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CS:GO Betting Review – Nice Variety of CS:GO Gambling Games

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cs go esports betting tips
Hello there, this review will be on, a CSGO skins betting site. The website design is not flashy, but is definitely one of the easiest to use and appealing to anyone thinking about wagering using in-game items for the first time.

However, from my first impressions, the loading speed is very impressive; it has significantly less lag than other services.  The chat (left-hand side) and menu tab (top of the screen) make it easy to navigate the site and play whatever game you are interested in.

cs go skins items betting

On mobile, while the service is still fast, it is also much harder to use, since the menu tab appears in the same place as chat, and scrolling down is unreliable at times. At the same time, the platform does not have any technical problems when trying to bet on mobile.

betting options betsgg

In terms of the options of games available, has a good amount of variety. It has the classic crash mini-game, but the difference is that, unlike other CS:GO gambling operators, each round is provably fair. This can be tested for yourself by using the round’s hash that they provide.

The site also has a dice game, in which you can wager on counter-terrorist or on terrorist. What I particularly like about this Dice, is it has a rarely seen feature for CS:GO skin websites: you are able to autobet.

However, it is a shame that the options for this are limited, which might put off gamblers who want to employ particular betting systems such as martingale. has a roulette game, but that is very similar to dice.

Fortunately, this is made up for by its “coin flip” feature, which allows you to wager skins against other players. Users have to match your bet in value, and a coin flip decides the winner, who takes all of the total items.

The best betting option on the site is the ability to place money on pro CS:GO matches, at the moment there is the option to bet on 22 different pro games. It is nice that the service does not take any of your winnings as fees specifically on this sportsbook.

betsgg odds

The odds cannot be compared to other sites such as, because does not provide any odds. Instead, they are based upon the proportion of people who have voted for a particular team. In the event of a match cancellation, skins are also refunded, and winnings are always paid within five minutes of the battle finishing.

items skins deposit csgo

Unfortunately, you can only place bets using CSGO skins, but this can be expected from such a CSGO-themed service.

betsgg scam

On Scamadvisor it has also been given a high trust rating, and is based in the United States, run by “Adil P.” This corresponds to the website, which lists “Adil” as one of the support staff. It also has Cloud Flare protection, which means the site is very unlikely to be DDOSed successfully.

cs go skins betting tips also has a good amount of users; at the time of writing this review it had over 700 members online, compared to about 1,100 users of Fanobet, which is a widely recognised CSGO betting site. free skins

The platform offers a number of ways to get free coins as well as making money through affiliates. For example, you can earn $0.25 just for joining their official steam group. If you want to get extra coins, simply use bonus code CSGONINJA .

free coins money csgo betting also rewards it’s loyal users; as you level up, you earn more and more from their faucet, up to $2.55 a day. You can also put their domain in your steam name and earn $0.10 a day. Sadly, they do not seem to be planning any giveaways any time soon, and again while there are many ways to earn money, none of them will make you a significant amount. support

The customer service here is pretty average, while there is an FAQ for the e-sports bookie, it is very short, and the site does not have an overall FAQ page. You can send a message to one of the admins here if you have any questions, but there is no indication of how long this might take.

However, the chat feature is useful since people do seem to have conversations there, and everyone I met was very helpful.

bets gg pros cons


  • Very easy to use platform, very fast
  • Many options for gambling, most importantly CS:GO pro match betting
  • Odds based upon the proportion of the vote (more chances to have higher multiplier)
  • Fast deposits and low fees
  • Many ways to earn free money, for example affiliates or even just putting their domain in your steam nickname
  • Levelling up allows you more rewards
  • Provably fair games using a round hash
  • Cloud Flare protection against DDOS attacks
  • High trust rating on Scamadvisor and already has many users


  • Not mobile-friendly
  • Lack of “casino-style” games
  • You can only bet using CS:GO skins
  • Low earnings for affiliates and no giveaways
  • Not much customer support

This site is catered towards the CSGO community, and it is certainly very easy to use. While there are a few problems here and there, mainly the lack of customer support, this is a very promising service and very fun to bet on!

May the odds be in your favor and good luck!

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