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How to Rank up Fast in CS:GO?

The CS:GO ranking system is extremely weird and no one really knows much about it. It uses ELO, which is either given to you or taken away when you win or lose a match. The loss of too much Elo could result in the loss of rank which is definitely not good. ELO is earned through winning matches as well as getting most valuable player awards.

It has nothing to do about how many kills you get, so focusing on kills is not the right thing to do and instead, getting valuable kills is what matters, not the amount of them. Valuable kills include things such as entry frags or exit frags. How to rank up fast is CS:GO? First of all, you should try to play as a team and communicate well so that it is easier to win the match. In this article we are going to talk about other important stuff, that will help to level up!

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Equipment is another big part of CS:GO. You have to invest quite a bit of money into a good setup. You can’t expect to play well if you have an old laptop with a crappy dell mouse. A laptop is probably not the best option if you are trying to run CS:GO, as you probably won’t get 60 FPS and the screen is too small to perform well on.

A PC is definitely ideal for playing as it should easily be able to run a game at more than 60 FPS. A good mouse and mousepad are vital if you want to aim well and hit those headshots. The most important part of the setup is definitely the headset. Without a good quality headset, hearing footsteps is very hard and communication with your team will be very difficult. It is definitely worth investing more money in your headset than your mouse and mousepad.

With the topic of money related to CS:GO, comes the thought of gun skins. Skins definitely do look nice, but spending money on them is a complete waste as it doesn’t make your gun any better, it just makes it look better. Instead of wasting your money on skins, buy better gear like a new headset or a new mouse. That way you can actually get better at the game instead of giving Valve more money.


Setting up your equipment is also necessary if you want to do well. When you get new gear, always adjust it so that you are comfortable. If you get a new mouse, change the sensitivity and DPI. A new headset, change the volume and microphone sensitivity. And so on. Changing your video settings is a must. It is very important as you are going to be looking at your screen all the time.

If 60 FPS is unreachable, try changing the screen resolution, a lot of people play on 16:9 because it looks nice, but most pros switch to 4:3 which also lowers the screen resolution. The only visible change is the black bars on the sides of your screen if you don’t use a stretched monitor. The difference is barely noticeable, but your FPS will increase by a lot.

Train hard

Practice in a esport like CS:GO makes a big impact in the competitive scene. It may seem obvious, but a lot of people don’t do it and that is a key factor if you really want to rank up fast in CS:GO. Practice really does make perfect when you are playing games. Aspire to spend quite a bit of time during the week to perfect your aim as well as improving your overall sense.

Learn from pro’s

Watching professional events is also a very good way to learn. Professional players have spent thousands of hours on CS:GO and you can learn a lot from watching them. Game sense is something that you definitely need if you want to succeed in ranking up.

Your aim can’t improve from watching demos, but you should definitely look out for player positions and grenades. These are extremely important and without them, you will definitely not succeed. Grenades are a vital part of the game. Look out for where pros position their grenades and use them in your own matches.

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Talk to your team

Communication is key in a game like CS:GO. If you can’t communicate effectively with your teammates, you have absolutely no chance of winning. This is where buying a good quality headset is required. If your crew can’t hear you, there can’t be any communication.

There is no point of typing in chat because it takes too much time, and by the time you are finished with your message, your guys are dead because you didn’t tell them where the enemies were coming from. Communicating with your team is one thing, but communicating effectively is completely different.

Without communication, there is no strategy involved in the game. Especially when you are a clutch situation, for example, a 1 vs 2, you need information to get through it. There is no use yelling at your teammates, it just makes the situation much more stressful for them and they are more likely to mess up.

Instead, you should calmly make your callout and then let them play how they want to. There is also no point telling your teammates that they suck and that they should uninstall the game. Always be nice to your partners and don’t retaliate if they are being rude and obnoxious.

Improve strats

Strategies are something that you need to develop and have a lot of. Strategies include rushing a bomb site or slow pushing and waiting for the enemy to grow impatient and do things that they don’t want to do. Those are just some examples and there are much more that are better than those.

Along with strategies, you need to have grenades that compliment them, such as an incendiary grenade so that you can get the enemy out of the site to push it on. You could also use a smoke so that the enemy can’t see when you enter the bombsite.

cs go best strats

Build a team

Your friends are not always the best people to gather with if you are trying to rank up. If your friend is not very good at the game, then he/she should keep practicing and you should unite with other people. If you are serious about ranking up, you shouldn’t waste time with friends even if they are fun to play with.

A squad is something that you should create. Find people when you are playing competitive who you think are good. Add anyone with decent skills and form a team. This way you know that they have some good understanding of the game and you are more likely to win matches.

Everyone hates it when you join a match and there is one guy trying to derank his account, creating a crew also eliminates this issue. As a squad, you can improve strategies that you use when playing competitive. If you are in a team, you can make a TeamSpeak server so that you can talk to each other instead of using the in-game chat.

Stretch yourself

Another thing that you should do is warm up before starting a match. Warming up gets your hands adjusted to the mouse and it makes sure that your aim is perfect. Without warm up, your game could go horribly wrong. A good warm up routine should consist of reflex training with bots and then a free for all deathmatch. After that, the competitive battle should be easy to win.


You should also have a good understanding of the maps that you are going to be playing on. For example, if you are going to run dust2, make sure you know all the callouts like short, long and pit as well as all the others. This way it will be easy to communicate to your teammates and they will be able to perform better.

Knowledge of smokes is vital if you want to do well. This way you can help your team get onto the bombsite or protect it from the enemies. Map knowledge doesn’t mean that you just continuously learn one map and learn it like it is the back of your hand, you should have knowledge of a lot of maps so that the map doesn’t get too boring to play on.

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You should also get used to using multiple weapons. For example, be all right with using assault rifles as well as sniper rifles. If your team is lacking a support player, a one that uses the AWP, then you should be able to take that position and help your crew to win the battle.


The last thing that I can recommend is to make sure that you are focused when you play the match. Make sure that you have nothing on your mind as it can hinder your ability to concentrate. A lot of professional players listen to music before they start competition because it makes them feel relaxed.

That is definitely a good way to clear your mind. If you are having a bad game, don’t blame it on your teammates and instead call a timeout. When you are mad, you make careless errors which could easily be avoided. Always stay calm and enjoy the ride when you are playing.

Hopefully, this guide was useful, see you next time. Good luck!

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