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Real Money Sportsbooks Review – The Best Bonuses For Esports Betting

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esports gambling review offers great design to attract users. Once you enter the website, you are greeted with a nice rolling slideshow which shows people the partners of the service. These include: NaVi and Fnatic, two high-tier CSGO teams. Scrolling down the web page, you can see a large amount of matches and it continues to grow as you keep scrolling.

You also have the option to choose a certain game if you don’t want to place bets on all games. The site also doesn’t show advertisements, unlike most sportsbooks, which is always nice to see. Ggbet includes multiple tabs at the top of the platform, to navigate around, along with some important information such as your balance.

A bet slip is placed on the right side to show people what they are going to be betting on, it seems like a simple thing to include but not many sites do it nowadays. The service even has a news page which contains many articles informing people about new events, roster changes and so on.

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Ggbet is licensed in Curacao, along with pretty much every other esports gambling website. However, scamadviser, a trusted advice service, shows that the website is most likely based in America. With the administrator located in America. Whereas the owner of the website actually stays in Ireland. This is very weird and unlike most bookies.

However, most reviews of the site show that it is legitimate, with only a very small amount showing cases of lost money. Also, there has been a case released on reddit, a popular forum, which shows someone faking a scam. Someone is clearly out to take down ggbet. Overall, the scamadviser rating shows that the website is 70% safe to use, so handle with caution.

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Depositing here is extremely easy, as there is a large tab named “deposit” and there is no chance to miss it. Once clicked, another window pops up and you can select the deposit method you prefer. Like most esports sportsbooks, ggbet does not allow the depositing of money through paypal. However, it does allow people to deposit through multiple credit cards, banks, as well as many online payment methods such as webpay and neteller.

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Ggbet boasts 3 great offers for new and current users, which is something you definitely don’t get on many sites. First of  all you can use our code Ninja to get 100% deposit bonus up to $100. To activate the bonus the minimum bet should be at least $5.

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The odds provided by ggbet aren’t the worst out there but definitely aren’t on the top half of the leaderboard. When compared to a service that has a very good reputation for great odds, like pinnacle, their odds are absolutely crushed. Although, when compared to a lower end website, like bet365, the odds are better.

Also, ggbet doesn’t offer some matches at all, when compared to pinnacle, it leaves out about ⅓ of the matches. It would be nice to see the platform incorporate more matches in the future. You can also press on the odds to get re-directed to another page made only for that one match. It is a great feature if you want to look at all the open bets for that one match. betting options

Ggbet doesn’t include many forms of gambling, in fact, it only includes esports betting. But what sets this website apart from the others, is the sheer plethora of games that it offers. They are: World of Tanks, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, CSGO, Dota 2, LoL, Starcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone and Call of Duty.

I have never seen a bookie that offers that amount of games to bet on. You can definitely find a game to bet on here. You can either view all the games at once or just choose ones you want to bet on. They also have a tab at the top of the page which, when pressed, re-directs you to a web page that only shows the live bets.

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A mobile version of the website is available but there is no separate tab to change it, unlike pinnacle. The experience is still great, however. The only problem with the mobile version of the site is the colour scheme. A yellow and black colour scheme is encorporated into the mobile site, which makes it look atrocious, this can easily be overlooked if you are there to seriously place some bets. Tabs can be shown by the press of a special button at the top left of the screen, making it easy to choose games and place bets.

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One of the best features here is the 24/7 customer service they offer. They work all 7 days of the week and although it might not seem like a big deal, good customer service mostly means a good experience. They customer service team is extremely responsive and you can send requests and questions to them through a live chat, email or even by calling them, a service provided by practically no other esports bookie.

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To sum up, ggbet includes a great design which sets it apart from other sites, however, this is not continued to its mobile counterpart. The variety of games offered is also amazing, however, the amount of matches and odds offered are quite unsatisfactory. This is made up for, to a small margin, by the amount of great bonuses given out. To top that all off, the website provides one of the best customer service teams out there. With a decent reputation and multiple deposit methods, this sportsbook is definitely worth a shot.

Thanks for reading this review, see you next time! Good luck!

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