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CS:GO Roulette – How to Choose Profitable Gambling Site?

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CS:GO roulette is a form of betting where people place money on different colors or symbols in hopes of earning a big profit. Those sections have different multipliers attached to them such as black and red being double multipliers. In between rounds, there is a waiting period where you place your bets for the next round, after the timer is finished, the wheel spins and whatever it lands on is the winning color/symbol.

Whoever wager on that color/symbol gets their money multiplied and everyone else loses whatever money they bet. If you lost your money, then keep trying until you manage to make a revenue, after all, gambling is made for people to make a profit.

A lot of CS:GO roulette games offer a free signup bonus if you use someone’s code on your account. Some of them even allow you enter a code after you signup. These bonuses run from 50 cents all the way up to 2 dollars. This may not seem like a lot, but some people have used that small amount to get all the way up to a knife.

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How to start?

cs go best rouletteDepositing and withdrawing into a Counter-Strike roulette is quite simple. Firstly, login to your steam account via the special form and make sure that your inventory is set to public so that the service can see what items you have. From there, it is easy to select stuff you want to deposit and then wait for the trade offer from the website’s bot.

The service will give you a security code that will match the code in the trade of their bot. If the code doesn’t match, someone is trying to scam you and you should end the trade immediately. Most of the time, the codes will match and it will just take a minute or 2 for your balance to show up.

Withdrawal is definitely the easiest part here. All you have to do is press the withdraw tab on the website, then select the items you want to take and press the withdraw button. Within seconds you will receive a trade offer with the skins you want. As always, make sure the game isn’t trying to scam you by checking if all the stuff you wanted is included in the trade.


How to play?

It is very easy to play. But first of all, make sure you are of the correct age to gamble in your country as you could face severe punishment if you are caught doing the wrong things. Once you have money on the account, all you have to do is set a bet amount and then click whatever color or symbol you want to bet on.

Once the timer runs down, and the wheel has spun, you will have either lost some money or made a good amount of profit. The timer will start again and you have the opportunity to wager again to earn back the money you lost or make a bigger revenue.

Once you have found out how to play CS:GO roulette, the next step is to check if the game is fair. To do this, all you have to do is see if there is a subsection on the website that says “Provably Fair”. Click on it and you will be brought to the section which shows how the game decides the winning color or symbol.

There will be an algorithm and on some services, there is a seed calculator which allows you to check if the “provably fair” is actually fair. If there is no “Provably Fair” section on board, then it is probably a scam or it is just a new house that hasn’t added it to their arsenal. Either way, never use the service if there is no “Provably Fair” section and instead wait until they put one up, if they ever do.

Even when popular youtubers make videos on gambling sites and make huge amounts of profits, you should never follow in their footsteps because they are most likely sponsored by that company and their winnings might even be rigged in their favor. Remember that whenever you play, you should always keep in mind that there is a high chance of money loss and you should only gamble whatever you are willing to lose.

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What else?

After learning all of these moments, the last thing on the list is to choose a gambling website that is suited to you. There are many games that use various colors and symbols when you play. There are many classic services that are based off CS:GO Double which was the most popular roulette house until Valve banned gambling, which was when they shut down.

The design of a CS:GO roulette site is the only thing that sets it apart from other competitors. This is why some websites spend a lot of their money on trying to make a good design. There are many clubs that use a classic wheel with just 3 colors, black, red and green. So, if that’s what you are looking for, there are many choices.

There are some that are classic but then they use a different theme which makes them more visually appealing. Then there are the websites that are completely different than the usual game which uses different symbols and different colors. Some of those include betting on CS:GO sides such as CT side and T side. Others have huge wheels which let you bet on 4 colors instead of 3. Some let you bet on poker chips and some are barely even roulette.


As you can see, there are many options that you can choose from. There is really no perfect service and you need to decide what you are willing to sacrifice. You should also keep in mind that not all reviews are credible and you just have to figure out if the site is legitimate through members of the community.

Good luck!

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