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CS:GO Betting Review – How to Sell Skins for Cash Instantly?

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Trading skins is a great way to refresh your Counter Strike image at little cost to you. Ever since these items came out, people have been selling them, with some hopes for profit while many trade to get new weapon look and cool stickers. Finding a trade partner can be a long and tedious process, however, so smart entrepreneurs created special dedicated websites! These services trade skins for you while taking a small fee for themselves. If you want to change up your weapons, they are a great alternative to going to Today we will be reviewing, a site that instantly selling ingame items for real money!

cs go skins trading

The first thing we must talk about is reputation. With most trading services, there is no chance of getting scammed since they offer peer to peer deals through Valve. Here, however, you must be careful because you actually receive cold hard cash for your items. Not to worry, however, because is quite reputable, and definitely legitimate. They have been around for a good while now, and there has never been a scam accusation against them that has gone unresolved.

cs go skins sell

The next thing we must talk about is the service itself. Obviously, they trade your CS:GO weapons, Dota 2 items, and Team Fortress 2 hats into money. They offer a wide variety of methods that you can get paid with. They offer Paypal, Bitcoin, Neteller, Webmoney, Skrill, and Payeer. No matter how you need money, has got you covered!

cs go team fortress dota2 skins sell

The design and ease of use of the website is quite impressive. It has a simple, black design that looks nice and is pleasing to the eye. More importantly, everything is clearly labeled so that you can make sense of what to do, and when to do it. They have clean tabs on the top of the home page that direct you to all parts of the site, and they have a nice, big, infographic that shows you how exactly to use their service. Anyone can simply log onto their site through their Steam ID and get started within minutes!

skins cash house edge

The house edge is a term that is used in gambling to describe the amount of expected profit the house makes from every bet. In trading, it is simply the edge the house takes off market price. takes a quite high edge, but it is understandable given the risk associated with instant ingame drawings buying. They use a constantly updating algorithm that uses price, time of day, and item popularity to decide the amount they are able to pay you, but the amount in considerably less than the Steam community market price. This is a con, although it is inevitable with a website like this.

skins cash bonuses free skins

Bonuses are a great feature that many of enjoy. With a competitive market, has to compete with both OPskins and Bitskins, as well as traditional trading services like This forces them to offer exceptional bonuses to stand a chance at attracting customers. Their misfortune is your luck, however, as they offer a great bonus. The more skins you sell on the website, the more you get paid for them through their cumulative bonus system. The bonus rewards users who sell a lot of items on the site starting at a 3%, and ranging up to a 10% increase. If you sell enough to get the 10% bonus, you are making close to market price each time you sell something! This bonus is a great feature that encourages repeat customers.

skins cash support features one of the best support systems I have ever seen, As many of you know if you have read my previous reviews, live chat is my favorite contact method. This service does not have that, but they have everything else. They have a legitimate address to which you can mail inquiries. They have a toll free phone number if you wish to get an immediate response to your problem. They also have a simple email that is available for less urgent issues. Finally, they have a contact us page clearly displayed on their webpage. As a result, service has an exceptionally good support system.

csgo dota2 skins trading site

Let us talk about the mobile friendliness now. A site is considered mobile friendly when it is able to be displayed on smartphones without much of an issue. Because you might need to make an instant deal on the go, or simply do not have a computer at the current moment, smartphones are a great way to sell skins for cash instantly. Our today’s examine is relatively mobile friendly. It is usable on smartphones, but it is a lot better on the PC. Mixed feelings here, but at least you can use it if you must trade on the go.

skins cash legit pros cons

In this review, we talked about many things relating to item trading. The ability to instantly get cash for skins is a good idea and will appeal to a large audience. strengths include the idea itself, the reputation they have acquired, the design and ease of use of the site, and their bonuses. Their weaknesses lie in their extremely high fees, and this is a big issue indeed. They are relatively mobile friendly, so that is something to consider as well.


I hope you enjoyed this review and were informed and entertained by it as well. Check out our other reviews if you have not already, and be on the lookout for future reviews as well.

I will see you next time, bye for now! Good luck!

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