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US Esports Bookies – Best USA Esports Betting Sites

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eSports betting is a favorite activity for many people because of the odds, the enjoyability of watching a game and also for the enormous profits that could not be found in any other place. Unfortunately, there are many restrictions on gambling in the United States that makes it hard for the Americans to place bets. Today, we’ll explain why this issue exists and how to find good US Esports Bookies.

The issue mainly arose because of the many restrictions the government places on the casinos and sportsbooks alike. Because of this, many sites are deliberately blocking US IPs to avoid any possible legal issues that could arise from Americans playing on their servers. Fortunately, there are ways to circumvent these IP filters, like using a VPN, but there are also the best USA Esports betting sites listed on this page that can be used without any additional software.

We understand that some or all of these sites might not be suitable for you one way or another, so we’ve also created a neat, quick way to see if a service is reliable, good or not.


How fast are withdrawals?

First, we will begin with the speed of withdrawals, which is a very critical factor in deciding whether or not a sportsbook is good or not. For the most US esports bookies that accept Bitcoin withdrawals, you should expect a transaction to your listed withdrawal address within an hour or two. If withdrawals take longer, your bookmaker won’t be as good to use as it will take longer to get your money out if you really need it.

Usual currency withdrawals will obviously take longer, and some websites list an average time of a week for cash withdrawals. This is one of the reasons why most people prefer to use Bitcoins while betting online; the transactions are quick, easy, and also don’t require as much of a fee so you can keep most of your money instead of losing it on withdrawal costs.

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Is it comfortable to use the service?

The overall review and the design of a page are less important when deciding whether or not to use service, but it is still a part of the decision making. Reviews will likely reveal if a bookie is scammy or legit, or if the site is even easily usable or not. The most reliable feedbacks can mostly be found on forums like Bitcointalk, where you are much less likely to find fake reviews.

There are also lots of higher-ranked members on the forum that are trustworthy and can provide good information about the sportsbooks. You can even see if the owner of a website is on Bitcointalk, which is usually the case if the service accepts bitcoins, and see if the owner has any issues with their trust or not. You will be able to see the trust of a user on the forum by looking below their avatar and post count, or by clicking on their name and looking at their trust in their profile.

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Is it possible to get a proper support?

The speed of support and its quality is yet another important factor in the decision-making process. Some sites only offer an email address for support, and this can be bad if major issues come up. For example, if something like lost coins or a match that was mistakenly closed happens, you want the quickest possible support so that you aren’t stuck without your money.

Support quality is something less looked at, and this can be an issue with foreign services that allow betting on eSports. Some bookies are based in countries like China and this could cause issues in communication which could be very bad for certain issues – the site might only refund a part of your coins because they mistakenly read a sentence or something of the sort. The most user-friendly and reliable sportsbooks usually feature a LiveChat so you can nearly instantly contact an administrator or moderator and find out why something went wrong.


What methods are on offer for the cashout?

One of the most important things besides the speed of withdrawals are the methods of withdrawal. Some sites may not even allow withdrawals below a certain amount, making it difficult to withdraw Bitcoin or real USD from the account. Make sure you read the minimum withdrawal amounts and also the types of withdrawal allowed before you gamble, as many services may claim one thing but offer a completely different thing altogether.

The most common type of withdrawal for US players is through Bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency is very difficult to track if proper techniques like coin mixing are done, which also grants the anonymity. Some websites even allow completely anonymous play, so you don’t have to reveal much of your information. These services usually use cookies to store data on your computer and also feature a link which you can use to access your account. Make sure you do not clear your cookies or you keep the link stored in a safe place so you don’t lose your account if you choose this path. Most of the times, if you do lose your account, the bookie will not be able to recover it. Use this at your own risk.

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How good are the promotions?

Finally, promotions are the last factor in deciding whether or not to place bets here. Some sites offer up to a 100% bonus on deposits, which could be good and bad at the same time depending on the methods that you employ to bet. Mostly all US sportsbooks with promotions will not allow withdrawals unless you bet at least twice your deposited amount plus the bonus or a variation of this, which can also make it difficult to get your money back to your original wallet. For these reasons we suggest skipping promotions if you are not familiar with them or just opting out whenever they are available. Some services do offer more attractive promotions, so always read between the lines to make sure you’re getting the maximum mileage out of one.


Bitcoin – the best solution for US esports punters!

As we previously noted, Bitcoin is welcomed to use at the most of the casinos because it is easy, fast, and also anonymous if used correctly. For this reason, we highly suggest using Bitcoin whilst betting; to obtain BTC, you can simply visit the exchange service and buy some. Verification might be required, but unfortunately, if you also want to circumvent this, you’ll have to pay bigger commissions. Local Bitcoins is one of the sites like that; they have a plenty of payment methods including cash or even gift cards.

If you are lucky enough, you might also be able to find a Bitcoin ATM near you- these accept credit cards and cash most of the times, and they charge a small fee but most do not require any form of verification and are much easier to use and also safer than using an exchange or meeting in person.

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Service that will allow you to access any website!

The last and slowest way to bet on sites that do not allow Americans to gamble on is to use a VPN. Many VPNs are available for free with unlimited bandwidth, although you may have to do some searching to find one that works for you. If you use the Google Chrome browser, it is possible to install a VPN directly from the Google store – just make sure the selected location is NOT the United States, this won’t do any good as your data is essentially being relayed back to the US making the VPN useless. Some cheaper lifetime VPNs can also be found on the aforementioned Bitcointalk forum. Just make sure that the VPN you are buying is being sold by a reliable user and that it truly works.


As you can see, betting on eSports in the USA is difficult but also quite rewarding. There are many rules and regulations on wagering in the Americas which makes it difficult for most people to start, but with the listed services and methods, it won’t be that hard to find a good US esports bookie.

Have fun, and enjoy your journey! Good luck!

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