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CSGOTune.com Review – Is It Worth to Gamble Here?

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cs go legit skins gamblingThe design of the site is simple. It is very easy to navigate if you are a beginner in CSGO gambling. They have the games selection on the left panel and the chatbox on the right panel. Each panel can be minimized to the sides by clicking the arrow buttons beside it. This expands the main screen which is the games screen.

csgotune com legit betting siteI did a little digging in Google and found nothing about CSGOTune.com. This may be an indication that only a small amount of players gamble here. I went to the chatbox and I could not understand a single thing they are saying since everyone is typing in Russian. You would not be able to join the chat if you do not deposit.

They scored Unsatisfactory at SafeLegit. They also have a 43% Trust rating at ScamAnalyze. I visited ScamAdvisor and they also have a low score to give. They scored a measly 49% at ScamAdvisor. With all these results, I would not recommend playing here but it is up to you if you want to try your luck.

csgo betting games skinsCSGOTune have four games on the site. They have Jackpot, a winner takes all raffle. They have a standard Roulette which can be found on other CS:GO betting platforms. They have Dice, which is a House game and Coin Flip.

Other feature here is their online jukebox. You can get the tickets to play music here by betting on the Jackpot.
The only thing that is kinda bad in regards to this service is their betting minimums. Some games they have a minimum of 100 credits. The Roulette has a minimum of 10.

csgotune com oddsThey have standard odds on their games. The house takes 3% from the Jackpot and Coin Flip rounds. The odds for the Dice is adjustable. You can adjust on how high or how low the odds you want to have for a bigger payout. Their Roulette game follows standard odds selection, where Black and Red is double your bet and Green on 14x.

csgotune com bonuses promocode free moneyThey have a Chat Giveaway every 10 minutes, but you would not be able to join it if you have not deposited anything to CSGOTune.com. Also, most of their trivia questions for the giveaway only caters to Russian people so there is no point in joining it if you do not understand or speak the language.

They have a horrible Referral program where the only reward is giving you 25 credits for every person you recruit. You do not take percentages from their bets. There is no point in recruiting people if you do not benefit it in the long run. If you want to join CSGOTune for free then use our code 76561197984659068 to get 50 coins.

csgotune com bonus promo code free coins

csgo tune com depositsThe deposit method works like any other skins gambling site. First, you log in your Steam account. Then you choose an item you want to sell on their marketplace. You can deposit up to 20 skins at a time. They will give you credits based on the value of your items.

CSGOTune have another deposit method which purchasing coin packs. You can use real money to buy these packs. They have multiple options for buying these packs though using Visa, Mastercard, OK Pay and Bitcoin to name a few.

Withdrawing is very easy. Just look for the skins that you want in their marketplace and hit withdraw. You can withdraw 2 items at a time.

csgo skins betsThey have a Ticket to contact support if you need assistance. I am not sure if they answer or not since I am not able to ask people in the chatroom and there is no information found in Google when I did my research.

The only other method they have is their VK Group. And even then, I am not sure if they reply to people on their social media account.

counter strike skins bettingI was disappointed with the site when I used my smartphones and my tablets. The design is not optimized properly for handheld devices. The panels are all over the place. When using smartphones, the interface of the site is buggy. Some links are not even clickable.

On the tablets, the panels still cover half the screen. You would not even be able to see the information you have on the game you are playing since the side panels do not retract when you press the arrows. It does not work like how it works on their web version.

csgotune com pros consI would not recommend betting here. First of all, they just do not have enough features on their service to be anything special. They have a horrible minimum wagering limit and a poor referral program. Their chatroom is all in Russian so you would not understand a single thing they are saying. I see no visible mods in the chatroom as well. Lastly, I think this platform was just created to run after your money and skins.


  • Simple website
  • Hourly credit Giveaways
  • Fair house odds
  • Provability Fair system
  • Multiple modes of depositing


  • High price for skins on the marketplace
  • Low number of gamblers
  • Not optimized for the mobile devices
  • Horrible referral program
  • Minimum bets between games differ a lot
  • Low scoring reputation reports from Trust sites
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