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CS:GO Betting Review – Unique CS:GO Betting Service

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Honestly, I do not even know where to start, Gamdom has so many unique aspects and features that I have yet to see on any other site. Let us start with the simple, their service consists of the roulette and crash, both with a big twist though which we will come back to later. Starting off with the layout, Gamdom has chosen the colors green and yellow as their main ones.

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After signing in with Steam you will at the very top see the menu bar, from here you have some different options such as choosing a game mode, deposit and marketplace, balance, online counter, and steam profile picture. At the very bottom of the site you, as a user have the options FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question), Provably Fair, Support, Terms of Service, Leaderboard, Transactions and Name promotion. I will swiftly explain all the different options and after woods explain more in depth the unique aspects of their roulette and crash game.

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This is where all the basics of the site is described, most problems can be solved by searching the Frequently Asked Questions section, basically everything is here including, depositing and withdrawal, how to play the games, rules of the site and a lot more of very useful information – if you are in trouble this is definitely the place to go.

Provably Fair

There is nothing special to come for here, it is just the standard verification equation to ensure no users will be cheated in any way.


Their support is nothing too special, pretty average to be honest. It is pretty crucial to choose the right support section since they have 3 different ones, one for marketing and business, one for normal support and one for bugs and technical issues.

ToS (Terms of Service)

They have a pretty standard ToS and what it is all about is basically just saving their ass in case anyone wants to sue them for whatever reason. The 2 most important things to notice here is the fact that you have to be over 18 and in special occasion if they believe a user in any way has abused their site will get his or her balance cleared. This is not going to affect any players so as long as you are not on purpose trying to cheat the system everything is good.


For the average user this leaderboard has no purpose. There are three leaderboards, one for the guys who have wagered the most on Gamdom, the second is for the users who have the most profit on the crash and the last one for the biggest profit on roulette. We are talking about crazy amounts and for the most people this leaderboard will never ever serve a purpose but it surely can be a fun thing just to check up those ridiculous numbers from time to time.


Like any other site this is just to give the player an overview of their deposits and withdrawals

Name Promotion

Service offers their users some bonuses by having their name in their Steam name. Having the bonus active will unlock certain rewards counting 2x daily bonus and 50% more from rains (both of these will be explained in a moment), you get twice the amount of XP which will help you level up faster and therefore increase your daily reward greatly plus any deposits will give an extra 2%.


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Gamdom offers daily rewards based on players’ level, which can be increased by betting on the site and is measured in XP. Experience gain can be increased with the Name Promotion. In order to get your daily reward each and every day you have to bet a certain amount daily as well. In case you have no credits on the site the money to get the daily goal achieved can be earned by being active in the chat or from the RainBot.

The RainBot is a very unique thing I have only seen on Gamdom, basically, some of the owners plus some of the more wealthier users dump money in a pot and every 2-28 minutes this pot will be given out to all users active in the chat. In order to get a part of this pot you will have to actively click the RainBot message (A blue cloud will pop up and tell you to click it. No worries, there is no way you will miss it as long as you are watching the chat), since you have to actively click the cloud it is crucial to pay attention to the chat all time as the RainBot will only appear for roughly 1 min.

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Starting off with crash Gamdom has this thing called Crashpot which basically means every round a certain amount of the site’s profit from the game will be converted into a jackpot that every player participating in this particular game will have a % to win. It is quite complicated to explain but basically, every guy that bets at crash will have a little % to win a huge jackpot for them and for the rest of the online users.

Ok, so next up is the roulette bonus. This is quite a lot simpler than the crashpot. Basically, Gamdom has introduced their users to so-called bonus rounds. These rounds will occur once every 1 out of 100 roulette spins and all wins in these bonus rounds will be doubled, this I have never seen anywhere else and I really think that is very useful if you are playing on a high stakes.

gamdom pros cons

To be honest Gamdom is probably one of the best sites out there for the new players who does not have some huge inventory filled with sick knifes because they simply have so many ways to earn free money and bonuses. This is a really good and unique CS:GO betting service.

I hope the content in this review was enjoyable. Look for future reviews, and I will see you next time! Good luck!

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