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List of CS:GO Ranks – from Silver to Global Elite

Before competitive level is unlocked, you have to play enough of the other game modes such as deathmatch, casual, demolition and arms race. Once rank 2 is achieved, competitive matchmaking is available. To obtain a grade, 10 competitive wins is required. After every 2 wins, a 21 hour cooldown is given so that the matchmaking servers can re-calibrate for your skill level.

After the 10 wins, there is no more cooldown and you are free to play as many competitive matches as you want. There are some exceptions, though. In CS^GO, competitive bans are sometimes given out, these can be for killing too many teammates, to something as kicking too many teammates from a game. Try your best to avoid these and your experience will be great.

cs go silver

Silver 1 is the lowest rank in the CS:GO. To obtain this level, you literally have to try to do really badly, people here are mostly trolls and smurfs which means, that it is extremely hard to get out of Silver 1. Most of Silver includes users that are very bad at the game, moving through S2, S3, S4 and Silver Elite is very easy if you have some decent skills. But it is very hard to get into Gold Nova unless you are placed into it from the first ranking.

cs go gold nova

Once you are in Gold Nova 1, it is relatively easy to move onto GN 2, but it gets a lot harder when you are trying to get into GN3. In Gold Nova 3 and Master, guys have great aim and thinking that they are hacking is usual when coming from lower ranks such as Silver. That is the main reason why it is hard to get into GN 3 and GN Master. If you do however, it means that you have good aim and communicate effectively. Most people that play CS:GO are in the Gold Nova ranks which means that you are pretty average if you are in it.

The next battle after getting into GN4, is to level up into Master Guardian 1. The jump from GN to MG is a lot bigger when compared to the jump from Silver to Gold Nova. This is because people in Master Guardian titles have much better skills than GN such as games sense and great use of grenades. If you have these skills, then it won’t be hard to grade up. Otherwise, learning these skills is vital for ranking up.

cs go master guardian

Upon entering MG 1, you will find that the play style is completely different from the people in GN levels. This is because a lot of users in Master Guardian grades have a lot of experience and they are a lot more serious when compared to the guys in lower ratings. The gap between each of the MG titles is also quite big because players get a lot better.

This is when forming a team comes in because a lot of guys in MG 2 and Elite only compete in a pre-formed team which keeps your crew at a disadvantage because you don’t really know each other and playing together is much harder. The last barrier in the Master Guardian group is the Distinguished MG. It is quite easy to rank up to Distinguished MG because there is barely any skill difference when compared to MG Elite.

cs go legendary eagle

After Distinguished Master Guardian comes Legendary Eagle. This is where guys start to play really well and it is extremely hard to proceed from this level. Only a very small percentage of users can manage to get to this rating. At this grade, you need to have everything such as great communication, impeccable aim and insanely good game sense. Without these, you won’t even come close to LE. Legendary Eagle Master is the title after LE and it is relatively similar in regards to the skill level of the people in them.

cs go Supreme Master First Class

The second last rank is Supreme Master First Class. This is where guys are almost professional at CS:GO but are not quite there yet. They have great game sense and aim but sometimes they can’t work in a team or they are not bothered to play matchmaking and instead use third party servers. These include ESEA and FACEIT.

People in higher ranks like to use these servers because it takes away hackers. In normal CS:GO matchmaking, there are a lot of cheater in the higher grades and they have ways to not get banned. This is really annoying for users who are actually trying to play the game properly and it is just better not to choose matchmaking because it isn’t enjoyable anymore.

cs go Global Elite

The highest rank achievable in CS:GO is The Global Elite. These people make up only 0.5 percent of the whole community. They are the best of the best and it is extremely hard to get up there. Even some professional players aren’t even global elites. But that is mostly due to the fact that not many people play matchmaking in higher levels. A lot of guys in this grade are hackers and they blatantly cheat. This is a huge problem and Valve isn’t doing anything to fix their VAC anti-cheat system and instead, they are trying to make money by selling in-game gloves.

That’s all, hope it was useful. Look for my next article, bye till next time! Good luck!

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Philip Spantsos
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