is farmskins com legit?
CS:GO Betting Review – Shady CS:GO Case Platform

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cs go case opening site design is your run of the mill case opening site. It is very common looking which most of these businesses usually do. They tend to use dark backgrounds with very bright colored boxes to make them pop out and inviting to open. Because of those things, it is very hard to get lost in navigating here. The only time you might get lost is if you happen to click on the giveaway link which will bring you over to gleam platform.

is farmskins com legit?As far as the FarmSkins reputation go, they look very shady. The first thing I found out when I was researching about them are sponsored videos from YouTube. Being that, you can never trust sponsored videos as a trusted source since they usually pay the video maker to say nice things about the brand.

The second thing that got me came from an accusation that came from a very legitimate forum. The guy got scammed out of his winnings. He won an AWP: Medusa but when he looked at his inventory, it got replaced by a very cheap Tec-9. It seems that the company does not want to pay out people that win using the service.

Another thing that makes me draw a conclusion that this is a shady place to gamble is a number of people retweeting their giveaway tweets asking who won the raffle or sometimes where the prize is.

They also have a habit of not replying to emails, chats or tweets if they think that they are in a bind. If a specific user is asking for support on where their deposits go and why they are not credited, FarmSkins will not reply. They will only reply to you if you have questions regarding adding money to the balance.

And last but not the least, I have not seen any professional players, streamers or YouTubers actually advertise the site. With that in mind, this is an at your own risk to try it.

cs go drop case site skinsThe only good feature that they have here is their Championship Cup where they offer a tournament setting for an aspiring CS:GO player who wants to go pro. This is also the place where they give out free cases to the guys that are watching the competition stream. Aside from that, there are no other good or redeeming features on here aside from moderately priced skin boxes.

farmskins com oddsThe odds are somewhat a little better than opening cases directly in CS:GO. They do not, however, display the rates or the quality of the items that are going to be dropped, unlike other sites where this information is readily available with just a click of a button.

farmskins com bonuses promocode free skins

The best option for you to try this service for free is to use our promo code csninja. Your account will be credited with 1 USD which can be used for unboxing right away.

farmskins com bonus promo code free coins

Their “Daily Bonus” is not really a bonus. You need to deposit at least $20 to be eligible for this or add website’s URL name to your Steam profile. You are not even allowed to withdraw your skins without depositing at least $3, so calling it a “Daily Bonus” seems like a scam.

Their giveaway is also ridiculed by a lot of players as they have failed to give out the prizes time and time again. They might just use the “giveaway” promo to boost their social media accounts with followers without any intention of giving out prizes to people who join.

farmskins com deposit skinsFarmSkins has two methods of depositing money here. The first option is depositing items thru Skin2Pay, a third party site that accepts skin payments and then sends your balance to your account.

The second method is using the real money by way of G2A. These methods are very common on CSGO trading or case opening sites and they just vary by the minimum amount of deposit. Over here in FarmSkins, the minimum amount is $3.

csgo unboxing case skinsTheir customer service is horrible. There have been a lot of complaints regarding this. They will usually not entertain your question if it involves them forking out skins to you but will reply immediately if you have questions regarding on how to put money on their site.

They have an online chatbox as well but the best answer that the person here will give you is “Have you checked the FAQ’s” or “Did you read the FAQ’s”. This is very unprofessional and they do not really care anymore if you already have deposited your cash in.

They do not reply on Twitter either. A lot of people have complained and ask them where the raffle prizes are but they fall on deaf ears. They will still continue to promote a giveaway every week to lure in kids or new users to deposit in here but will never help out older users.

csgo skins cases boxesBrowsing their site using mobile devices is pretty good. I think the developers of the platform put in a lot of hard work to make the mobile experience good.

The only complaint I have in regards to the mobile version of the site though is the live drop tracker. It sometimes hangs which prevents you from clicking on links or cases but it usually happens if you have been online for over than 30 minutes. Other than that, everything is fine.

farmskins com pros consI will highly not recommend you to go gamble on FarmSkins. They have many bad reviews from places such as the Steam Community, TrustPilot and HLTV. Their customer service is terrible and very unprofessional. They also tend to not pay out big wins and will happily scam you out of your hard earned skins.


  • Sponsors tournaments for aspiring CS:GO players
  • Mobile design is excellent
  • Multiple methods of deposit


  • Terrible and unprofessional customer service
  • Ignores tweets regarding giveaway prizes
  • Lots of reports regarding users getting scammed out of their skins
  • Need to deposit $20 before being eligible for the “Daily Bonus”
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5 years ago

honestly, this is a pretty straight forward site once you go through the process at least once. i’ve put currently rounded off to about 300 dollars in to the site. so far i’ve gotten over half a dozen guns (pinks and reds) and now own 3 knives. one goes for 120 cad, one for 150, and the other for 210. the key is really to have at least the price of the item youd like to get out of the case deposited for funds, and repeatedly open cases and eventually you will get a “fire” item. i just spent 80… Read more »