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CSGOCrash.com Review – Safe CS:GO Gambling Website

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It was the site that introduced the crash game mode to the CSGO gambling scene. Back in the days when only jackpot and roulette was a thing, this was pretty huge. Now it is not as big as it used to be but this service has always been very reliable and has a very good image.
After signing in through Steam you will be able to choose between four of their servers. Since they don’t have as many users online anymore, it normally doesn’t matter too much which server you play in but usually picking a server with below 100 active users is the go to.

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When clicking on one of the available servers you will be met by a very simple layout. On the top left corner, you will see the numbers rising, this is your multiplier and the one you should really care about. To the far right you will see all the current bets in the ongoing round – often many of those will be bots advertising for referral codes claiming they will give you up to 10.000 on side credits. This is NOT true!

Under the multiplier you will be met by the chat, each server has their own respective chat and so please take this into consideration when choosing your server as it might be a little boring for some with a complete dead silent chat.

To the left from the chat, you can choose between “history” and “chat”, clicking on the history tab will hide the chat and show the last 50 rounds or so. Under those tabs, you will find the engineering sign from which you can change different parts of the layout such as size or mode of the graph.

csgocrash deposit

Starting off with the deposit it is pretty straight forward and easy to go with. After you have signed in with Steam and chosen your server, in the far right top corner both the deposit and withdrawal buttons will be clearly marked.

Click the deposit tab and you will be directed to the inventory section, from here choose skins from your steam inventory that you don’t want and exchange them for onside credits – 1000 credits is worth 1 dollar in steam skins. So don’t be surprised if your steam inventory is suddenly worth a hell lot more than you expected.

In the bottom of the inventory section, there is a history showing your previous deposits to the site, it will tell you the amount deposited, security number for that deposit, when it happened and the status (completed, ongoing, failed) – this can seem needless but is nice in case anything went wrong.

Please notice – some CS:GO gambling games force you to bet a certain amount of your deposit before you can withdraw, this is always to ensure no one use their website as a trading service. CSGOCrash.com does not require anything like this but they do value your items lower than the cost of the exact same item in their store so please DO NOT use the site for trading, it is not recommended for such purposes.

As mentioned earlier the withdrawal tab is just to the right from the deposit tab. Just hit that button and you will find yourself with the finest csgo skins. The shop is always loaded with a ton of expensive items. One thing you will quickly find out is that some of the more expensive skins are extremely overpriced while others aren’t. Be careful with what you deposit and check the prices on opskins or something similar before depositing/withdrawing.

Quickly going through the transfer, it is pretty much a service for people to donate, make giveaways etc. if you wish to do anything like that, simply click your name in the top right and head to the transfer section, from here you can click on the “transfer coins” and send the desired amounts to whoever you feel for making happy.

cs go skins betting tips

CS:GO crash game is truly one of its own. Basically, you bet whatever amount you feel for, then when the round begins the number will keep rising. It starts @1.00 and as the game goes on, will increase more and more rapidly. Sometimes the multiplier will crash as low as 1.00 or maybe 1.13 just to give an example, in other cases the coefficient can get insanely high.

Let’s just say you betted 20.000 credits equivalent to 20 bucks then you hit a 50.00 multiplier and bam you just made yourself 1 grand. The crash mode is for sure one of the riskiest game types hereб but no doubt бhas the highest potential wins. I have experienced coefficients over 2000 a few times, just imagine hitting a couple of dollars on such roll!

Also, on csgocrash.com you have 3 possibilities of betting. You can either set a “pre” multiplier, open multiplier or do the automated gambling. Starting off with the automated wagering, this you can choose by clicking the “automated” tab next to the multiplier, from here you can choose the bet for every round, the coefficient you want it to stop at. If you want it can increase or decrease your wager in case you lost or won before the next round and add a maximum bet in case you told it to double your bet for every time you lose. After you have checked all the settings hit “run” and the bot will automatically play for you until you click stop or your balance will be too low to make the current bet.

csgocrash com legit

Is CSGOCrash.com legit? Yes, it is absolutely safe to play here. The website works with no issues for more than 1 year and a lof of the players have successfully received their skins. So far, I have not myself nor heard from anyone else experienced problems with the withdrawal.

csgocrash free coins bonuses

Sign in with steam and head to the referrals section, here use the code MRB-02079 under the “use a code” to receive 100 credits free of charge. This may not sound like a lot but if you are lucky and hit a good multiplier you can get some nice skins out of it.

csgocrash bonus free coins credits

csgocrash com pros cons legit

If you like to play the CS:GO crash game I will definitely suggest you to check this website, they are not only reliable, easy to navigate through but also the oldest of its kind on the scene and for me personally, it just feels right to play crash at the original founders service.

See you soon guys! Good luck!

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