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CS:GO Rank Boosting Services – Pros and Cons

If you are stuck at a low rank in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it can be quite frustrating, because of cancerous teammates, low level of skill, and the lack of ability to play with friends. That is why rank boosting services can be quite enticing. But at the same time, this is a huge problem or a great convenience depending on your view of it. In this article, we will attempt to give you the full picture of grade raising, with each side’s (for and against) opinions of it.

What exactly is CS:GO rank boosting service you may ask? Well, it’s a way for shitty players to get good ratings and drag down actually good people, or a way for newer users to enjoy a higher level of competition and play with friends. Take your pick, either way works and is a fairly accurate description of this service.

Rank boosting is basically when good Counter-Strike gamers play for you and carry you to victory until you reach a desired badge. It’s kind of like when you hire a bully to do the dirty work for you in the school playground, except more expensive and a lot easier. These services are also very expensive, as it does take a lot of time to level up in CS:GO, especially with Valve’s ridiculous grading system.

For example, one website charges an astonishing $350 to grow a Silver I up to Global Elite, which is ridiculous when you think about it. You can either buy a freaking console with the same amount of money these people ask for their services. Now granted, you probably won’t buy such a high raise up, and hopefully you aren’t in Silver I when you start or you are probably going to derank all the way back pretty fast. However the point still stands, and rating expansion is only for those who can afford it, so mostly adults or college students who earn a paycheck.

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Why do you need it?

Now that you know what exactly grade raising is, you might want to ask why people would pay so much money to grade up unfairly/conveniently (depends on your point of view). Well, for a lot of adults who have played other shooter games and don’t want to spend time in the torturous silver title (and trust me, as a formed Silver I it is absolute hell in those matches with mike-less teammates and smurfs galore), paying the 60 odd dollars to level up to Gold Nova is worth it.

Remember Counter-Strike is a lot cheaper than other games, going for as low as $7.50 during sales. Many adults have a budget of sixty dollars for video games so they don’t mind paying the extra money to play the game on a higher level and with friends. While this frustrates those who earned their badge not much can be done about rating expansion because of the methods the boosters use, as we will discuss in the next paragraph.


How is it done?

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Now let’s discuss how it’s done, and who does it. First of all, some sites claim that they use ex-pro players, but I highly doubt that ex-pro gamers waste their time boosting Silver’s but who knows. You can at least be sure that if you use a qualified site that is reputable, your assistant will be a Global Elite and will boost you easily.

How do these guys get your account to grade up so high? You pay them for improving your title and matchmaking rating in competitive games. You give them your username and password and they play on your Steam. Yeah, you have to actually give these guys your steam accounts to level you up which can be kind of scary.

They also claim that they use unique IP’s so they don’t get “caught”, which implies that Valve doesn’t support Counter-Strike rank boosting. So they grade you up by playing on your account and beating up on poor Silver’s until you are a high level. Whether title increment is good or not I won’t say, but when you have Global Elites playing in Silver I with the only goal being to win the match fast, that ruins the match for nine other players. This has been a big problem for Valve and it has tried to crack down on with no success. So now you know how and who grades up your account.

Let’s see what risks are involved in this action since Valve doesn’t approve of it. First of all, you have to hand over your login details to the enhancer, there is a small chance your Steam can be stolen. Hopefully, your worker is honest, but you can never be sure. The site says it’s safe and explains that it cannot steal your info because Valve will give you a cooldown from trading for an authorized entry into the account.

While this is true, the site can track your IP and the booster can easily use an IP based on your location that won’t trigger Valve’s cooldown. Another risk is that you get Overwatch banned if your assistant uses hacks, as you can’t really go after them if you get banned a week after the boost is done. So as you can see, grade raising is a very risky business.

cs go rank guide

How-to guide

If after reading all this you still want to get your rank boosted, here is a basic how-to guide. First, you want to find a reputable service. Reddit and Steam Community Forum are great sources to check other user’s experience. Be sure you trust these guys as they will have control of your account for a week or two!

Next, you have to fill out an order form and pay. Simply type in your current rank and the one you want to achieve, and they will give you a price quote. If this is acceptable to you, you can pay using various methods that depend on the booster and then you give them your login info. All boosting services ask that you not play CS:GO on the account while they are boosting it saying, because of the potential for Valve to catch a boost in progress.

So plan for your main account to be out of action for a week or so. You can check on your amplifiers progress either on the site or on skype depending on the service. Once you get the desired title and your account back you simply re-secure the account (password change, steam guard, etc.), and enjoy your new badge!


Pros and Cons

cs go cheatsThere are various pros and cons involved with title increment, and it might be hard to keep track of them, so let’s make a simple chart. First, the pros:

  • Quick promotion from the boring lower levels.
  • Chance to play with skilled players that can improve your skill level.
  • Play with your friends who might have played the game longer than you.

Now we have to go over the cons, which trust me there are many of:

  • Very risky, with a chance for your Steam to be stolen or banned.
  • Ruins the experience for tons of other users who are subject to smurfs and playing-with players that severely out rank them.
  • Very expensive, costing up to $350.
  • Takes up to 2 weeks during which you cannot use your account.

I hope you enjoyed this article and it helped provide info on title grading for you. Thanks for reading, see you next time. Good luck!

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