is csgo case com legit?
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CSGO-Case Review. Reputable Platform with Lots of CS:GO Games is one of the original CSGO betting platforms on the market with a lot of new game modes we have yet to see being implemented on the other sites. They have a huge diversity in their playable games with a few being a lot more popular than others.

csgo skins betting siteCSGO-Case uses a bright red and white coloured theme that looks pretty decent. It is not the prettiest design I have seen for sure, but it looks fine and is certainly approved for a gambling site of that size. The various features are shown by a red bar at the top of the screen and it is here almost everything on the site can be accessed from. The design looks a bit like the old giants csgodouble(check honest review) and csgopolygon(ninja’s review) with a very “rough” look and not so smooth for the eye.

is csgo case com legit?It has a decent reputation. It is not known for being specifically nice to its customers but there are neither any scam reports that have any evidence. I have used the site myself in the past and everything works fine so there should be no risk by depositing your skins. Just remember you have to bet a certain percentage of your deposit before you will be able to withdraw if that rule is broken it is possible to get banned from the platform.

It scores surprisingly well on scamadviser, a tool to check a certain website for fraud, and actually scores higher than the average csgo wagering service. The only thing that worries me is their daily freepot which I will go more in depth with in the “bonuses” section.

cs go betting site has so many game modes so it is impossible to cover them all so instead I will just briefly go over the most popular ones. There are two categories of games, multiplayer and single player. There are 5 multiplayer games and 9 single player ones consisting mostly of case opening inspired features. The “case” single player feature is for sure the most popular of them all. It varies in price from day to day and it basically gives you an even chance to get anything from the marketplace.

Next up is “slots” which is a thing where you spin 3 wheels and if you get the same item thrice you have won it. Besides these very popular ones, there is also arm wrestling, crash, revolver, jackpot, freepot, sweeper, scratchcard, RNG machine, blackjack, roulette, coinflip and dices.

If you are not so much into pure gambling it is also possible to bet on real live professional counter strike teams clashing against each and other. Match betting is more skilled in the sense that there is a real chance of making profit long term if you are good at it and it also has its qualities. Certainly worth to check.

csgo case com oddsFirst off, there is a fee just from depositing your skins. The way this works is by pricing the exact same item higher valued when a user wants to withdraw it compared to somebody depositing it. This is done both to make some extra profit but also to counter people abusing the platform as a trading service. The odds when playing are uncertain as they are not stated on most of the case opening games.

For the roulette based features, it is easy to see that house will always win in the end and odds are stacked against you. Despite the odds being unknown and hidden from public it is pretty safe to assume that it is neither possible to profit long term on the case openings as they usually have even worse odds than roulette.

csgo case com bonuses promocode free skinsThere are 3 ways to earn some free credits for the average user, this does not count referrals and sponsorships as this is mainly for big channels and famous persons in the community. The easiest one is completed by entering our code CSGOLEGIT and it will give you 150 credits which are equal to 15 cents.

csgo case com bonus promo code free coins

Next up is the freepot which is a daily jackpot that is free to enter. It is officially stated that the winner will be awarded 10% of the site’s revenue but that is not entirely true. This last month or so, the winner was only granted $1 despite their earnings being around multiple hundred dollars on a daily basis. This is quite unfortunate and not a very good sign from the owners.

The last thing you can do is to complete surveys and watch ads. This is not super rewarding but a few bucks a day are certainly possible. Please be aware that some of these surveys contain viruses and it is at your own risk to complete them.

csgo case com depositsThere are only two ways to obtain on-site credits and that is by depositing steam CS:GO skins or buying credits for bitcoins. You get more value per dollar of bitcoins than skins but since BTC is actual cash they are also worth more per dollar compared to the pricing of your CS:GO items.

cs go bets skins siteThe customer service is great. I once had a problem and messaged the owner himself through Facebook as it is stated on the website under “contacts”. He answered within a few hours and my issue was solved in minutes. I believe this applies to most cases as Facebook says the profile usually responds within hours.

cs go roulette dice coin flipIt is surprisingly mobile friendly compared to how many features it has but most of the games are unplayable, unfortunately.

csgo case com pros is a really great service and offers a lot of fun. There are so many features you will never find yourself bored as long as your balance is filled with just a bit. I can highly recommend it to new users. It has its problems as any other CSGO gambling service but it handles them very well.

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