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How to choose CS:GO Sportsbook for profitable bets?

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Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a very popular game that many play and enjoy. While it is fun to spend your time in battles with friends or in matchmaking, watching pro matches can be enjoyable too! These matches are spectacular to witness, with pros doing insane things on a regular basis!

Once you get hooked to watching these matches, you might want to start betting on them! In previous articles, I have gone over the best pro players and how to bet on pro matches. In this article, I will go over how to pick where to place your bets. By the end of this article, I hope you will know exactly how to choose the perfect Sportsbook to bet on Counter Strike! The following list is in no particular order, so you decide which aspects of a good site are important and which are not.

CS go deposit bonus

Generous Bonuses

Many bookmakers offer a deposit bonus, because of the competitive nature of the gambling market. These signup bonuses are usually a percentage of your first deposit, but have a HUGE rollover requirement! Now you may wonder what a rollover is. A rollover is the way casinos ensure that people don’t deposit just to withdraw the bonuses.

If you get a 20 dollar signup free money and the rollover is 40x (the usual one), then you have to wager the 20 dollars 40x (so 800 dollars), to withdraw the whole amount. That may sound hard, but it’s free, right? So this is an important thing to consider when looking for a Sportsbook for CS:GO betting.

Other rewards that are offered include no-deposit bonuses (money to try the service without an investment), and promotional offers (we will get into that in a later section). No-deposits are really cool because you can try out a site at no risk, and maybe even win some free money!


Profitable Promotions

I mentioned promotional offers in the previous section, so let’s go right to promotions in our next chapter. Promos are a nice feature to look for in casinos, because they can be fun, and might even win you some money! They can range from a free bet to a mini-contest. I will give examples of both of these.

Some bookies offer parlay rewards such as this: parlay any 8 Counter-Strike matches, and get a free bet equal to the parlayed amount! This can prompt you to make a fun little parlay that you originally wouldn’t have, and is a huge plus. Another type of promotions are mini contests. Your betting website might hold a contest with a small buy-in, and give the winner the whole pot. Again, a fun little event that you originally wouldn’t have done.

Moneyback is also an interesting option – just place your money on a specific event and get them back if your bet will be lost. So promotions are definitely something to consider when choosing CS:GO Bookmaker.


Fast Deposit and cashout options

Our next section will cover currency, withdrawals and deposits. First of all, make sure your chosen Sportsbook for Counter-Strike bets accepts the currency you want to use. For example, if you live in the US, you are technically not allowed to gamble online, so if you decide to do it anyway, you might want to use an anonymous currency like Bitcoin. This is to make sure you are untraceable. Other than that, just make sure the website you decide to use accepts the currency and payment method that can be used at this moment.

You want to make sure it’s easy and fast to deposit and withdraw. Also, as a caution to US users, if you bet on offshore books, make sure they don’t require proof of residence before withdrawing, as there are many horror stories of thousands of dollars being lost. With that side note out of the way, you should also check on how fast withdraws and deposits are processed. You don’t want to wait a week to get your money, and probably don’t want to wait a couple days to deposit.

Finally, check on how you can withdraw your winnings. If you are using Bitcoin, then this is easy, but if you are using government issues currency make sure you can withdraw using the available methods. For example, some bookies don’t process bank transfer withdrawals, and you definitely don’t want that to happen if you don’t have any other account but a bank!

CS go how to make bets

Experienced Customer Support

You always want good support staff because many issues arrive when gambling. From slow graders to withdrawal/deposit issues, to just any general issues that may arise, it is very annoying when you have to wait a week to get a copy-pasted response from some guy in Bangladesh who has no idea what the real issue is and how to fix it.

All sportsbooks that I use have a very good support staff, with live chat admins, and a support ticket system that has lightning fast response speeds. I have many minor issues that arise (slow withdraws or deposits, a slow grade), and the admins are usually very helpful. The support system is the last resort, but my issue is resolved within a couple of hours. Ideally, your bookie should be like that, especially because Counter Strike matches are usually very slow to be settled, and it is helpful to be able to nudge the admins.

This is just a small feature I really like, but a live chat to talk with fellow bettors can be really cool! When I bet, I usually have the chat up along with the match stream. That way I can react to those insane flicks, clutches, or bot like moments. I have even made a couple of online friends in the chat, and regularly make picks with them together for many major tournaments. So while not a major thing, a live chat in a nice bonus to look for. If you can’t pick between 2, go for the one with live chat because it can really amplify the betting experience.


Good Reputation

There are many sites who will pop up and offer a 300% bonus with no strings to lull you into a deposit. Then when you try to withdraw there will be error after error with a suddenly unresponsive support. Then the site will suddenly shut down and you have lost all your money. In addition to protecting you from that sort of situation, reputation makes sure books will pay up when they have a bad night.

Bookies don’t make money 100% of the time, and some of the less reputed ones may not be able to pay. So how to discover reputation? Read the reviews and they will usually clearly show whether the sportsbook is to be trusted or not. If you can’t find any reviews, then the site is new and you should proceed with extreme caution.


Mobile friendly

Another thing to consider is how well the website works on your mobile device. With the world changing around us, everyone has their own phone. There will be many times you want to place a CS:GO bet, and your computer isn’t easily accessible. So your smartphone will be the only option left. A site with a crappy mobile version can be a cause of great frustration.

Many sites that are a bit stingy don’t realize how often users use their gadgets. Be sure to open your bookie on your phone and test its mobile accessibility. Many sportsbooks have a portable version and/or an app for mobile devices, so these services should be considered rather than the ones that don’t work well on your gadget.


Competitive Odds

Odds and games available to bet on are another things to consider. Some bookmakers have very bad odds (like -120 on a 50/50 bet). You should stay away from these sites because you will always lose money in the long run. Many others offer -110 on similar games and these websites are the ones to go for.

Another thing is a game selection. You want to be able to bet on matches big and small. You don’t want a bookie that only offers major tournaments because sometimes you want to bet on a relatively small game between 3 tier teams. Looking at the history of the past games they offered or asking support is a great way to figure this out. A CS:GO sportsbook for profitable betting that has good odds and game selections is hard to find but well worth the effort.


Beautiful Design

Last, but not certainly least, the design is very important. The site should be pleasing to look at, and easy to navigate. It should be clean and smooth, and you should want to use it and not feel like it’s a hassle to place a bet. I prefer a sleek modern look where everything is easily accessible, but what you prefer is opinionated. If you like modern looking sites, a sleek black site would be the best choice. If you like classical or simple sites, then a light or creme colored design would be the best for you. Either way, you should pick something that you like the look of.

CS go sportsbook betting

Let’s review everything we have gone over in this article. It is useful to find a good signup bonus, and no deposit offers are great for testing out sites. Promotions can make a lot of fun and make you try things you originally wouldn’t have.

I cautioned US users over the risk of online gambling and told how to look over deposit and withdrawal speeds. Live Chats can make gambling even better, and a good reputation can make sure you don’t get scammed or burned.

A good mobile site is very important and can come in handy. Competitive odds and event choices to bet on are very decisive. I know that it will be hard to find a Counter-Strike bookie that fits all these parameters, but let’s hope this article helps to find one which will be perfect for you!

Good luck!

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