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Skinbet.io Review – It Will Be Hard to Withdraw Your Skins!

csgo skins bets serviceSkinbet.io is one of the most common CS:GO gambling sites. It follows the same format of any other CS:GO betting platforms with the dark backgrounds and neon colors popping out to provide contrast. The layout is pretty much the same thing as well. If you are a fan of other roulette, jackpot and dice sites, then it would be easy for you to navigate in here. If you are a newbie, you will not get lost in navigating here since it is pretty simple.

is skinbet io legit?Skinbet.io has been in operation for less than a year. They have not become popular because it is one of the many platforms that populates the CS:GO Roulette betting places. They do not offer anything special. Their Twitter page looks dead with only a few tweets and a few followers. They started their Twitter account just a couple months ago in July.

Now on to the site. Just like their Twitter page, it looks dead. No one plays in any of their games. Most places like these, you would see a lot of people trying their chances in Roulette and Jackpot. That is not the case here. Even their trollbox is dead. No people chatting in there. That says a lot of things about Skinbet.io.

I did some digging on Google and have found nothing in regards to this site aside from a sponsored video. That is not a good sign for the business since there is no hype for it.

cs go betting site roulette jackpot diceThey offer three of the most common games in CS:GO betting places. These are Jackpot, Roulette and Dice. They lack casino games for people who do not prefer playing the three mainstays. If they added coin flip in here, they might attract more players.

skinbet io oddsThe odds are terrible on this site. The Roulette offers a little bit more for the Green multiplier by setting it to x15 rather than the common x14, but they added more numbers in the wheel thus making it harder to land on that particular color. The Orange and Purple are standard with x2 just like Red and Black in other places.

The odds for Dice is displayed in the page before betting on the game. The odds for it change depending on what multiplier you set it to, just like any other dice game. The Jackpot game follows the same trend with you getting higher chances to win if you bet more. They do take a 10% fee on winnings in Jackpot.

skinbet io bonuses promocodes free moneyYou can automatically earn free diamonds by entering r7m83wbl5. This bonus code will grant you 200 diamonds to play with. You can also earn free diamonds by participating in surveys in their Ad Wall. It is completed by a third party so it is not instant and some have a lot of requirements.

Another way to gain free diamonds is participating in their Affiliate program. They provide you with a URL to give out to your friends and awards you with 50 diamonds the moment they sign up. You also get 200 free diamonds on their first deposit on top of the 1% that you get every time they add money to the balances.

skinbet io bonuse promo code free coins

skinbet io deposit skinsThey have two ways of depositing to be able to play here. The first one is the more common of the two by adding skins directly on the site. The second one is more unique and this is the first time I have seen this. You can deposit here using cryptocurrencies. Not just bitcoin, but they also accept other altcoins like Ethereum, Eth Classic, ZCash, Steem, Dash, Monero, Stratis, Waves, Doge and much more. This will be every gamblers dream with people who prefer using crypto coins as a deposit.

esports betting service skinsThe customer service for this place is terrible. No one answers in their chatbox. The other method of contact for them is Discord, which I also joined but the service is terrible. They take a long time to answer your queries and most of the staff does not know what to do and always refer you to a tier higher than them.

Contacting them through Twitter is also a bummer since they are not really active in it. You’d be better off waiting in Discord for them to reply than trying to contact them on their Twitter. Overall, the customer service is unprofessional and I give it 2 out of 10.

csgo skins betting games roulette dice jackpotThe mobile design is horrible. It lags a lot. They just use the same design in the web version and just made it smaller for mobile devices. You can barely read the words unless you zoom out and a lot of boxes overlap each other. A very bad experience. You would be better off using the website on a PC than using your mobile device.

skinbet io pros consI had a horrible experience with this site. The staff, although not rude, is very unprofessional. The support reps do not know anything and the platform is just basically dead. Also, this site is just made to rip people off with the withdrawal requirements of you needing to gamble 100% of your deposit first before making a withdrawal. This means they will just steal your money if you do not gamble with it all since you have no way to get your money back if you do not gamble the whole amount.

Overall, I recommend you guys to stay away from Skinbet.io as it looks like a scam. This is not a very safe site to play in since you have a very low chance of winning your deposit back due to it having no players and the clause in their ToS regarding the amount you need to gamble before making withdrawals. Aside from that, you also need to add at least $2.50 before making a withdrawal. That means you will never see your money back again after depositing it. Having a lot of methods for depositing using altcoins will not save this place.


•     Accepts a lot of cryptocurrencies for deposit like Ethereum, Eth Classic, Waves, Dogecoin and Monero.


•    You need to gamble 100% of the money you deposit before making withdrawals.
•    Takes them a very long time to answer questions in their Discord
•    No Ticket System for customer support
•    Dead site. No one is active in their chatbox and games.
•    Very bad odds in Roulette
•    Limited market for withdrawing items.
•    Very bad mobile site design
•    Market prices for skins are very expensive.
•    No Giveaways.
•    Minimum deposit of $2.50 before withdrawal

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