I’m crossing my fingers. The system will work properly, it’s just that the history with scam accusations are with the owner running away with your hard earned money, and not the Provability Fair system.

Another point on why not to gamble on this site is their terrible customer service. Time and time again, people have slammed them in Reddit about how they do not answer complaint tickets and how some of these tickets get mysteriously get tagged as resolved or just plain vanish. A gambling service with no way of customer support other than submitting tickets is a big no in my book.


  • Easy to navigate website
  • Odds displayed when playing are standardized ones
  • Working Provability Fair system complete with Algorithm
  • Tablet optimized and beautifully designed interface
  • No ad popups


  • Have a lot of history with scam accusations in the past
  • Customer support is somewhat non existent
  • Only one selection of game to gamble on
  • Web design not optimized for smartphones
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