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CS:GO Betting Review – Full of Bonuses Case Unboxing Website

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Case opening is a great way to get some skins with a twist of excitement. Unfortunate, Valve has made boxes that drop crappy blues or purples most of the time. Third party unboxing sites with custom chests have made this process more fun, and they take a lot less of a house edge than Valve. Today we will be reviewing, a new case opening service that has hit the market.

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The first factor you want to consider when you are deciding on your website of choice is to look at the design of the platform, and if it is easy to use. Today’s platform has a really cool and modern black theme, and the site is easy to navigate. All the tabs are clearly displayed to the side, and the cases themselves have a really cool hologram like design. The spin animation is quite cool as well and makes it even more enjoyable to open the crates. legit case site

The next thing you should consider is the reputation of the place you use. It would really suck to unbox a cool item, only to find out that the whole thing was a scam. is a relatively new place, so it has not had any time to build up a solid reputation yet. It has however sponsored several youtubers, and there have been no scam reports as of yet. It certainly looks to be a legitimate crate opening website, although we cannot be sure of that just yet. This is neither a pro or a con.

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Deposit and withdraw speeds are extremely important when it comes to gambling on boxes. You want to be able to open stuff right away after you deposit and try out the skins you get right away. Fast speeds help make this process quick and efficient. Today’s service is relatively quick in both aspects and supports both quick deposits through their various payment methods that we will go over later. Their withdraws are usually sent within five minutes, although some high tier or rare items may be out of stock. If this is the problem, do not worry. They restock items as needed every so often, so you will get your skin eventually!

Deposit speeds are all well and good, but you should be able to deposit using the method that you prefer. Luckily, supports an extremely wide array of deposit and withdraw options. For the cashout of your credits, you can take out the skins that you unbox. If you wish to put in money and get credits to wager with, you have plenty of choices. You can put in skins, and get slightly below market value for them. You can also use debit cards, credit cards, paypal, skrill, neteller, gift cards, bitcoin, and more! They have plenty of ways for you to get credits, so depositing money should not be a problem for you at all!

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The crate opening market is extremely competitive, so websites are having to offer bonuses and promotions to stay competitive. A good bonus can significantly lower the house edge, and sometimes even move it into your favor! offers two bonuses as of now. The first one is fifty cents for free to new users. Simply enter our Voucher code eninja into the given section and receive your free credits!

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The other bonus is a deposit boost. Simply check their twitter, and they occasionally update their page with cool new codes to enter when you are depositing. Look at the current code, deposit your money, and enter the twitter page code when it asks if you have a coupon. Then, enjoy a nice eight percent boost to whatever amount you deposited! has an above average bonus system that is and should be quite appealing to potential customers.

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As mentioned in the previous section, CS:GO crate opening sites are extremely competitive. There is only so much money that consumers like you have to spend, and each service wants as big of a share as it can get. That being said, unboxing websites scramble to offer several features to their customers in an attempt to make the experience as good as possible. is no exception to this. They have a create your own case feature, which allows you to make your own box or open other people’s boxes. They also offer an affiliate system that allows you to make money by inviting your friends to try out the website and open some cases. They have all the features that you could possibly want and are great in this regard.

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We are nearing the end of our review, and we would be stupid not to discuss customer support. This is extremely important, as it is frustrating to have an unsolved problem. A good support can save you a lot of stress and worrying in the long run! has a decent system, although it is nothing to write home about. Their twitter page answers questions at a reasonable pace. You can also send them an email to see if your problem can be addressed that way. They lack a live chat, which is my personal favorite option. Also, they have not replied to the sample problem I have sent them for three days. Expect a slow support time, but at least they have some options to contact them.

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Finally, let us talk about mobile friendliness. These days, everyone has a mobile device that they use for many different things. As phones become “smart”, we are using them to gamble and open crates too! You will not always be at your computer when you wish to unbox some skins, and that is where mobile friendliness comes in. If a site works well and efficiently on your phone, it is considered mobile friendly. is certainly not mobile friendly, as it is basically impossible to use it on a phone. It simply does not support small screens, and I have tried to use the site on my phone with little success.

emerald gg legit pros cons

Let’s finish with a recap. They have a cool, modern design, which is a big pro. Their animations look great, and they have a good amount of bonuses. They offer many payment options and are relatively quick in terms of deposit and withdrawal speed. They do have an iffy reputation as they are fairly new. They do not cover mobile devices and have a weak support system. Overall, they are a good website that you should give a try.


Thanks for reading my review on, and be sure to look for future articles and reviews. That is all for today, but I will see you next time! Good luck!

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