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CSGOPolygon Review – CS:GO Gambling And Match Betting

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For those of you who have been in the community for at least a while, you probably remember the famous CSGODouble. CSGOPolygon is pretty much a rip-off looking at the layout of the site but they have added quite some features. They do not only have roulette but also coin-flip and match betting giving the user many options.

Considering the popularity of the site, CSGOPolygon has a MASSIVE inventory with over 20 dragon lores, 10 m4 howls, high tier knives and much more. It is built upon an in-game balance giving you 1000 credits for every 1 dollar worth of skins deposited. Besides their 3 game modes, you also have the possibility of betting on the winning team of a tournament, those bets often give much higher payouts since they are a lot riskier than wagering on single matches.

CSGOPolygon often does huge giveaways and as I am writing this review giving away 1 field tested AWP Dragon Lore and 2.000.000 credits worth 2000 dollars in skins. As well as doing big giveaways, they often post bonus codes on their Facebook page which you can redeem on the platform for free credits.

CSGO Gambling Match Betting

CSGOPolygon does not only have a lot of game modes and big giveaways but also a great support system and a provability service. Starting off with the support system, they respond within a few days and are always very polite, I don’t have anything to blame them for. What I could miss though would be a bigger FAQ section as the one at the moment does not explain a lot of the services on the website.

cs go skins betting

Going to the provability service there is nothing really to point a finger at, it is a pretty standard guarantee for the players yet it isn’t used by many. It is worth mentioning that CSGOPolygon has a pretty good reputation and you should not be afraid of depositing your hard earned skins.

cs go match betting

Let’s start with the old school roulette game. We all know it, it is a pretty simple gambling service offering the player to put his bet on either the colour red, black or green. Red and black being the two fifty-fifties with green spicing up things multiplying your bet by x14. Roulette is by far the most popular of the modes here and often has multiple hundred dollars betted each roll.

If you, like everyone else, get a little tired sometimes of always missing that green or chasing it forever and not betting the moment it hits, you might consider the coin flip service instead. The coin flip game is roughly speaking 2 players competing against each other to win the pot. Each player chooses a side, either counter terrorist (CT) or terrorist (T), and the round automatically begins. Pray to the gods of gambling and the coin may land on your pick of side and rewarding your balance with the total value of the round.

The match betting service enables the users to wager their credits on professional counter-strike matches. Every day there are multiple bets, varying from just a few to over 30 games a day. If you are good at predicting the outcomes of the battles, match betting is definitely better for you. For those guys that know the team very well, this is just as much about skill and research as gambling. It is worth mentioning that CSGOPolygon has a 10% house edge on the betting service. This is not shown directly through simply taking 10% of your win but by lowering the odds, for an example a 50/50 battle would give both teams 1.9 odds giving them back 10% of all bets made no matter the outcome.

The fourth and last service, the tournament bets, is a bit alike the previous system. The biggest difference between those 2 modes is that you bet on one match at a time with match wagering but with tournament bets, the way to win, is by predicting the winning team of the entire event. Since it is a lot harder to predict a winner of an entire tournament instead of single games, the odds are quite a lot higher. Yolo betting on the underdog can grant you multipliers at up to 200 and the favorites often have 2.5 or more which is still a pretty good multiplier.

csgopolygon bonus

As stated earlier CSGOPolygon runs a ton of expensive giveaways often exceeding 2 thousand dollars’ worth of skins. The promo codes can be a bit hard to obtain as well and they randomly post bonus codes whom you can redeem under the “redeem code” tab. Bonus codes are only usable for a certain amount of times and so you must be very active in the chat and their Facebook page to snag yourself some free credits.

If you don’t really want to sit all day waiting for that one chance and maybe missing it, use promo code ESPORTSNINJA under the “redeem code” tab and snag yourself 500 credits for free. You can either withdraw those credits for a nice skin or play with them on the different services, who knows – today might be your lucky day!

csgopolygon bonus free coin

csgopolygon pros cons

After all, CSGOPolygon is a great site, it is a little sad to see that they have simply copied the layout of the old CSGODouble but it is a pleasant addition to the new game modes. They have a good reputation and a well functioning support system so I would indeed not be afraid of depositing skins onto the site. The site has a lot of awesome game modes with the most unique of them being the tournament betting which is a great feature. Yet most of the layout is taken from other services it is very clean and smooth, it is quite easy to navigate through the platform and everything is easy to understand.

I can definitely recommend CSGOPolygon to those of you who are looking for a site that combines pure gambling with CS:GO esports betting.

Be on the lookout for further reviews, see you next time! Good luck!

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