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LoL Betting Tips and Predictions – LCK Week 9

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Hello guys, we are almost at the end of the spring split. Most of this week’s matches are safe, only one or two being a little bit risky, but don’t worry, after reading this article you’ll have a good view of LoL betting tips and predictions.

SSG samsung galaxy team lol VS jin air green wings team lol JAG

The first day has pretty nice matches, and pretty safe at the same time. Samsung fighting Jin Air will make you some good money for sure. Last week Samsung showed a great performance, winning against KT Rolster, the second best team in Korea at the moment, and against Kongdoo Monsters. Their games versus KT were more or less clean, both squads being at the same level if we are to judge the players, but it seems like SG’s roster was better, and they were able to defeat KT with 2-1, showing everyone that they are fighting for that second place, having the same stats as KT Rolster, 10 wins and 4 loses. Their tenth win was against Kongdoo Monsters, when they pretty much stomped Kongdoo.

Samsung’s enemies, Jin Air Green Wings, had a good performance too, even though they haven’t won a best of three last week. They were able to win a map facing KT, which is pretty big occasion, considering how good KT Rolster is, and a map versus MVP, when they were so close to win the series. They were ahead but lost a fight around nashor, which lead to a lost battle for them. They made a good progress, and are fighting to leave the relegation place in the standings. Even though they improved a lot, it will be hard to defeat SG, which will increase Samsung’s number of victories. LoL Betting Tips and Predictions here: the series will be won by Samsung Galaxy with a record 2-0.

BBQ bbq olivers team lol VS rox tigers team lol ROX

Last time when they met, ROX Tigers won with 2-1. BBQ underperformed when they faced SKT, but they won a game against Longzhu Gaming. These two losses placed them on the 8th spot, and I think they are getting closer and closer to the 9th place, considering Jin Air’s performance.

ROX Tigers performed well last week, losing with 2-1 in a close series against Longzhu Gaming, but winning with 2-0 against Afreeca Freecs, which is pretty surprising. ROX made a great progress past weeks, and I think they will easily win BBQ Olivers, 2-0 most likely.

KT kt rolster team lol VS mvp team lol MVP

Two teams with different playstyles. Even though KT lost to SG, I am sure that they worked on eliminating their weaknesses. KT was surprised of Jin Air’s performance versus them, but they still won with 2-1. I am sure that they will take the games facing MVP more serious since MVP is on the 4th spot in the standings. KT’s macro gameplay and early stage effectiveness will lead them to a 2-0 victory vs MVP.

SKT sk telecome t1 team lol VS longzhu gaming team lol LZ

The second day ends with interesting battles between SKT and Lonzhu Gaming. It seems like SKT’s kryptonite is Afreeca Freecs. They had a close series versus them last week, but they managed to win with 2-1 last time. AF is the only team which defeated SKT this split, SKT being 13-1 at the moment, holding that first place for a long time. Faker played Talon, and got the “MVP OF THE SERIES “ title, making some great moves around the map with this pick. If he decides to pull out outplays picks like Talon on what he has hidden under his sleeve, Longzhu won’t be able to shut down him until he is already ahead and unstoppable. That being said, I think SKT will win with 2-0, continuing their winning streak.

JAGW jin air green wings team lol VS kongdoo monster KDM

Jin Air facing Kongdoo will be fun to watch. Finally, Jin Air has the occasion to stomp someone on the stage, so they can feel better about their performance. I don’t think Kongdoo will stop Jin Air from winning this best of three considering how poorly Kongdoo performed. Jin Air Green Wings will win with 2-0.

AFs afreeca freecs team lol VS bbq olivers team lol BBQ

Afreeca Freecs battle with BBQ Olivers will be interesting. When they met first time this split, Afreeca managed to lose against BBQ, but really hard, with 2-0. That happened on the 5th week, and a lot of time passed since then, a time when both squads were improving more or less. Afreeca’s performance from last week was very poor, disappointing a lot of people. They lost with 2-1 facing SKT, and this helped them to improve a lot, showing their weaknesses and what they have to change to become a better team. I think Afreeca will have a good performance this week. They will win against BBQ for sure. Their experience as a crew and their incredible objective control will help AF to close the series with 2-0.

SSG samsung galaxy team lol VS sk telecome t1 team lol SKT

Two great teams playing against each other. This series is one of the risky ones I’ve told you in the beginning of the article. Samsung tied up with KT Rolster, both squads having the same stats. Even though Samsung played very well last time versus KT, I don’t think they will be able to stop SKT’s winning streak. The maps will be close for sure, but I think SKT will be victorious. They will win with 2-1 in my opinion, but I’m recommending to bet small amounts on this game, or not to combine it with other matches, and if you do, bet on SKT.

MVP mvp team lol VS rox tigers team lol ROX

These two teams are a bit opposite in playstyle and in performance too. MVP played good only facing weaker teams, and on the other side we have ROX Tigers who defeated Afreeca Freecs. I think ROX improved a lot and they are able to win MVP. The best of three will be won by Tigers, 2-1 for sure, the series being decided in the third map between these two great crews.

AFs afreeca freecs team lol VS longzhu gaming team lol LZ

The 5th day debuts with the confrontation between Afreeca Freecs and Longzhu Gaming. This best of three will move up Afreeca in the standings if they will win it. Even though LG is higher in the standings, Afreeca will come with new gameplans and pocketpicks which will offer them advantages. Even though Longzhu won with 2-0 first time when they met, I think that they will choke and underperform this time, leading Afreeca up in the standings, winning the best of three either with 2-0 or 2-1. I am not recommending betting on the exact score because here it’s a bit risky.

KT kt rolster team lol VS kongdoo monster KDM

The week ends up with an easy series for KT Rolster facing Kongdoo Monsters, the weakest team in LCK. Kongdoo will be relegated 100%, they have to win every match from now on, and we all know that this won’t happen. That being said, the result of this last fight will be a 2-0 for KT.


If you are going to combine the matches to get a better odds, I recommend not to bet on Samsung vs SKT because almost anything can happen between these guys.

I hope that my LoL betting tips and predictions will be helpful and see you next time! Good luck!

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