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CS:GO Betting Review – Legitimate CS:GO Betting Website

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CSGOBounty is a very well organized CSGO betting site and they have a very clean look. They offer their users multiple games counting jackpot, raffle, dice, sweeper roulette and crash with the addition of plenty of nice features. Starting off with the layout, CSGOBounty chose this purple blackish theme, it works really well for them and looks pretty well overall. At the very top of the site, they have this menu bar from where you can go to the following sections: Rewards, Free coins, Transactions, Support, Fairness, TOS ( Terms of Service), FAQ + social medias.

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After clicking the rewards button you will be given two options. There is the daily bonus which you can claim after having their name,, in your steam tag for the 24 hours minimum. The other one is the promo code thing, basically once or twice a week they send out codes on twitter which if you are quick enough you can type in here and get whatever reward it gives you. Normally those rewards vary between 0.1 and 0.5 dollars and will only be active for 3-4 hours max.

Tap Free Coins tab and a text telling you to type in a specific code pops up on your screen, simply enter promo code: esportsninja, hit enter and grab yourself 0.5$ for free. Please notice this is a one-time promotion and you can’t use this bonus multiple times.

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counter strike skins betting


Transaction shows you all money, deposits, withdrawals etc. that has gone through your account, this feature is really nice and gives a nice look off everything that has happened to your account. It is great in case anything has gone wrong because you will always be able to check here then.


Pretty self-explanatory, this is where you mail them in case anything has gone wrong, you feel wronged, applying for the mod and basically anything where you need a real human being to help you out.


Even though the average player might not spend too much time looking at this, it is a pretty important thing for us users. This is where you can check that the site is legitimate and not some rigged shit. They have this equation with which you can check that every dice, jackpot, roll whatever is truly random and not rigged.

ToS ( Terms of Service)

The ToS tab tells you the given terms for playing on the site, this includes maximum bets, age restriction, item pricing, code of conduct ( in which it says all players have to act responsibly or they will risk ban) and their privacy policy


The FAQ also known as the Frequently Asked Question answers the most general questions their users might have if you get confused about something a good advice is to check the FAQ section before emailing their support system. This will also help them with keeping a fast and great support staff. Here at the FAQ section a lot of different things explained: game modes, affiliate system, promotions, advertise jobs, bug reports, maximum payouts and chat rules.

Social Medias

CSGOBounty is VERY active on especially Twitter and daily posts codes or giveaways. It is a good idea to follow them as there might be given out codes that expire within very short time. Other than posting codes they do a ton of giveaways and they also share some of the bigger wins that are made on the site. Among with Twitter they use VK which is some sort of a Russian version of Facebook.

csgoboutny com games csgo

Ok so I’ll just swiftly go through their games, I won’t explain the basic of every game as this is greatly explained in their FAQ section but I will just point out some of the important stuff.

So, they have six different games, five of them being actual gambling while the raffle is free to enter in certain scenarios.

Crash and Roulette need no further explanation, they are just the normal standards we have already seen on other sites.

Their Jackpot system is a little different from some services. It is pretty important to note that you bet credits not skins and because of this everyone has the possibility to go in at the very last second, unlike skin jackpots where you have to accept trades through Steam.

Sweeper is basically just a mine field inspired game, you bet whatever amount you feel for and enter how many of the 25 tiles should be mines. Your goal is to hit the tiles that are not mines, the odds depends on how many mines you play with. The odds keep getting higher as you click more free tiles during the round since there will be less valuable tiles left as you click them.

Their Dice is pretty much like any other rolling game, you have the automated, lightning and slow roll/ animation roll. For the love of god please DO not do the method where you double on loss on the automated dice roll. I know some do this to make some nice profits but this method often results in repeatedly loses and as you lose the higher your bet will become huge. Usually, this will just spin out of control, often ending in you losing your whole balance.

The Raffle is where you buy tickets to enter for a skin to win – they often do free raffles.

legit cs go betting site

Generally, I think CSGOBounty is a very well organized site and it looks really good. It is a great service and it offers a lot of features for testing games with many free credits given out in form of codes and giveaways.

May the odds be in your favor and good luck!

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