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Unikrn Review – Not the Best Real Money Sportsbook

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csgo dota2 lol rocket league cod betting siteThe design of Unikrn is quite bland. With purple and white accents throughout the site, they keep a consistent colour scheme with grey borders surrounding the pages. The home page, the one that you first see, includes a very basic design of 6 strips of colour with different information accompanied with a picture in each of them. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t look bad, but it has been used on multiple other services before. Something original would have been nicer.

When you enter the platform after logging in, the experience gets even worse. The site is mostly grey with a small amount of black, for some buttons, and white, for the background behind the games you can bet on. Again this is an extremely basic design that is used on many sportsbooks and really doesn’t stand out at all. There are different tabs along the top and left side of the webpage which make navigation around the website quite easy, but this is definitely nothing special.

Different games can be selected from the side which is followed by the corresponding matches appearing in the middle. Once you have placed a bet, it will show up on the right hand side of the page in your betting slip, making it very easy to see and lowering the chances of a mistake occurring.

is unikrn com legit?What may scare some people away from using is the atrocious rating they have received on Scamadviser. Only getting a 73 percent on their trust score. When compared to another service such as, which got 91 percent, some people may not feel comfortable using Unikrn’s sportsbook. However, to backup their cause, there have not been any reports of people having issues with this campaign on forums such as reddit.

Care should, however, be taken. Although, there is one other problem with the platform. They require a lot of your personal details. Many people feel unsafe giving out their phone number, real name and address online, but Unikrn requires this for your to set up an account. This may be a dangerous practice as their safety rating is quite low, compared to others, and the rate of identity theft is rising.

unikrn com depositWhen it comes to deposit methods, or lack thereof, when talking about Unikrn, most people will be heavily disappointed as to what the the company has to offer. They only allow you to deposit with a credit card, either a Visa or Mastercard. Many people will instantly see this website as obsolete and the withdrawal methods definitely won’t help change their minds. Withdrawals are only made to the same credit card which deposited money in the first place.

The worst part is, you will have provide all your personal details if you want to deposit or withdraw money. Unikrn is currently making their own currency called the Unikoin, which will only be available in 4 countries and will allow children over the age of 13 to place bets. This currency can be earned in many different ways such as: completing the website’s tutorial, winning bets, referring friends or by completing daily quests.

esports betting siteTo make matters even worse for this service, the games that they offer and their corresponding matches are very little. They do include the main ones but don’t include others such as Smite. When it comes to matches though, this is where it gets bad. League of Legends and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive have a large amount of matches on offer. However, others do not have this and instead offer an extremely small amount of games, some even have no matchups at all. Such as: World of Tanks and Rocket League. It would be nice to see this platform include lower tier games as well instead of just the top tier professional teams.

unikrn com oddsMoving onto the odds that they offer, most people will once again be disappointed with this company. For some reason, their odds are so messed up and completely different to other websites. When compared to trusted services such as Pinnacle or EGB, you will see that in some cases, the odds will be unlike Unikrn’s by a long shot. This is made even worse when you realize that the other websites also offer a wider range of matches to bet on, in the case of CS:GO, the amount can go up to double the matches offered. That is a very large amount.

unikrn com bonuses promocode free moneyThings seem to just get worse and worse for this platform as we come to bonuses and promotions. The website is currently only running one promotion or offer at the moment, and it’s got to be one of the worst ones out there. They are offering fifty dollars in bonus bets when you make your first deposit, here comes the bad news, you will have to put in your personal details. This deal also comes with a load of terms and conditions that really change the offer, so much so that they have another page dedicated to telling users about it. One of the many conditions is that you have to use your bonus bets within 14 days of getting them.

esports bets site csgo dota2 lol starcraftOne point that does make this site seem a little better is the customer service. The company offers many different ways to contact them which include: filling out a contact form and sending it to them, emailing them and calling them. They even offer multiple phone numbers so that you don’t have incur large fees when calling them.

The numbers they include are: Australia, The United Kingdom and International. To top that all off, they even have included social media links in the footer of the page so you can message them that way if you really wanted to. The range of contact methods is really good and better than a lot of other sportsbooks.

esports betting site skinsThe mobile version of this website is also quite good. The layout is easy enough to read and quite aesthetically pleasing. There is button in the top left which allows for the viewing of a couple other options. Scrolling down reveals more and more matches along with a button in the bottom right of the page that stays in place as you scroll down. Clicking it will reveal your bet slip.

unikrn com pros cons

In conclusion, this has to overall be one of the worst betting sites out there. With a plain design for both the desktop and mobile versions of this platform, along with barely any deposit/withdrawal methods and a low safety rating. To add to that, the sites game offerings and odds are complete garbage, and there is lack of bonuses/promotions. The only decent part about Unikrn is the customer service, but that is definitely not a deciding feature of a bookmaker.

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