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CSGODouble.gg Review – Simple CS:GO Roulette Service

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csgo skins bets

CSGODouble is designed well, but it is fairly bland. It also includes a dark color scheme with accents of red and green for the roulette game. The buttons for roulette are also the exact same to other platforms and it is very similar to other CSGO gambling websites. Red and green seem to be a good color scheme for the logo and the .gg seems unnecessary and looks out of place.

Upon further inspection of the service, the buttons on top which navigate to other pages are barely visible and blend in with the color scheme. For example, CSGOBounty follows a purple design but the navigation bar is still very clean and visible. CSGODouble.gg is nothing special and has no unique features.

legit cs go site bets skinsThis is a fairly new webpage with it being less than a year old. The location of the website is in the United States and it is fairly popular with there being an average of 10 to 20 people active online. The server is also located in America. Surely, it may not be one of the big gambling platforms that the internet has to offer, but that doesn’t mean it is untrustworthy at all.

But elaborating on that, why would you gamble here if there are more reputable sites with more betting options? The service is also provably fair which means the rolls can’t be manipulated if you’re an owner of the roulette. In conclusion, CSGODOuble.gg is fairly trustworthy, but there are better options out there.

cs go betting games rouletteThere is nothing special about CSGODouble. It is just a simple platform for only one game which is roulette. Comparing this service against other Counter Strike gambling sites, it seems to be incredibly scarce in terms of wagering options. Roulette, the ONLY game that they have on offer and it has been done before.

csgodouble gg odds

Since the platform has roulette only the odds and fees are fairly simple. When you win here, there are no fees during that process, different to some services where they will take a certain percentage of your winnings, especially at coin flip websites. The odds though for roulette is a bit different.

There are 3 colors and the platform makes them green, red and black. Red and black both have the same chance which is 7/15 or almost 50%. Then the outlier which is green has only a 1/15 chance of being landed on, but if it does land, everyone who bet green would receive 14 times the amount they wager, while if they bet on red or black and won, they would have only received 2 times more.

One issue with the service is the withdraw methods with them usually having items that are overpriced. On the withdraw page, there is also a lack of high tier knives, with the most expensive knife being only $350, while for other platforms, there would be a lot of high-tier knives to pick from.

csgodouble bonuses promocode free moneyLike most gambling services out there, it is possible to redeem CSGODouble promo code CSGONINJA which gives you 100 coins and converts to 10- cents for free. Once redeemed, it is impossible to redeem any more referral codes. There is also the option to make your own code, and receive coins off that, it is located on the “Affiliates” tab.

You will receive one coin every 300 coin bet, which can also be ranked up if you have a lot of referrals. There are also daily giveaways of 10000 coins ($10) that you can enter from having their URL in your name and also joining the steam group that they have created.

csgodouble gg bonus promo code free coins

csgodouble gg depositThe deposit methods that are used by this site are only skins, which are items in the game that cost money. The amount of your skins that you deposited will then be turned into coins ($1=1000 coins) which you can play with on the service.

cs go legit betting siteCSGODouble has a fairly slow response time probably due to the small support team, unlike other csgo websites which have faster support times and other methods of contacting like live chat, email and sometimes by call. I have sent them a message 3 days ago and they still have yet to reply.

One good feature that was added is the FAQ (frequently asked questions) but they only have 6 questions up there and they aren’t very useful. The customer service of this platform is fairly bad with heaps of room for improvement. I would recommend adding more frequently asked questions and also improving support team to be able to respond with multiple languages.

csgo skins betsTrying to access CSGODouble on my phone actually turned out to be incredibly easy, with a smooth layout and no obscured or distorted features of the platform. The entire site was able to be accessed on mobile, including all the pages. One problem that I was expecting to find was a dodgy deposit and withdraw page, but to my surprise, it worked perfectly, with all the items loading fast including my inventory.

Some problems that I did encounter on the mobile version were connected to the chat which appeared on the top and only after a certain amount of scrolling, I was able to find the roulette game itself.

csgodouble gg pros consIn conclusion, CSGODouble is an average gambling service that has average design and issues with betting options variety and customer support. The platform seemed to be getting very low amounts of traffic with only 10-20 people online at a time. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend the website to anyone mostly due to the lack of games. It just seems like a bland solution in general and there are definitely better options out there.

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