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FlameCases.com Review – High Potential CS:GO Case Platform

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cs go skins drop siteI like the colors they used in designing FlameCases.com. It has that distinctive bubble gum pop color with the shades of pink, yellow and blue that they use. It is very easy to use as everything is centralized. There is a scrolling live drop banner on top which shows what people get and just below that, they have cases galore!

is flamecases com legit?Seeing that FlameCases is a new site, I looked it up on Google to see what I can find. There is not a lot of information regarding this since it is new. The first two links that came up were YouTube reviews. I was a little bit hesitant to watch since they might be sponsored videos thus being biased, but I still did it anyway. I was happy I did that since both videos are not sponsored and they were honest reviews. I learned a lot about how their deposit and withdrawal system works and at that point, I was leaning towards FlameCases being legit.

I then checked the website itself and glean some information from there. Their user count is not bad for a new service. They have 242 users during morning hours in PST and that speaks a lot about them. They are also pretty transparent with information as you can see all the items available and which bots hold those.

Twitter account is what sealed the deal for me. They have less than 10k followers but very active in that account and actually reply to people when they are tagged. There are also a lot of comments thanking this platform.

I then checked ScamAdviser and they have a rating of 72%. A score like this for a new site is kind of unheard of. With a score like this, it means that they have good traffic and also very active.

cs go case opening siteThey sell a lot of cases, from mil spec boxes all the way up to glove ones. If you want an item from a specific collection or map, they also have an option for you.

They also have the unique “FlameCases“. These are their custom crates where you are able to get very nice skins for a price that does not break your piggy bank.

flameases com oddsThey have pretty good cases where they drop a lot of nice and also valued skins. What I would like though is a button where you can actually see the percentages of the drop, but sadly they do not have that option. They also do not show the quality of the items in the drop list. Adding this would greatly increase people gambling here.

flamecases com bonuses promocode free skinsThey have a Free Skin giveaway every hour. All you need to to be able to participate is unbox something every 24 hours and you are guaranteed to be able to join the Free giveaway hourly. Just hit Participate before the timer runs out and you are in the draw.

They feature a Weekly Lottery and they will be giving out a nice M4A1-S: Icarus Fell to three lucky winners. This is a Gleam raffle and you gain entries by joining their Steam Group, liking and following social media accounts, joining email newsletter and basically just spreading the word to your friends.

They also give you bonus money for deposits. Between the $5-14.99 range, you get 3% more. When you deposit $15-49.99, you are eligible to receive 4% addition to your account. Anything over $50 grants you a 5% bonus. If you want to test your luck in gambling here, use FlameCases code csninja to get a bonus $0.30 in your account.

flamecases com promo code bonus free coins

flamecases com depositThis is a cash only CS:GO gambling site. They accept all major credit cards, G2A Pay, Paypal, Skrill, Alipay, WebMoney and PaySafe Card. They took out the hassle of fluctuating prices of skin deposit and just concentrated on money deposit. This ensures a quick addition of cash to your account which is good for gamblers.

csgo unboxing skins siteTheir main point of contact is thru the Support page which can be found at the top of their platform. Just fill out a form and they will email you directly with the answers. You can also email them if you do not want to go the ticket route.

If you want a quick immediate answer, I highly suggest trying to contact them on Facebook or Twitter. They are pretty active on their social media accounts, especially Facebook where they usually reply within the hour you sent the message.

cs go boxes cases open siteThis is a beautiful web design that translates very well on mobile devices. The only thing I don’t like though is the Live Drop banner that they have. It sometimes causes the page to lag due to the amount of users opening cases. This in turn affects battery life of your phone because of the amount of information processed. It would be awesome if they have an option to turn the Live Drop off for mobile. Aside from that one thing, I am a happy camper and have no complaints.

flamecases com pros consIf you are on the hunt for skins, be it cheap or expensive, I urge you to try FlameCases out. If you are a hardcore gambler though, there are other services that give you more options to profit. The design is very appealing with vivid colors and they are very imaginative with their custom cases. I mean, who does not want to open a case with a flaming skull on top?


  • Nice tiered deposit bonus
  • Nice hourly giveaway skins
  • Accepts all major credit cards and pay merchants
  • Unique case options for skin hunters


  • Drop percentages and quality are not shown
  • Mobile browsing sometimes results in lag
  • Low-profit margin for gamblers
  • Items auto sold in an hour if not withdrawn
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