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League of legends tips – how to make Lol betting predictions?

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League of legends is one of the most popular multiplayer strategy game for free. Being so popular it is quite presented on bets market. In this article, I’m going to talk about how are you supposed to read tips about betting on LoL.

League of Legends betting predictions can be found on all the internet. Be patient before making any action and try to understand firstly if you’re new to this area, how Lol game is actually played and how you can win money here.

Like all the other types of sport, there is no certain way to predict who is going to be the winner of a tournament or of a match. Before you invest money look at the each team history, watch the statistics, if there were any matches in the past and so on. All the professional bettors are looking at this statistics every time, for a simple example, a squad can have a strong player on a specific lane that can much difficult to be defeated.

Lol how to bet

What is the most beautiful about betting on League of legends? For sure are live sportsbooks. After banning the champions, you are going to see what player will be on the each lane and you can figure out what crew will most probably have the first blood. Every champion is having a counter, so keep on eye on the character selection part. Odds are changing constantly so take care of what you are going to place money on. Don’t go all in on a single bet, even if you are 100% confident in a result.

Every squad is having a different style of play. Some teams are balanced but some prefer just to strike tones of damage. As I said before try to look at statistics of both teams and contenders before following League of Legends tips. For an example, Faker is one, if not, the best MID player ever. For sure, he is having an advantage when he is hiking on the mid lane, maybe not for the first blood but for the most damage produced in a game for sure.

There can also be different specific stats, which you should pay attention to, especially when you are betting on a live LoL match. These are about how many kills are made per game, or how did user performed in a previous battle versus current enemy champion. This can help you to find out the weakness of the each crew.

All these details can help you to improve your prediction abilities and make correct tips for the LoL betting. The team that is having the best statistics can have a better chance of winning a game. But remember, at the start of the match teams are equal, they are starting with the same level and the same money. After 40-50 minutes of play mostly all of the competitors will have a maximum level and a full build. This is your chance to analyze both parties and predict the winner.


Lol Betting predictionsWatch and learn! Before risking with your own money, go and watch some games! Think and write down who is going to be the winner. Go and look at top events and at the same time check the live bets to see how the odds are changing. After the match you can check would you win or lose money, if you would actually make a bet. Also look at the number of creeps that have been killed by the each character throughout the duration of the match.

At the first side, it seems that here are too many details to remember, but, don’t worry! You’ll get used to this action really easy.

Well, until now I spoke only about live score betting. Pre-match predictions, like I personally called them, seems to be easy, but this is not so obvious. Esports competitions can be different from all the other types of sport. Every team wants to reach the glory and this is making them more powerful and in the same time can become vulnerable. Surprises are happening daily, try to maintain your calm before making final decision.

There are many events where you can bet, the most known is organized by the developer of League of legends, Riot, and is called LoL Championship. It is taking a place every year, with many stages in. A lot of exciting matches and opportunities to make money. For example 4 of the last 5 tournaments were won by SK Telecom – 1. This can be used to your advantage.

Every time try to take a look at what items guys are buying. For example, if a team is mostly with an ability power build, and the other one is not buying some resistance from magic, this can mean a disaster and odds are going for the crew with ability power.

Lol betting tips

Try to be patient every time! There can be matches that can have 5 kills in the first minutes and at the end after 40 minutes of play only 30-40 kills in total. Betting on how many kills will be in total is a very popular market. Usually, almost all the games are having over 50 kills but nothing is sure when you are reading wrong LoL tips.

These are the most important advice that you can receive before following League of legends predictions. Stay chill when you are dealing with real money, if you are new on this market!

May the odds be in your favor and good luck!

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