is kuycase com legit?
CS:GO Betting Review – CS:GO Cases With the Maximum Profit!

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legit skins betting siteThe design can be described as a full-on assault on the visuals. The color purple pops up the moment the page loads. There are stunning visuals that can be seen to promote the cases that they are selling. Design-wise though, it is very easy to navigate. The boxes are labeled with interesting descriptions, the graphics are concise and bold.

is kuycase com legit?Being a new site in the skins opening game, it raises a few eyebrows. I went ahead and searched Google for reviews and information about this platform. From what I have found out about, they are one of the more profitable sites for CS:GO unboxing. I actually can attest to that since I used the bonus $0.30 I got and a case with that price. I got an item that is worth $0.49 so that is almost a 50% profit, which is not bad.

Another thing is that they are affiliated with another service I reviewed before which is CSGOCash. That other platform is a reputable skins buyer and if they are affiliated with that, then it is a good sign.

I checked on ScamAdviser and they actually scored a high 66% Trust Rating. Sites like these hardly get a score above 60% so getting a score like them means they are doing something right.

cs go betting gamesThey feature combo cases, where you not only get one skin but two or three depending on the combo crate you are purchasing. These combo boxes might be a little expensive but the drops they have on the list are the more expensive too. If you have money to burn, this is better than opening single boxes where you get a single drop.

kuycase com oddsThe drop rates for the items you can get from each box are visible for the particular case you are opening. All you need to do is highlight the skin from the drop list and it will show you the percentage of its drop. Displaying it is simple and effective, which means people know what the percentage of getting a rare and expensive item is.

kuycase com bonuses promocode free moneyFirst of all, you need to enter our KuyCase code CSNINJA in order to receive a juicy no deposit bonus!

kuycase com promo code bonus free coins

They also do free giveaways. This week, they are giving away 3 Pinky Cases that is worth $25.00 each. From those prices, you can get more expensive items if you are lucky since you get the expensive drops from each crate ranging from Rifles, Knives, AWPs and a pistol.

That is not all, they also offer daily discounts on a variety of cases that can be opened on the site. They have this Bonus Pizza where you can login daily and test your luck on it. You can get a discount from 10-50% on some boxes.

Their referral program is also nice. The more people you refer and the more they deposit, the more you earn. The rewards also go up the more players you refer so keep on going!

Every 10 crates unboxed, you are given a bonus roll on the Pizza game. More cases opened means more bonuses, so keep racking up points and save them.

kuycase com depositsTheir deposit method is through for Skins Deposits and G2A for cash deposits. They have a minimum deposit amount of $3.00. The G2A option accepts Paypal, major credit cards, and Bitcoin, so it is a little bit more flexible depositing that way if you do not mind the deposit fees.

Once you make an initial deposit on your account at KuyCase, you can freely withdraw your items to your Steam inventory.

csgo skins betting siteThey have multiple methods of contacting their customer service. They have the chat option, which is conveniently located on the lower right of the screen. The second one is the Ticket system which can be accessed from the Support link on their website. The third one is by email correspondence which can be accessed from the same tab. The last one is by way of their social media accounts, which is common among these unboxing services. They have Twitter, Steam group, Facebook and VK accounts to choose from if you want to contact them here.

cs go skin bets legitI was kinda hesitant to try the site using my handheld devices first due to the heavy graphics they use. I feared that it would not render properly when scaled down to smaller screens. I however still tried it for the sake of testing its mobile friendly design. To my surprise, their design is not only optimized for mobile devices but basically designed for the mobile users. On smartphones, they scaled down the sizes of the banners to be able to fit the page. For tablet devices, the banners retained its size but they scaled down the case sizes to be able to fit them properly on the screen.

kuycase com pros consIf you are a pure item trader and you are just looking for profit and not the aesthetics of the skin, I would highly recommend you checking opening crates here at KuyCase. They have the best ratio of expensive stuff for the price of the crate you are unboxing so you are more likely to break even quicker here. If you are on the hunt for the aesthetic designs of the cheaper skins, there are other sites for that. But for hardcore users, this site is a top choice pick for me.

The only thing that I could suggest to make it easier for deposits is having an option to directly deposit your items on the site and not have to go through CSGOCash. But seeing as they do not have an existing market, this might be the reason why they opted to use that way of depositing stuff.


  • Aesthetically pleasing web design
  • Easier to break even due to better skin drops
  • Multiple methods of contacting support
  • Multiple deposit methods


  • $3.00 minimum for deposit
  • No direct item deposit option
  • Expensive price for the cases
  • No existing market on site
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