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Real Money Sportsbooks Review – The Best Esports Betting Site?

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Hello, today we will be reviewing the e-sports betting site, While a lot of the services reviewed here have a nice and easy to use website design, today’s patient, in particular, has a very professional look to it.

esports gambling

The e-sports which you can bet on are helpfully displayed in the center of the page, while a bar below allows you to check not only the odds and who is playing, but also the time the match starts. The games featured include LOL, CSGO, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch and much more.

You can also check when the results of previous matches on their website, as well as being able to change the time zone to correspond with your local time. Helpfully, Loot also supports those who speak Russian and offers several different ways of looking at the odds, for example by changing them to fractional or American ones.

lol hearthstone dota2 overwatch betting csgo

The design is also very mobile friendly, while there is no app, menus appear slightly differently on mobiles so that using the site is not a hassle. The options tab in the top right makes the page especially easy to navigate.

esports betting options has a very large amount of games to bet on; just today they have 60 matches that you can wager on. The betting options for each battle are quite extensive, around 10 different bets.

For example, for CSGO matches, you can place money on specific things such as the number of rounds it will take for a team to win, or the winner of a pistol round on a map. You can also bet on more conventional things such as the winner overall or the winner of a certain map.

The odds for these matches tend to be very similar to other services such as and Betway. As an example, I took a game happening on the 5th March 2017: Astralis vs Faze.

On Betway, Fanobet and, the odds for Astralis are almost identical, around 1.5-1.53. However, the odds for Faze on Betway and Fanobet are only 2.3, whereas on Loot they are a lot more generous at 2.49, meaning if Faze win, your profit would be more if you betted here.

Surprisingly, they also offer football matches with decent odds, however, it must be remembered that the choice of football games to bet on are limited, especially because Loot is an e-sports betting site. review

They also take a different approach to giveaways; instead of competitions they have something called a weekly ladder; essentially the people who win the most money a week receive generous rewards, for example, a valuable Dota 2/CSGO skins.

They also have a very generous reward for first-time punters on their sites. If you are betting for the first time, simply enter the code LOOT with your first deposit to get 100% up to €100 Bonus.

free money loot bet

esports gambling site

Loot also has by far the most supported currencies for deposit, for example: Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, credit cards such as Visa, as well as Russian methods such as Yandex Money and QIWI.

esports books review loot bet

The reputation of this service is high. It has the official partners EMPIRE and Digital Chaos. It also requires verification such as uploading ID to withdraw from your account (unless Bitcoin is being used), unlike many shady gambling platforms which do not check if their users are under the age of 18 or not. This suggests that they are concerned with complying with rules and regulations.

However, this website has been set up very recently, and a scamadvisor report suggests that while the hosting is based in the US, it may also be in Ireland. However, an office address has been given, although this could be faked.

esports betting tips also has very strong customer support, since they not only have an email you can contact them at, but also a phone number, and they have live support on the weekdays for 8 hours. This makes up for the lack of an FAQ page, which is a shame because FAQs stop many users from having to contact support in the first place. pros cons

•   Very easy to use design and unique professional look to the website
•   Very mobile-friendly and all the features are quick to use
•   More trustworthy than many other gambling sites; require ID to prove customers are over 18; in compliance with at least some regulations
•   Support of multiple languages and time zones, as well as more than 10 deposit methods including Bitcoin
•   Good odds compared to other e-sports bookies, in some cases much better
•   Also, support wagering for some football matches
•   Weekly chances to win prizes as well as a free 100% up to €100 Bonus
•   Good reputation, well-known partners of the website
•   24/7 customer support, 8/5 live support

•   Site has only been set up recently, can’t be trusted too much
•   Could be based in the US or Ireland, trying to hide their location?
•   Lack of a FAQ, makes site slightly harder to use
•   Hassle of uploading verification and giving the site personal details (unless using Bitcoin)
•   CSGO/Dota 2 skins not supported for deposits

In conclusion, this is by far the best e-sports betting site reviewed. Their strongest features are their consistently generous match odds on all the games offered, and also the huge range of deposit options. When I tested their deposit feature using a credit card, the money was transferred to my account within a few minutes.

There are a few problems to do with trust with the service, especially because this is very new, but as time goes on I expect this site to grow dramatically in popularity.

Thank you for reading this article and sticking around till the end. See you next time! Good luck!

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Ignacio Sanchez
Ignacio Sanchez
6 years ago

Do not bet here, this website is a big scam. First of all, the LOOT “Special Code” which gives you up to 100 eur if deposit more than 100 or double your deposit if is lower than 100 has a big adventage for them. You need to BET 10 TIMES THE TOTAL OF DEPOSIT+BONUS even if you lose or win with odds over 1.9 for get that money and ANY BET you make is for the website advantage because they lock your money for withdraw which you can only withdraw the inicial deposit losing the bonus and any bets you… Read more »