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LPL Week 10 – Betting Predictions for LoL

Hello, everyone! There’s still 3 playoff spots in the LPL and coming into Week 10, the teams that haven’t yet qualified will fight hard to earn their place in the playoffs. As with every week, it’s time for us to look at the most exciting matches coming into the last week of the regular season and to make our betting predictions.

OMG omg team lol vs snake esports team lol Snake Esports

The OMG squad has been able to pick up a lot of wins recently. Their most impressive win was without a doubt their most recent one. In impressive fashion, they were able to pick up a 2-0 sweep against the #1 team in the league Royal Never Give Up. What makes OMG so good right now is that all of their players are performing at a high level. Despite OMG’s roster receiving constant criticism since their formation, they have continued to stick together and build up bonds and synergy. It’s finally shining through and their hard work is paying off. SmLz in particular is playing really well right now and is showing up as a top ADC player in the entire league.

Their opponents in this match up have definitely not had a great season. Snake’s performances have been largely inconsistent and constant roster shuffles have definitely hurt the crew. Not all hope is lost though and with a few wins they will be able to qualify for playoffs due to having a better head to head against IMay. SofM is regaining his form and is slowly but surely playing at the level people have started to expect from him. With kRYST4L being solid in the support position and the rest of the players stepping up, Snake may in-fact snatch a spot in the playoffs.

From a logical standpoint though it doesn’t seem like OMG will be losing this series. They are just playing at such a good level right now and there’s no doubt that they will try to secure 2nd place for themselves. With OMG’s next match being against Invictus Gaming it’s necessary for them to defeat Snake. IG will be facing off against LGD Gaming which will most likely be a win for them. With that in mind this battle will be a must win for OMG. Snake has been improving as well but their team fighting and synergy just isn’t on par with OMG’s at the moment. Although a 2-0 for OMG is my betting prediction for LoL, Snake can definitely take a win and a 2-1 for OMG doesn’t seem far-fetched at all.

Vici vici gaming team lol vs edward gaming team lol EDward

Although this match-up isn’t as important for EDG as it is for Vici, both teams have something to gain from winning. For Vici it’s a must-win simply because with them being tied in points with Newbee, defeating EDG will give them a much better chance of securing a playoff spot. Newbee’s next two opponents are Team WE and Game Talents. Assuming that Newbee will be able to defeat Game Talents at the very least, Vici Gaming will also need to win one series if they want to stay in playoff contention.

Sadly for Vici it doesn’t seem like they will have much of a chance in this match. EDward Gaming has been performing a lot better recently, even defeating Team WE who were considered the best crew in Group B. If Vici is going to win the series it would be if bengi can snowball both Loong and Easyhoon’s lanes. It does not seem likely though and the logical prediction for this match will be an EDG victory. Perhaps Vici can take a game and looking at EDG’s past series it wouldn’t be surprising for them to drop a battle. A 2-1 win for EDG seems most likely and it would be a big upset if Vici is able to win the game.

IMay imay team lol vs royal never give up team lol Royal Never Give Up

While this best of three doesn’t really affect RNG in any way, it does heavily affect IMay. The team in Group A most likely to finish in 5th place is IMay due to having only RNG to face as well as Snake and Invictus Gaming having easier schedules left. RNG suffered a surprising 0-2 loss to OMG in Week 9 and it begs the question of whether or not they are vulnerable right now due to having nothing to gain from their remaining matches.

This match will heavily depend on which jungle/support duo IMay decides to use. The duo of Ben4 and Road is solid however IMay usually plays very slow and drawn out games with them where they suffer early gold deficits and have to bounce back. If IMay does that against RNG it’s like that they’ll just get smashed at 25 minutes. If they use Flawless and Starlight, however, they will be able to match RNG’s early game and if they play their cards right they have what it takes to pull off the upset. It is unlikely though and looking at IMay’s current form I would bet on RNG winning the series 2-0.

Newbee newbee team lol vs game talents Game Talents

The Newbee line-up needs this win if they want to earn a playoff spot. Assuming that they lose their other match-up against Team WE it’s highly likely they will secure a spot if they just win this battle. As stated above Vici Gaming’s remaining schedule is difficult and they are expected to drop both matches they have in Week 10. While Newbee hasn’t been playing that well recently, they still have what it takes to defeat Game Talents who are the weakest team in Group B.

For Game Talents this win can’t save them anymore. They are already locked into relegations and despite showing promise early on in the season, in the end, they were just too reliant on GimGoon to carry and became too one-dimensional. Newbee should definitely win this match but whether or not they’ll be able to win 2-0 is tough to predict. Knowing how unstable they are I expect them to drop at least one map to Game Talents but they will end up winning the series.

LGD lgd gaming team lol vs invictus gaming team lol Invictus Gaming

Without a doubt, this will be a victory for IG and if it isn’t then it’ll be a massive upset.

Newbee newbee team lol vs team we lol Team WE

As stated above WE are expected to win this series and likely in a 2-0 as well.

OMG omg team lol vs invictus gaming team lol Invictus Gaming

A really tough match to call however given OMG‘s recent performances it’s safer to bet on them winning 2-1.

LGD Gaming lgd gaming team lol vs snake esports team lol Snake Esports

Same deal as LGD’s match against IG. If Snake lose the it would be quite the upset. However, I don’t expect it to happen and I think Snake will win the battle.

Vici Gaming vici gaming team lol vs team we lol Team WE

Similarly to WE’s match against Newbee this one is also heavily in their favor. In my opinion, Vici stands a better chance of causing an upset over WE, however, I would still be on WE to take the series.

QG Reapers qg reapers team lol vs edward gaming team lol EDward Gaming

Assuming that Team WE wins their remaining two matches, EDG will also need to win theirs to secure 1st place. Defeating QG is going to be important for them while for QG they are almost certainly going to finish in 3rd place so a win here doesn’t mean much for them. Definitely betting on EDG taking this one, possibly even in a 2-0 due to matching up well stylistically against QG.

Hope that my betting predictions for LoL will help you to earn easy money! This is the last LPL week in the Spring Split so keep an eye on our other tips. Good luck!

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6 years ago

thanks for the tips, they make the whole process a bit clearer!