is csgohunt com legit?
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CSGOHunt Review – Simple and Safe CS:GO Gambling Website

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cs go skins nbetting siteThe design is unorthodox. It is unlike any other site I have visited yet. It does not follow the traditional setup of most CS:GO gambling platforms where the games selector is on either side of the page. The link for the respective games can be found on the top of the service. The main bulk of the left side of the page is dedicated to the game. The only traditional setup they have is the chatbox location on the right side of the page which is common with most sites.

is csgohunt com legit?The first thing I did was to search about When the results came in, there are multiple threads from different communities that talk about this platform. It ranges from HLTV to Reddit to Steam Community and it all says one thing. It is the real deal. There are some disgruntled people who call them a scam as well, but from what I deduce, those people might just be salty due to losing a lot of bets.

Another thing to prove it’s track record is Moe, a very big YouTuber and streamer who always gambles at CSGOHunt. He even tweets big bets he wins or loses and sometimes rages on stream whenever he loses.

ScamAdviser gave them a high score 54% while Scamaider gave them a 48%.

cs go skins betting gamesThis service offers two of the classic CS:GO betting games which are Jackpot and Coin Flip. If you are a frequent visitor on other CS:GO gambling platforms, then you will know how these games work.

The main unique feature they have is the way of wagering. You do not use credits or any in game cash currency when you bet here. They only use skins. Nothing more, nothing less.

csgohunt com oddsThe odds of winning here depends on how much items you deposit for a single round of Jackpot. The conversion rate of the price to tickets is 0.01 bet value is equal to 1 ticket. If you deposit an expensive skin for betting, it will award you a lot of tickets. More tickets mean higher chance of winning the game.

Coin Flip odds are pretty self explanatory if you frequent CS:GO betting sites.

csgohunt com bonuses promocode free coinsIf you prefer playing Coin Flips, just add to your Steam profile. You will be awarded commission free rounds which will save you money.

They do not have an affiliate program since their platform is betting with cold hard skins. The only promotion they have currently running is a giveaway which is a common occurrence with these gambling services.

This week, for example, they are giving a Butterfly Marble Fade which costs $600.00. Winning a giveaway like that would definitely be awesome.

csgohunt com depositDue to their unique method, they do not have an online inventory where you can deposit items at. You deposit them using Steam Trade to the Jackpot pool or the Coin Flip pool. All the stuff stays there until a winner is decided, then their Steam trading bot will send you a request with all the items you win.

csgo skins bets legitAs with big and reputable sites, they have multiple methods for means of contact. The main way to contact them is through the Support link. When you hit this link, it will show you a page where you can fill up a ticket and send it to their support team.

Another way is to contact CSGOHunt through the direct message on Twitter. Most players tend to contact them this way since it is a chat setup and they do reply quicker in their Twitter account.

The last method of contacting would be the chat tab that is built in. Usually, you just reserve this for easier questions.

counter strike skins gamesThe developers probably thought this through before launching the platform since it is very compatible and very easy to access across mobile devices. The only caveat though is I cannot find the icon to toggle the sound on and off when I’m using smartphone. Other than that, the site is perfectly playable.

csgohunt pros consYes! I would definitely gamble here. This is the first service where you actually play with the skins itself. If you have items you don’t want and you need to clean out your inventory a little, go ahead and use those unwanted skins and gamble at CSGOHunt. Who knows, you might get really lucky and win awesome nice stuff from other users.


  • Unique currency used for betting
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Very reputable site with streamers and youtubers gambling
  • Less hassle depositing since items are the only currency
  • Fast trading bots


  • Sound button missing on the smartphones
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