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EU LCS Week 9 – Place Your Profitable LoL Bets!

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Hello everyone! Today we’ll be looking at the upcoming Week 9 EU LCS matches and I will give my advice to place profitable LoL bets. Although things are very clear at this point, teams will still be looking to pick up as many wins as they can to finish out the split strong. Let’s get into it.

Vitality team vitality lol vs splyce lol team Splyce

This series probably won’t be too close. Splyce has been looking very good recently. Although their season started off shaky they have been slowly on the upswing, improving battle by battle and fixing their mistakes. The main problem for Splyce has been their communication and decisiveness which is weird considering they’ve stuck with the same roster from last year. Wunder has been finding his stride on carry oriented champions and his performance has been crucial towards Splyce’s rise in strength. With everyone else on the squad stepping up and playing better, Splyce is looking like a strong contender coming into playoffs despite being 3rd place in their group.

Vitality has also been improving to some extent but it most likely will not be enough. It’s too late in the season for them to make any meaningful changes either. So with that in mind it’s very unlikely they will be able to upset Splyce. And if they do, it would be quite the miracle.

Profitable LoL Bets:
– Splyce is expected to win 2-0 in their current form
– Both teams are weak in the early stage and are not too good at taking objectives

G2 Esports ge esports team lol vs giants Giants

Not much to say about this one. G2 is undefeated and are likely to finish the split undefeated with only Giants, Roccat and Fnatic being their remaining opponents. The kings of Europe have been as dominant as always in their own region and although teams like Misfits and H2K may have a ceiling that is equal to theirs or even higher, no crew in Europe is as consistent as G2. Giants on the other hand are likely going to fall into the Promotion Tournament after their loss to Roccat and it’s super unlikely they would even take a game off of G2.

Betting predictions:
– G2 will most likely grab a dominant 2-0 sweep
– Despite the skill gap between the teams, they are both good at taking first dragon so avoid betting on that category.
– G2 are typically good at taking the first turret of the game

Roccat roccat team lol vs misfits team lol Misfits

A couple of weeks ago this match would have clearly been in the favor of Misfits. While it’s still heavily Misfits favoured, it may be a little bit closer than expected. Roccat have gone 4-0 in the past two weeks with one of their victories coming against Fnatic. Phaxi and Maxlore have been performing very well with the other three members stepping up as well. Although Misfits did drop a close three game series to G2 as well as losing 0-2 to H2K, they are still one of Europe’s best teams and it does not seem very likely that Roccat will be able to pull off an upset here. It’s not impossible but the chance of it happening are just low.

League of Legends Tips:
– Misfits plays well around Baron while Roccat doesn’t
– Slight chance of Roccat pulling an upset if Misfits has a bad day
– KaKAO is an explosive early stage jungler. May be wise to bet on him securing first blood for Misfits

Origen origen team lol vs unicorns of love team lol Unicorns of Love

Another one-sided match-up. Man Week 9 is full of these! Well this one is pretty straightforward. Origen is not a good squad and it’s very likely they will end up getting relegated. Unicorns of Love on the other hand is a pretty good team. So if we put a bad crew against a very good one, who wins the match? Origen just don’t have a chance and the only way they win this series is if a huge miracle happens.

EU LCS Week 9 Predictions:
– Expect a clean 2-0 by UOL
– Origen is terrible at taking first dragon. Safe to bet on UOL taking it instead

Vitality team vitality lol vs h2k team lol H2K

Yet another one-sided affair huh? As with their series against Splyce, Vitality is simply outclassed here. Splyce is a slower early game team so if they are expected to crush Vitality, imagine what kind of spanking H2K would give them. H2K has been a brutal early stage squad to face especially for the bottom tier teams. Most bottom guys in Europe that have faced H2K have gotten destroyed in the early game without being able to do much.

Betting Tips:
– Expect H2K to win in a dominant 2-0
– H2K has a really strong early game so they will most likely dominate in categories such as first blood, first dragon, etc.

Fnatic fnatic team lol vs giants team lol Giants

This match-up might be quite interesting. With Giants likely to go to relegation, they will be pretty desperate to win the match to avoid that. But then again Fnatic will also be desperate to win because if they don’t, they might lose their playoff spot to Roccat. Their other two opponents are G2 and Misfits in which Fnatic are expected to lose. If they were to lose against Giants as well it would mean Roccat would have a really good chance of facing off against Fnatic in a tie-breaker for third place or maybe even claiming it for themselves if they can pick up just one more win somehow. It’s going to be a tough series to predict as both teams are in need of the win. Despite not looking good recently, Fnatic might be a slight favourite just because of having a slightly stronger roster and being a more prestigious organization that values results greatly. It’s definitely going to be a close match however with both crews having a good chance of winning it.

Your Profitable LoL Bets:
– Very likely to go to three games with a lot riding on the line for both squads
– Despite being last in their group, Giants is very good at taking first dragon while Fnatic is lackluster in that area
– Both teams struggle to crack the first tower of the game. Avoid betting on that category

Thanks for reading our tips, see you next time! Good luck!

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