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best skins cs goSkinArena.com has a minimalistic design. It is simple and very easy to navigate. When you first enter the site, it directly defaults you to the Raffle game where people are gambling with their skins. There is a quick deposit option on the left side of the page and the chatbox on the right. The links on top of the platform are user friendly and when clicked, the page corresponding to the link loads fast.

cs go raffle games skinsI researched SkinArena.com on Google and there are both positive and negative reviews. Most of the information I found is about how slow their customer support replies. Another thing that I found out through my research is that there are a lot of services impersonating SkinArena. The impersonators range from  Steam trade bots to full blown websites, so I advise you to double check and verify before betting if it is the real service you are gambling on.

The site is a Kinguin Affiliate, which speaks a lot about it’s reputation. There are also a lot of big names like pros and youtubers betting here.

csgo betting options skinsThey have two major options for gambling. One is the Raffle, which works like a winner take all pot game. People bet their skins on the site, and they get corresponding amount of tickets for the price of the items deposited. After a set amount of time, the system picks out a winning  ticket.

The second game is Coin Flip. It is a head to head contest where you play against another user. Each player should place an equal amount of the items. Once the game starts, the system will have virtual coin flip to determine the winner.
The good thing about the games they offer is that they have a Provability system where everyone can actually verify the winning raffle ticket or the coin flip.

skinarena com odds They take a 10% commission on all total bet winnings when you withdraw your items. The odds set per game determines on how many skins you deposit if you play Raffle. For example, you deposit $5.00 worth of items, you get tickets amounting to $5.00. If you deposit more skins, you get more tickets thus increasing your chances for winning.

The odds for Coin Flip works differently. It is set by the game maker since it is a Head to Head game mode. Odds for Coin Flip ranges from 50-50 to 60-40 and 70-30. It all depends on the agreement you have with your Head to Head.

skinarena bonuses promocode free money

If you want to try SkinArena for free, then use our promo code C57CVLP6 for the instant $0.25 no deposit bonus!
They are also doing a skins giveaway every week. These ranges from rare gloves to knives and ultra rare weapons. All you have to do to enter the weekly giveaway is to follow them on social media and their Twitch account and get entered to win awesome prizes each and every week.

They also have a Referral program where you get a percentage of the bets your referred users make. The more you refer, the percentage goes higher. This is a good way to earn free money if you have lots of friends who gamble with CS:GO skins as well.

skinarena com bonus promo code free coins

skinarena com deposits skinsThe deposit and withdrawal method is through a Steam trading bot. Once you log in your Steam account on the website, it will ask you to provide your trade link. Your Steam inventory will then show up and you can deposit whichever skins you do want to bet with.

It works the same way with withdrawing items from SkinArena to your Steam inventory. You choose the items you want to withdraw to your Steam account then a trade bot will send you a request to give back items for withdrawal.

skinarena com support legit skinsThey can be contacted through the email, however, most people complain at how slow they reply is. Most people just go to their social media accounts in Twitter and VK and get matters resolved in there, which is a way faster option. The common turn around time for them to reply to your email is 2-5 days, which for most people takes forever.

csgo skins raffleI tried to use the website with my devices and was disappointed. The interface does not load properly. Most of the time it gets stuck in a black screen and does not display the contents.

I tried using my tablet devices. The page loads up but the links are not clickable. The chatbox on the right side overlaps half of the screen. It is also very buggy if it loads up.

Overall I was disappointed because their platform is nicely made if you are using a computer or a laptop but they have not optimized it for people who prefer to gamble using handheld devices.

skinarena com pros consOverall, I would recommend gambling here. They are a Kinguin Affiliate after all and that speaks a lot about their reputation. Lots of Youtubers and pros bet in here as well.  They also have a Provability Fair system which puts people who bet at ease since you would be able to verify every winning ticket.

The drawbacks to betting on sites like this though is that there are a lot of scam services that look like SkinArena. I would always double check if it is the correct URL you are depositing your skins at. The other drawback is how slow their customer service response is. If you are ok with waiting for a reply from their customer support for more than two days, then go ahead and bet on this platform.


  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Kinguin Affiliate
  • Weekly Giveaways
  • Low deposit and withrawal threshold set to $5.00
  • Trusted by the community
  • Provability Fair system


  • Lots of impersonators
  • Customer support is slow in replying to email
  • Buggy interface for smartphones and tablets
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