is cs deals legit?
CS:GO Betting Review – Multifunctional CS:GO Trading Service

csgo selling buying skinsAt first glance, you might find the web design a little bit cluttered. But the longer you trade here, navigating through it is second nature and it gets easier. This is a perfect example of “if it is not broken, do not fix it” phrase since even though it looks cluttered, it does its job well. It is also a little laggy sometimes since the platforms tend to display a lot of pictures at the same time, and also uses a moving background.

is cs deals legit?CS.Deals was created by Jambo, who is also the owner of the more popular Jambo is a long time Steam trader and made this service to facilitate trading easier. He already has a reputation to hold up before even creating his websites as a fair and even trader. KeyVendor is also one of the largest sites to sell CS:GO keys and offers them for a fair and cheap price.

When he created his online trading bot, people flocked to it since he was already a reputable trader. There are a lot of people talking about CS.Deals in the Steam community and they all say that it is legit. With good things comes bad things as well. Because of his sterling reputation, a lot of people also try to capitalize on that and register on his site and try to scam other people just because the platform they are on is secure and legitimate.

csgo trade skins siteThere are a few unique features that they offer here. The first one is the float calculator of the items. You would be able to look at the float of the skin that you have since item float is very important in trading. This determines the price of the skin. Items with the same quality can have different floats, and that is the reason why there is a variance in price between two similar items with the same quality.

Another awesome feature is their direct selling. You can sell your skins directly to them and get paid in bitcoins. The only downside to that is they charge you $2.00 if the price of the sale is lower than $100.00.

cs deals oddsThe house always takes in 8%. They pay 92% of the value of the items. Say, for example, you have a $100.00 skin, if you trade it for other items, you would get something worth $92.00 total. The same rule applies when selling for Bitcoin.

cs deals bonuses promocode free coinsThey offer giveaways which get credited to your account balance that can be used as an add on when trading for more expensive skins. They have 2 free giveaways that run 5 to 6 times daily. These are the Junk Giveaway which adds $0.10 – $0.30 to your account balance, and the Skin Giveaway which credits your account from somewhere between $3.00 to $20.00.

They also offer the Loadout Giveaway but you have to reach at least $100.00 in trades before becoming eligible. If you are a hardcore trader, you would be able to join this giveaway fairly quickly and you might have a higher chance of winning since not a lot of people join that raffle.

You can also earn free skins by participating in their ad wall and doing tasks to earn points. These are fairly easy to do but all you need for this though is patience as most of the tasks involve in answering surveys.

csgo skins trading siteDeposits and withdrawal methods are facilitated by a Steam trading bot. There is no way to add money to your account here unless you win their giveaway raffles.

cs go sell buy skins siteThe site is managed and ran by one man, Jambo. When you click on the support page, you automatically get re routed to the Steam Group page where he answers most of your questions when you post a thread regarding your problem.

There is also the chat box built in on the site and he is fairly active as well in there. If he is offline, there are always people in the chatbox who are helpful and will lead you to the right place or offer advice when you ask for it.

If there is an account related issue, he can be contacted by DM through Twitter or can always be messaged via Steam. He does answer these PM’s quickly and most of the time, the issue gets resolved right away.

cs go trading site is not mobile friendly at all. There are overlapping boxes since they are all so cramped together. Unlike the web version which only lags when a lot of items are displayed at the same time, the mobile version lags a lot, which makes it unbearable to surf in. This site was built to be only browsed using a computer so I suggest strongly to do that as you will have lots of problems when surfing on a mobile device.

cs deals pros consAll in all, this is a very good place to trade in. Couple with Jambo’s reputation, you would feel safe whenever you buy or sell here. I have been a long time user of his other service when I buy keys to open crates. He also displays how many bitcoins he has on hand if you ever want to sell skins through Bitcoin. That resolves a lot of issues from the get go with waiting to get paid.

For a one man team, he is doing well in the customer service department too. He manages to answer all queries as soon as he can and resolves them in the quickest manner. The web design can be improved, but what can one man do.

I would highly recommend trading here as provides great tools for price checking. You just need to be wary and careful of other people as some join this place to scam other people and just leave.


  • Skin Float checker
  • Direct selling to site with Bitcoin payout
  • Free giveaways every 3-4 hours
  • Fast trading bots
  • Lower percentages than other places
  • Ad wall to earn free skins if you want to do surveys
  • Helpful staff and community


  • Not mobile friendly at all
  • Site sometimes lags when displaying a lot of images
  • Bitcoin payout charges $2.00 of total sale is lower than $100.00
  • Cash won from giveaways can’t be used to buy skins but rather just used as an add on
  • Lots of scammers and low ballers using CS Deals reputation to scam people
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