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CSGO500.com Review – Skin Betting Website

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Today we will be reviewing one of the largest CSGO skin betting websites – csgo500.com. At the time of writing this review, the site has over 3,000 users online.

csgo skin bets

First of all, I must say that this design is by far the best out of all the services we have reviewed. The black and red color scheme is a very good contrast and makes the website very visually appealing.

It is also extremely easy to use; it has a chat tab on the very left hand side of the page, but what makes the chat unique is it offers separate English, Turkish and Russian chat to make communication with other members easier. However, be aware that you need to be at least Level 10 to use chat; this is to stop people from spamming or abusing the feature.

In addition to this, you can also change the language of the service (at the moment there is the choice of about 20 languages).

The options feature next to this allows you to quickly navigate through the website, for example, if you wanted to deposit or even just to change your account settings. They also have a Twitter page link, which is easy to find and can be used for a contact.

cs go skins bets

CSGO500 is slightly different to others in that it is completely focused on roulette. However, what impresses me is the creativity they have put into the game. Instead of the typical 3 colors CS:GO roulette game, this platform offers 4 different colors, a 2x, 3x, 5x and 50x.

Obviously, as the multiplier goes up, so does the risk that you might lose. What I like is that you get to decide how much risk you want to take each time, and this allows for more winning systems and strategy.

The betting options are also surprisingly wide-ranged, allowing for gambling methods such as Martingale for those trying to make profits. For example, you can change the percentage of your bet depending on the outcome of the last one.

Not only this, the game is provably fair through a round hash that is given, and instructions are provided on the FAQ page on how to check this.

The roulette itself is also very nice to look at, a change from the usual CS:GO casino-style themed games. There is also helpfully a list of colors on the right of the site showing which ones previously won.

cs go skins bets

On csgo500.com, you deposit your skins by providing a trade url, and then these items can be converted into the internal currency called “bux”. Unfortunately, as of now they only accept CSGO skins for deposits, which is a shame.

In order to withdraw, simply go to the shop page, and using your “bux” just select a skin that you have enough money for, and this will be sent to your inventory. For example, an AWP Asiimov skin is worth 42,710 bux at the time of writing this article.

When I used csgo500, my withdrawals and deposits worked completely fine, but make sure you send a small deposit first as a test to avoid any problems.

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One of the main features of the site is its generous bonuses and promotions. Every 24 hours, you are able to get free 50 bux just by pressing the claim button and filling in a captcha to prove you are not a robot. In fact, as you level up, this daily reward keeps on increasing!
You can also subscribe to their notifications, meaning they can send you news and also updates about giveaways. As a bonus, you will receive 100 bux just for signing up to this!

esports cs go betting review

They also have a referral program; you are given a code which others can redeem for a reward, at the same time you will also receive a bonus (about 50 bux). Feel free to use our code esportsninja if you want to supports us and get your free bonus!

csgo500.com esports book

CSGO500.com reputation is also quite good. There are multiple videos promoting or sponsoring this website on youtube, one particular video having several hundreds of thousands of views. This is a big difference to many sites previously reviewed (for example bets.gg), which are mentioned very little on external reviewing services.

In addition to this, you can contact them on their twitter page, which is quite active. In fact, recently they held a successful giveaway for the valuable karambit Doppler skin, so it is definitely worth your while to keep a lookout for future giveaways!

However, I must say that as with all CSGO skin betting websites, there is only so much trust you can put in them. Using the scam advisor tool, I found that while the website is based in the United States, the real location is deliberately being hidden. This doesn’t have to be suspicious since these sites do not want to get in trouble with steam and that would explain the hiding by the owners.

csgo500 free coins bonus

The website is not very mobile-friendly, and although everything still works, you might have trouble navigating through options, so I would not recommend it.

cs go esports betting advice

The customer service here is better than most gambling platforms we have reviewed. They have an extensive FAQ which covers many important points (for example more info on bonus rewards), and they also provide an email address at which you can contact them.

counter strike skins items betting

•   Stylish site which is very easy to use
•   New options on the roulette game, visually appealing
•   Generous giveaways, bonuses and a referral program
•   Decent customer service
•   Fast website and deposits/withdrawals ran smoothly
•   Extensive FAQ
•   Detailed betting options

•   Could be easier access to customer service
•   Only one game to play
•   Lacking other deposit methods

In conclusion, this is probably one of the best websites we have reviewed since even though there is only one game there are many options such as the 50x bet which make this roulette original and interesting. The daily rewards also serve as a way to top up your betting balance, while there are often giveaways of knife skins worth several hundreds of dollars. The best part is just the visual appeal of the csgo500.com, which is simply stunning.

Thanks for reading this review, see you next time! Good luck!

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