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CSGOFast Review – Good Looking CS:GO Gambling Service

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Originally was only a CS:GO jackpot site, they have since developed many new services counting “fast game”, “double game”, “slot” and “match bets” giving their customers a wide variety of options.

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This platform has never been involved in any sorts of controversy but there were a lot of scams going on in the early stages of CSGO gambling. Impersonators would change their names to the likes of CSGOFast bots and steal away the skins from the depositors. Today there should be no danger in depositing skins and you can safely deposit your high valued goodies.

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Starting off with the look of the site, it might seem a little confusing or chaotic. There is a lot of information given to the user. The left part is the most important by far, this is the panel from where you can jump around the platform and explore the different modes, depositing, withdrawing, settings, FAQ, support and much more.

In the upper right corner your account details will be shown, this includes balance, notifications, mute/unmute, language and steam profile.
Going down a little will put your cursor at the chat box, simply clicking on it will show the chat from where you can communicate with the other online users.

csgofast betting options game modes

As stated earlier CSGOFast has 5 different ways of gambling, all of them offering different kinds of entertainment. Starting with the “classic game”, the main feature of the site. The “classic” is a jackpot service where all competing depositors get a winning percentage depending on their bets and one lucky person will run away with the whole prize. This service is known underdog wins with the most well-known being the lucky user who with just 0.04% won an astonishing 7k pot!!!

The jackpots on CSGOFast varies a lot in size but it is not unnormal to be between a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars so take care, people tend to “snipe” the smaller pots by going in with absurd worth of skins and winning the pot with ease.

The “fast game” is a 3 player all vs all mode where 3 players compete to win. Each pot consists of 3 players depositing skins into the pot worth between 1-10 dollars, 1 person will be drawn and gets to keep all of the skins himself. This service is quite good for smaller inventories as you won’t get sniped by AWP Medusas or Dragon Lores.

Coming to the 3rd mode we have “double game”. “Double” is just an average CS:GO roulette based wheel consisting of the 3 colors red, black and green. Red and black multiplying your bet by 2 and green by 14. The “double game” is perfect for a little more relaxing betting, you don’t have to wager large sums of money, neither do you have to be afraid of some rich kid sniping the pot with insane knives etc. The “double” features a history tab showing you the past 30 rolls or so and a provability algorithm with which, you can confirm every single roll.

Next up is “slot”, which is heavily inspired by the legendary 777-spin machine, the numbers has just been exchanged with certain skins. Getting a certain amount of the same item in 1 line will multiply the worth of that particular line and ranges from a 3x multiplier to a whopping 5000x mulitiplier… Yes, you read right – a 5000x multiplier. Of cause, this has an almost none existing rate of happening but the potential of “slot game” is huge.

Hunting the big win? CSGOFast features a button for exactly that, just below the spin-machine you will see a tab saying “lines”. Simply spam the + and you will roll 9 lines at a time instead of 1 – Please note that the price will also be 9x the bet a line, this is only for the purpose of playing more rounds at a time.

Last but not least we have “match bets”, this is for you guys who like betting on your favorite csgo team instead of throwing money into a pot and hope for the best. The “match bets” tab covers most professional counter-strike games and is daily updated with new matches. They have 3 features for match betting consisting of a quick overview of the upcoming games, the “pending bets” tab which, as the name says, shows you your upcoming battles and when they will go live also they have the “bet history” which is a complete logbook of your past bets.

csgofast odds

What I really like about the match betting system on CSGOFast in particular is the odds. Many esports betting sites only gives you 1.8 odds at 50/50 games and therefore a house edge of 20%, this is not something this website has done and you can enjoy great odds caused by the 0% house edge. One important thing to note is that the bets are shifting, which means the odds will keep changing until the very last minute before game start. This is quite important to know and from personal experience, placing a bet 5min before start should secure you the most stable odds. This is because the odds changes as bets are made on the 2 teams and just before going live the total bets on the games are too big to be affected by bigger single bets as 100$ or so.

csgofast pros cons

CSGOFast is a very good looking CS:GO gambling service. They have a good reputation and has been on the market for a long time. The site has a decent support staff, responding within only days. Something that is a bit different from other gaming websites is that website both gives you a balance to bet on “double”, “slot” and “match bets” while the “classic” and “fast” modes pays you the specific skins for each pot won.

The balance that can be used to withdraw skins in the store has an exchange rate of 100 credits – 1 dollar.

I can definitely recommend CSGOFast to both experienced and new users. For those who have an empty bankout, site offers multiple ways to help you out.

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Simon Staton
Simon Staton
3 years ago

This website is terrible, you should stay away from it! Massive Scam