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CS.money Review – Legit CS:GO Skin Trading Site

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Trading skins in Counter Strike is an age old pastime, ever since items were introduced by Valve. Traders look to make the profit by making small amounts of revenue on every deal. Regular players usually look to change up their skins every so often when they are trading. Items do get a bit boring after a while, so changing them up with a trade partner is a good way to get new stuff without having to spend more cash.

The problem with this, however, is to find a good business partner. There is always a lot of haggling, and by the time the deal is done, you have spent a lot more time than you probably planned to spend. However, if you are looking to just change up your skins and do not mind paying a small fee, services that help you to buy or sell stuff are your best option. They have thousands of weapons with cool things like stickers and name tags on them! Today we will be reviewing CS.money, and going over the many key points you should look for in a CS:GO trading site.

legit csgo skin trading

The first and most important question that you should ask yourself when considering a service like that is whether or not they are legit. If the website asks you to “deposit” skins, it is most likely a scam. This is because legit entities simply send you a trade offer. Luckily, CS.money is legit, and I have used it many times. The community has used it as well, and it is a trustworthy trading site.

cs.money house edge commissions

The next factor to take into account is obviously the house edge, or in this case how much profit service takes off each trade. They have reasonable rates, with the percentage depending on the sort of weapon you have. You get full value for keys, while the owner takes a five percent edge for profit. You also lose five percent on rare weapons, and ten percent on regular weapons.

The site also only values music kits at eighty five percent. The website values every one of its own items at face value, except keys which get a five percent boost, weapons which lose five percent, and music which loses ten percent. Adding CS.money to your name also reduces the house edge. As you can see, the exchange rates here are good and quite reasonable.

cs.money bonuses free coins

The third thing you would want to take into account when choosing a CS:GO trading site is whether or not they charge extra for cosmetics. Cosmetics include cool bonuses like stickers and name tags, which we like. I would gladly pay five dollars worth of skins for a three dollar item with cool stickers and a name tag.

Here they do not charge extra cash for stickers or name tags! That means that you can find a nice skin with cool stickers and a name tag, and get it for just about market value! They do charge five percent of the value of “rare” stickers, but unless it’s an iBuyPower Holo or Titan Holo, you should be fine.

csgo skins betting trading

The working speed of the website is another important thing to consider. The whole point of online CS:GO bots is to make the process quick and painless, so what’s the point if it takes a long time? Luckily, CS.money is lightning fast when it comes to its dealing speeds.

You can literally get your offer within thirty seconds of confirming the trade on the online exchange interface. As long as the amount of funds you are putting up is equal to or more than the bots skins, they will send you the offer which you have a few minutes to accept. It’s a clean system that has no flaws.

counter strike skins items bets

These days, everyone has mobile phones. Trading on the go is a big thing, as no one wants to barter their items on their computer all the time. CS.money has a really clean mobile version to support all of its users who use smartphones. It is a clean and simple solution to the rising number of phone users, and makes the site pleasurable to use!

cs go skins betting

Finally, let’s talk about their customer support. While Skin selling sites require less support than most gambling ones, it is good to know that they will respond if needed. Our website has a single contact email that takes almost a week to get a response from. While I have personally never had a major issue with the interface, the slow response time when I was testing the place out was alarming. This is a huge negative factor to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to buy/sell here.

csgo skins gambling

So we will recap the website. It was a clean interface on both the computer and on mobile devices. It is a fairly reputable service that is trusted by the community. It takes a fair house profit exchange percentage and is up front and clear about its rates.

They offer stickers and name tags on a lot of their skins at no extra cost as well. The one drawback is their weak customer support system, and that must be taken into account. Overall, however, CS.money is a nice and legit website that should fit your bartering needs!


Thanks for reading this review, and I hope that you enjoyed it. I highlighted all the key factors when considering the trading bot, so you can decide whether or not to use it.

We will be reviewing other Counter Strike item bots soon, so be sure to look for those reviews. Good luck!

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