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Dota 2 Item Betting – How to Place Bets with Skins?

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Everybody’s heard of real money sportsbooks, but did you know that you can even bet with ingame items? This is especially true for Dota 2 and CS:GO, two of the most popular games in the world with enormous markets filled with skins. Today, we will look at Dota 2 item betting, how it works, and how much you can win.

These kinds of services are sometimes more popular than regular sportsbooks in most cases for their convenience – a nice stable item, that doesn’t lose much value, can be used to gamble. In most cases, if you do choose to bet with Dota 2 skins, we recommend you to find a good and stable stuff that doesn’t lose much in value as aforementioned. Keep in mind, that Steam Sales will make the price of the certain rigs drop because people sell them for games. Some drops in price may also be related to a buff or nerf of a character, which is not common but does occasionally happen.

Next, you’ll need to find an ideal website for Dota 2 item betting – some have a better user interface than others, and some of them offer better odds. It’s up to you to find the optimal service that has the best combination. Please note, that some smaller services for bets are always trying to attract more users, which can lead to low house margins and better odds.

Most Dota 2 item sportsbooks will have trading bots powered by the code that automatically sends trades to receive skins. Most bots are not scammers, but some are, so if you do use a tradebot on a betting website, make sure, that the code, which bot gives you, is the same code, shown on the webpage.

Although not all sportsbooks show this, it’s a great security measure that greatly prevents fraud and scamming. If a bookie doesn’t provide this service, you can also look at the bot’s profile and see in their inventory, if it isn’t private, to check what it has. If it doesn’t have much stuff in it, there is a chance, that the bot is a scammer and it won’t give you anything for your deposit.

These kinds of scams do happen and it’s up to you to make the best choice. Some services may even be scams, but that is unlikely if you choose a website with a good reputation. if you are ever unsure of anything, then go with the safest choice. It’s better to lose out on a bet you could’ve won than lose items because you got scammed.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that Valve has started to crack down on gambling sites (specifically in CS:GO. Although only a few Dota 2 services were hit, this could change in a matter of days). Many websites have shut down and those that are still here are constantly in danger of having their tradebots banned. Although there have been several measures taken to stop this and many bookies give advance warning of a shutdown, it is your job to make sure that your skins are safe.

You will also need to do your own research on what items to bet. Although Dota 2 also has many stable skins that somehow resemble keys in CS:GO, there are also much less liquid rigs. Some time ago Valve has altered the drops and such to the extent, that skins are now worth a lot less than they have been worth before. Valve has even removed the keys altogether in 2015.

This really destroyed the trading community in Dota and thus there aren’t so many skins traded anymore as there were before and prices wildly fluctuated in the game. So the main point here is that some stuff may be better to bet with, as it is more stable.

To view the price history of an item, search it’s name in the steam market and click all. You’ll get a general idea of how much the skin is worth and how long it’s been worth that much. Some stuff has a large drop around 2015, and that is mainly because of the removal of the keys. Most Dota 2 item betting sites use the 7-day average price for a skin, so if a small drop in price happens the price on the service won’t change instantly.

The same goes for the opposite – if a skin’s price skyrockets, it will take some time for the sportsbook to update the price. Some stuff may also be under or overvalued and you can take advantage of this, although this is usually very rare and difficult to catch the moment. If you do find that the price is skewed, however, feel free to take advantage of it – nobody’s going to stop you, and it really won’t hurt the website economy much.

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Winnings are given back with items or with whatever kind of currency a service uses. Some use cryptocurrency, others may use other real money methods. Money-based services usually provide better and more accurate payouts than item services, which occasionally pay too little or too much. After you get a skin (or the currency the service uses), we highly suggest you withdraw your winnings to your account, as if you had just bought bitcoin from an exchange. Betting services can be hacked just as exchanges – nothing is invincible from hacking.

Last but not least, you need to remember to do your own research on a match. The site will not always be responsible for whatever happens.That may be good or bad, and this is especially true for more obscure bookies. Most, however, do stay true to their rules and refund or give people back their items if a game format is changed or if a team is suddenly given an advantage on a map, which is, again, not common but possible.

You may also want to read the rules of a sportsbook before gambling on it. You never know what’s hidden behind that wall of text, and if something does happen, you may lose your items and money. Some sites have been known to hide things in their terms and conditions, and just like before, you are the person responsible for taking care of your skins and making sure they are secure.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you’ll stick with us down the road for more just like this! If you enjoyed it, feel free to share it with friends!

Good luck in your gambling journey, and we hope that you will win many bets in the future!

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