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CS:GO Betting Review – Counter Strike Skin Gambling Website

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Counter-Strike skin gambling is very popular these days. Youtubers make livings simply unboxing cases and playing on such sites, and the services pay most of their revenue. With this much money up for grabs, there is fierce competition among the casinos to see who can grab the most of the skins. This has led to many great games being founded.

Today we will be reviewing the most aggressive marketer out of all these clubs. They do huge giveaways, pay out a bunch in sponsorships, and still rake in a ton of profit. The site is, an extremely popular name that you might have heard of before.

CSGOroll Review

The first aspect of the platform to review is its overall design and how easy it is to use. I can tell you that roll scores high marks on both of those. With both a regular and beta version, and many different site themes to choose from, it will be eye catching for you no matter what your preferences. It is also quite easy to use. It has three game modes, which are accessible by clicking big buttons. The withdraw and deposit options are equally as easy to see. Overall, is an excellent site from a design standpoint no matter what you prefer.

CSGOroll reputation

The next aspect we must consider is how reputable is roll? Well, that is quite an easy question. It is hands down the most reputable CS:GO skin gambling site available. There are no legitimate complaints about issues that are unresolved, they pay out withdrawals in minutes if not seconds and they have a provably fair system. If you are worried about your items being lost to a corrupt casino, then csgoroll might be the way to go as they will provide you with peace of mind and as close to a guarantee of safety as you can get in Counter-Strike skin betting. betting options

After you have considered the previous two points, let us talk about what games they feature. This service is a casino, not a sportsbook. They offer three games. These are dice, crash, and the ever popular roulette. All three are provably fair, and roll takes an industry average commission on the games. I will go over all three options for those of you who have never played them.

cs go skins betting

First up is roulette, widely considered the most popular gambling way. In this game, there are fifteen numbers, and one is randomly picked with a rolling animation. There are seven black tiles, seven red tiles, and one green tile. You get a two times multiplier for guessing either red or black and a fourteen multiplier for correctly guessing green. Hitting green can make you a lot of money, but it is also pretty unlikely.

cs go skins betting

Next, we should talk about crash. In crash, an arrow exponentially rises from 1.00 up to infinity. You must place a bet before each round starts. You can click cash out at any time and withdraw your bet times the current multiplier. The only catch is that the game can “crash” at any time, and any players who have not cashed out when that happens, lose their original bet. Crash is considered the most stressful game mode, but you can get that adrenaline rush that some people desire when gambling.

cs go skins betting

Finally, we have to go over the dice game mode. This one is pretty easy to understand. You place a bet and pick a number. Then you must pick either under or over that number. Then the dice rolls a number between 0.00 and 99.99. If you guessed correctly, your bet is multiplied proportionately to how likely the number was to hit. If you do not guess correctly, you lose your bet.

CSGOroll free money bonus

While csgoroll does not offer bonuses like traditional casinos, they host a ton of giveaways and give every new user to the site fifty cents for free. If you have not checked out the service yet, go there, click on “Free Coins!”, and type in our bonus code: 76561197984659068. You will be given fifty cents to try the site out with. It is free money with no strings attached. Maybe you will win something nice!

The other thing platform is famous for is their huge giveaways. In the December of 2016, they gave away one hundred thousand US dollars worth of service credits. That is a huge amount that was unprecedented. In addition to this, they often have smaller giveaways going on throughout the year. Their bonuses and promotions department is definitely doing a great job!

CSGOroll deposit skins

The way to deposit and withdraw out of the website is simple. Counter-Strike skins! They send you a trade offer for items if you wish to deposit, and they give you skins back if you wish to withdraw. It is quite simple. They do not have any way to cash out real money, just skins are available. They do have a bot that is considered the best stocked in the industry, filled with all the skins you could possible wish to withdraw.

CSGOroll support gambling skin has very good customer support. They have an email that responds within forty eight hours to any inquiries or issues, and their twitter page is responsive if you contact them through a DM or tweet at them. You do not have to worry about having issues, however, as they have in chat admins who can often sort these things out before they become anything major.

CSGOroll com review

The last thing we have to discuss is mobile friendliness. With everyone having smart phones these days, it is nice to be able to bet on the go. This is one area where this service is behind the pack. I tried their site on my smart phone and I will simply say it was unplayable. It was unresponsive, slow, and hard to navigate. They are not mobile friendly at all!

csgoroll review

Thank you for taking the time to read this review on I hope it was helpful and helps you decide which website you wish to gamble on. This is a reputable service that is a very good option to bet on.

However, be on the lookout for future reviews and see you next time! Good luck!

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